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Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Aswan June 10th 2005

The title question regarding the number of Mohamed's in Egypt, could be asked of several names of course. It just struck me that after just a couple of weeks in Egypt I had met at least 4 or 5. I asked one of the local tour leaders' how many he knew. His response of 40 wasn't really a shock. Having to remember each Mohameds' fathers' name for further identificatiojn might be difficult for people like me though. Not a good country to be bad with names that's for sure!! And on with the travels. Having spent the last day in Cairo racing around the museum, it was nice to stop and watch the sunset. We stoppped right on a bridge and within a couple of minutes a cup of tea was offered to us all. ... read more

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Aswan April 11th 2005

I had a clever and witty blog, all typed up on my friend's computer that I was planning on uploading, but ... something got messed up somewhere along the way with the file format and all (how I hate windows), and the file is corrupt (due to "long lines"), and so I can't upload it... I'm heading out to Sudan in a few minutes, and will be there for about a month... don't expect to receive any emails or updates from me, since it is a real 3rd world country, and I've heard reports of an hour of internet costing $15. Apologies for the anticlimactic end to Egypt... hopefully I'll have the opportunity to upload it sometime later.... read more

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Aswan September 29th 2004

As we were finishing up our Arabic Language course, we had the option of adding on a Nile cruise for $130. At this price, why not? The cruise was from the southern city of Aswan to the Ancient Egyptian city of Luxor. We took an overnight train from Cairo down to Aswan. We were in first class so it was not too bad, but upon arrival, I had the feeling reminiscent of a good long trans-oceanic flight. Once we all got used to the idea of having traveled south for half a day and now being in ‘upper Egypt’, we started to savor being in a really really hot part of the country. The savoring lasted for about 5 minutes, after which we initiated an ongoing mission of finding ways to avoid the sun. I will ... read more
Me at Philae
Study in the Cold Tub
Human statues @ Deir el-Bahri

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Aswan July 7th 2001

The night train was pretty good. It was clean, so I was happy. I slept for most of the trip though. In Aswan, the hotel was right next to the bazaar, so it was nice to do a little shopping. In Aswan, we went to the Nubian Museum. I didnt find it too interesting, but then again, I just wanted to go out and see all of the temples. Our taxi driver was late in picking us up too, so it wasn't much fun roasting up in mid summer sun. We visited the Philae Temple. We had to get a little boat out to the island that Philae is on, so it was kind of relaxing. We were the only tourists there for a while (the perks of travelling through the summer).... I loved this temple. ... read more
Philae Temple

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Aswan September 5th 1968

Arriving at Aswan the previous evening, the Misirair turboprop banked over the city giving us a full view. The airport was some distance out beyond the city in the desert, the dark tarmac runway standing out again in a sharp contrast to the bright surrounding terrain. Overnight was at the Kalabsha Hotel downtown. We began our visit to Aswan with an early Thursday morning tour of the High Dam construction site. The Aswan High Dam was then in the final stages of construction, with two years remaining until completion. They would not let us take pictures, so, sorry, no photos of the construction site to post. A civil engineer with us was most upset that there were to be no photos. Construction vehicles and workers were very much in evidence and very busy. I noted the ... read more
Ancient Granite Quarries at Aswan
Aswan from the Granite Quarries.
Valley of the River Nile

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