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Africa » Egypt » Red Sea » Hurghada August 10th 2019

Ce sera mon voyage relaxant. Je nagerai dans la Mer Rouge et détendre sur la plage. Je rencontrerai Constantine Alexios, le jeune prince Grec, parce qu'il y a une maison. Nous visiterons L'île de Shadwan et le Boulevard Hurghada Marina. Je mangerai toute la nourriture pendant que Je peux.... read more
L'île de Shadwan

Africa » Egypt » Red Sea » Hurghada October 26th 2018

Après cette petite croisière léthargique sur le Nil, retour vers le désert avec un programme chargé : les temples de Karnak, le temple d'Hatchepsout, et la mythique Vallée des Rois. Plus grand complexe religieux de toute l'Antiquité, les temples de Karnak ont été construits et développés par plusieurs dynasties de pharaons pendant plus de 2000 ans. Comme de nombreux temples égyptiens, les temples de Karnak ont abrité des Chrétiens fuyant les persécutions romaines. Medo nous explique rapidement que les Chrétiens y trouvaient un sanctuaire où pratiquer leur fois à l'abri de la répression des Romains. En navigant dans la longue forêt de colonnes, je discute avec Alex de l'histoire des Juifs sous l'Egypte Antique. Après son retour de Jordanie, il me raconte notamment comment le peuple juif est progressivement devenu une menace pour les Égyptiens. En ... read more
Temple d'Hatchepsout
Les gardiens du temple d'Hatchepsout
Louxor centre-ville

Africa » Egypt » Red Sea » Hurghada March 13th 2018

The stress is overwhelming! It’s February half term and there’s another day of guaranteed sunshine to cope with on the beach. Do I lie on the sunbed and read? Do I don my snorkel and visit the exotic aquarium that is the Red Sea just yards off the shallow sandy shore? Shall I go for a walk and listen to the lapping of the waves, or nip into a shady bar for mid-afternoon beer? Or, should I just sit still, gaze out to the horizon, and let the distant cares of work just melt away? Just breathing deeply and weighing up the options is a pleasant enough pastime. Welcome to Fort Arabesque. A combination of silly flight prices at February half term, and some bad luck with the weather, has caused us to (sadly) give ... read more
A pool bar
Hotel grounds

Africa » Egypt » Red Sea » Hurghada March 20th 2016

So Hurghada is a tourist destination on the Red Sea. Fun spot with lots of touro things to do. I chose to do nothing…hahaha…Normally at these resorts in Egypt 90% of the guests are from Russia. Not the case anymore. Lol. I booked in to a place called Sunny Days Palma de Mirette which is one of three hotels under the same umbrella. Across the street is the family joint Sunny Days Resort and Spa or something and next door is Sunny Days El Palacio. The cabby didn’t really explain what was going on when he went to Mirette and then to El Palacio but the guard at the gate told me Mirette was closed. When I went to reception to check in I was wondering what happened to my booking but dude informed me that ... read more
mars or something
dune bug bugs

Africa » Egypt » Red Sea » Hurghada November 25th 2015

We said goodbye to our boat and crew in Edfu. Abto met us with a car for the 2-hour drive to Luxor where we could get our police permit for the 3-hour drive east to the Red Sea town of Hurghada. Police permits are required for any and all road trips outside the limits of whatever Egyptian city or town you are in. We drove over speed bump scarred roads. Past mud-brick villages and busy crossroads crowded with donkeys, horses and pedestrians. Every few miles we stopped for military checkpoints manned by bored looking soldiers. Their weapons resting against trees and walls close at hand. At most points when the officials saw two westerners sitting in the back seat they simply smiled and waved us through. The terrain flattened out into a stony desert landscape. We ... read more
Mike's Navel.  It's evolved into a mouth that whispers to me while I sleep. "Eat more Fatso"
No Egyptian Breakfast Is Complete Without CoCo-Puffs
Hurghada Reef Fish and Corals

Africa » Egypt » Red Sea » Hurghada April 18th 2014

Otišao sam u Hurghadu, jedno od najpoznatijih ljetovališta u južnom Sinaju. Hurghada je poznata po modro plavom moru, prekrasnim koraljima, odličnim lokacijama za ronjenje. I jednima od nejeftinih lokacija za ronjenje na svijetu. Nažalost cijenu te popularnosti ponajviše plaćaju upravo koralji trpeći razno razne početnike koji baš tu dolaze učiti roniti, tako da prizora tipa ruskog 120 kilaša s 50 kila utega i opreme koji punom brzinom aterira na koralje i vuče se po njima ne nedostaje.Uglavnom Hurghada je resort town. U ... read more
Red Sea
Ronjenje hurghada

Africa » Egypt » Red Sea » Hurghada April 19th 2013

We arrived last night at about 9pm and got checked in. We got walked to our room at snails pace cos the bag boy – bless him – was trying to wheels 6 peoples luggage on the trolley and wanted to do it all alone with no help. So we patiently walked behind him and half way Ben and Mike (another guy on our tour) had had enough and snatched 2 bags off him and started marching up the stairs to our rooms! We were pretty hungry and tired and tolerance levels were low! Haha :) We got to our 'double' room and once again we had 2 single beds so thought 'oh we may as well ask if they have a double room spare' cos it was a massive resort with id say maybe 500 ... read more

Africa » Egypt » Red Sea » Hurghada February 6th 2013

Although for the first couple of days we acclimatised ourselves to the surroundings relaxed, went swimming and had a few large drinks’. We soon began to get itchy feet and decided to go for a walk around the outside of the complex, holiday complexes are great value for money but if you don’t go and explore you will never get to see the real people and culture of Egypt. Out side the complex and head into Hurgarda town seems like a god idea dressed like travellers in a hot country, shorts, flip flops, hat and sunglasses. Looking like a couple of “where’s wallys” in the streets of old Hurgarda, we stand amazed by the hustle and bustle of the town, no real roads, being approached by every businessman with a shop offering a cup of tea, ... read more

Africa » Egypt » Red Sea » Hurghada February 3rd 2013

Eight and a half hours and two inflight movies we touchdown… As the door opens on the plane and everyone jumps to get into the hustle and bustle we like to call the aisle, the heat overwhelms the air conditioning like a warm blanket and you take your first breath of warm air. Reborn you feel as thought the holiday has just started and you make your way to the exit onto the on ramp for customs. This time we decided to skip with pre-booked transfers grabbed our bags before the locals and headed for the taxis outside. We do try to travel lightly and this is great unless you’re pulling your bag along and the local bag carrier is attached to you and the bag, protesting that he should be carrying it, it’s his job! ... read more

Africa » Egypt » Red Sea » Hurghada December 2nd 2012

Okay. I've just got back from a lovely holiday away with an old school friend, Jenny. After much deliberation and conversation we were able to decide on place to go we decided on Egypt. Dispite it being an All Inclusive/ resort holiday we did manage to get out and about a fair bit. We managed to visit vairious temples and tombs, Tutankhamun's tomb and a river boat trip accross the Nile and being able to visit the Sahara Desert ride a camel to see the bedouin people. An awful lot considering it was initally going to be a ''relax by the pool, maybe do a couple of excursions" kind of holiday. It would have been criminal if we hadn't of left the resort the memories and experiences we had are ones that I will never forget. ... read more
beach with mountains in the back ground
ready to go diving

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