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Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Aswan March 3rd 2020

Felucca Day Every time I think I’ve had the best day yet in Egypt, another amazing day happens. I would like to mention one thing. Before I came here several people expressed concern that it is not safe here. I have felt very safe. Our guide Khaled watches out for us and makes sure we know the right things to do. Egyptian people are really nice. We have had some drivers that speak little English, but we’ve been able to communicate. I sit near the front of the bus, and Lisa (Australia) and I wave at lots of people and they smile and wave back, give us the thumbs up, etc. I even spent time in the market haggling over prices for items, and I never felt threatened. Today I started out by visiting the Coptic ... read more
Nice sign
Coptic Church
Coptic Church

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Aswan March 1st 2020

I am using someone’s hotspot so this entry will not have photos until I have better wifi. Last night we got on the train for the overnight to Aswan. The compartments are small, bunkbed style. Caroline from Australia is my roommate. They served us a good chicken dinner, then to bed. The coach jerks around from time to time, but the motion of the train is good for sleeping. We got to Aswan and brought our luggage to the hotel. The rooms weren’t ready yet so we dropped them off and went to the Philae Temple Complex. Philae (/ˈfaɪliː/; Greek: Φιλαί, Arabic: فيله‎ Egyptian Arabic: , url= read more
On boat to Philae Temple
Philae Temple
Philae Temple

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Aswan October 2nd 2019

For once, our morning call was not at some hair raising time in what seems like the middle of the night. We had time for a nice breakfast enjoying the view from the terrace, and then it was time to check out of the resort in preparation to boarding our cruise ship, The Queen of Hansa. But before we did that, it was time to board the motorboat that would take us to the Nubian Village, Gharb Sohail. The saga of the Nubians in the area is a sad one. This minority non-Arab society was displaced from their ancestral homes by the construction of the High Dam. To make matters worse, the lands given to them to relocate were on the barren desert of the West Bank of the Nile, not amongst the rest of the ... read more
Boat Ride to the Nubian Village
Boat Ride to the Nubian Village
Boat Ride to the Nubian Village

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Aswan October 1st 2019

Our day started with a daytime view from our balcony. Although we were not able to visit the cliff tombs, it's one of the attractions that I most look forward to the next time I'm lucky enough to visit Aswan. I have heard excellent reviews about the lovely every day life paintings in some of the tombs. The hotel, just like the Marriott before it, had an extensive breakfast buffet that was served on a delightful terrace with a view of the Nile. The new wing of the resort where we were staying was not too large, and I liked the airy openness of the lobby that all rooms opened to. After breakfast, we boarded the cute ferry that ran constantly between the island and the mainland, for our ride to the airport and early morning ... read more
Movenpick Resort
Movenpick Resort
Movenpick Resort

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Aswan February 2nd 2019

It feels as though Aswan has been welcoming tourists since the concept of tourism was invented. From Churchill to Omar Sharif, everyone has visited and many books have been written about Aswan and the Nile. Aswan gets busier, noisier, more built up every year and yet there is certain unchanging magic about the place. Forty years ago the Old Cataract Hotel was very old, very dusty and unloved. Today the Old Cataract Hotel is proud to be old. It had a major facelift in 2012 and is now “a legend” and it is, once again, beautiful and loved. They have removed the cobwebs but the view of the Nile is unchanged; we see the same view as Agatha Christie saw while writing “Death on the Nile”. Feluccas sail by on the sparkling Nile; palm trees sway ... read more
Obama's cousin
Steering the felucca
Train ticket "queue"

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Aswan August 22nd 2018

Today we sailed, relaxed and swam along the famous Nile river in our felucca. We also enjoyed our evening sleeping under the stars. The Nile The Nile played an important role in shaping the lives and society of Ancient Egypt. It provided the ancient Egyptians with food, transportation, building materials and more. The river flows north through Egypt and empties into the Mediterranean Sea. The names of the two regions of Egypt, Upper (in the south) and Lower Egypt (in the north) come from the flow of the Nile river. The most important thing that the Nile provided to the Ancient Egyptians was fertile land. The black soil along the Nile is rich and good for growing crops. The three most important crops were wheat, flax and papyrus. Flooding of the Nile was through to be ... read more

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Aswan May 29th 2017

I'd been forewarned that Aswan was going to be even quieter than Luxor, and so it was. With no especially famous or important monuments, Aswan is usually a quick stop off on the way to visit Abu Simbel around 300km to the south. Naturally though, this is Egypt and I'm alongside the Nile so inevitably there's some things to see. Aswan is the location of the quarry used all those years ago for the stones that built all the temples and pyramids of Egypt. The ancients being the genius' they were, waited every year for the flooding of the Nile, where the banks would be flooded for six months of the year leaving the farmland un-farmable. The ancients used this to their advantage because it allowed them to sail further away from the river. This is ... read more

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Aswan October 7th 2016

We were up about 6 this morning, finished packing up and checked out of our riverboat cabin. We had a leisurely breakfast, then we said good bye to the MS Dolphin and headed out at 8 am for our tour of Philae Temple. I woke up about 4:30 this morning which a churning stomach, but my friend Immodium has done the trick. Susan has also had similar issues over the past few days which seem to have cleared up now. These types of gastrointestinal upsets are very common in Egypt and hard to avoid. Philae temple (the Temple of Isis at Philae) is dedicated to the goddess Isis. It is a very nice small temple in a very pretty location, perched on Agilika island. It was one of the last pagan temples to operate in Egypt ... read more
Old Cataract Hotel lobby
View from the terrace
Tombs of the Nobles

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Aswan March 11th 2016

Lol today I was supposed to meet Achmed at 10 so when a different guy came with a car at 10:30 I was confused but I got in…trying to roll with it…and all things went downhill after that. I learned that the cruise itinerary was different, again, than what I had printed on paper. The entrance fees to all places I was told would be between 400 and 450 Egyptian pounds and when Achmed did the math it came to 680….this 5 star cruise does not include drinks lolol…Achmed had no idea about the 3 nights in Luxor that im supposed to have included in this “tour.” JFC (jesus fucking christ) idk why I thought doing a tour would be the best way. Mostly cuz I didn’t have time to plan anything and usually you pay ... read more
ibis i think

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Aswan March 9th 2016

And so I caught the train at 10 pm and it was supposed to be 12 hours…so 13.5 hours later I was supposed to be met at the train station in Aswan by another guy called Achmed….I was shown his picture even so there would be no problem…I was even given a printed out itinerary so I know exactly what I am supposed to be getting on this so called tour. Well Achmed was there at the train station, just not the one from the picture…that Achmed wasn’t feeling well so Achmed came in Achmed’s place who was supposedly Mohammed’s friend who I was introduced to by Achmed and his friend Mohammed….seems like the beginnings of a joke here. But anyways, Achmed started telling me a different itinerary than what I had printed on this apparently ... read more

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