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Asia » Singapore » Jurong West August 4th 2013

Went to check out the Chinese Gardens today. The gardens were built in 1975 by a Taiwanese architect. They are based on the concept of Chinese garden art, which integrates architectural features with the natural landscape. The garden has several pagodas, numerous bridges, a Bonsai garden, ponds and streams, statues of traditional Chinese heroes, and a turtle and tortoise museum. The gardens are free but the museum is not. Most of the bridges and statues are carved from gorgeous white marble. The gardens are very pretty and would probably be best visited in the evening when it's not quite so hot.... read more
Chinese Garden, Singapore
Chinese Garden, Singapore (8)
Chinese Garde, Singapore

Asia » Singapore August 3rd 2013

Saturday, 3rd August 2013 This movie is about dreams, love and friendships. And of course, lovely Xinyao songs. Thank you for bringing back great memories of yesteryears as we caught the movie, That Girl in Pinafore (我的朋友, 我的同学, 我爱过的一切) this afternoon. This movie is about dreams, love and friendships. And of course, lovely Xinyao songs. Great casting aside, the movie also produced a talented bunch of youngsters with their own rendition of Xinyao songs which gave them a whole new lease of life. Having waited in anticipation for the screening of the movie, "我的朋友我的同学我爱过的一切" since March this year, there was a bit of excitement in the last couple of weeks when I knew that the movie was finally coming to the screens on 1st August 2013. If you were a... read more

Asia » Singapore » Tiong Bahru August 3rd 2013

I have began exploring my new home a little bit. One of my first observations of my part of the city is the smell. There is a constant slightly pungent, slightly pleasant smell I think I will miss when I leave. I would guess it is due in part to the hawker center and market across the street. Hawker centers are, apparently, a Singapore staple and the place to go to get good, cheap food. This morning after having breakfast at an Indian restaurant who's name escapes me at the moment I decided to venture to the NTU campus. A short walk from my hostel I hopped on the mass rapid transit (MRT) train and was on my way. This was my first experience on the MRT and I was quite impressed. It's fast and cheap ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Tiong Bahru August 2nd 2013

So I made it to Singapore in one piece. Flew Des Moines to Denver, Denver to Tokyo, Tokyo to Singapore. Had a long and very boring layover in Denver because the Tokyo flight was delayed three hours. The only problem was my layover in Tokyo was only two hours. I was convinced there was no way I was going to catch my flight to Singapore but lucky for me I wasn't the only one who was going to Singapore so they held the plane an extra hour. Singapore Changi airport was impressive from what little I saw. Spotlessly clean with easy to read signs everywhere. Very efficient. Quick cab ride later and I'm at my hostel. From what I've seen of the city it's clean, quiet, and organized. I have to keep reminding myself to look ... read more

Asia » Singapore July 27th 2013

Even before stepping out of the airport you know you're not in your typical Asian city. A city where one in six people are millionaires including Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin. Everything is profit driven here, the president made 3 million dollars last year AND gets a bonus based on the country's gross domestic product! Lots of very wealthy people take up residence in Singapore because the highest tax rate is 20% and there is no capital gains tax. The cleanliness and efficiency that are hallmarks of Singapore can be felt even passing through immigration where there was a surprising bowl of candy for people entering. Don't mind if I do. No gum though, it's not illegal to chew it, but it is is illegal to sell it! The mass rapid transit (MRT) system has been stretched ... read more
Lotus Ponds by Art/Science Museum
Fern Garden
Art/Science Museum + Zeppelin Building


Asia » Singapore » Boat Quay July 20th 2013

After we said our goodbyes at Chicago Airport with my brother and his girlfriend Brittany, we boarded our plane for what turned out to be the longest flight either of us had ever ended up being around 20 hours (15 hours and 50 minutes from Chicago to Hong Kong and then another shorter flight of around 4 hours from Hong Kong to Singapore) and the secound part was spent with a screaming toddler sat just in front of us, thank god he wasn't like that on the first plane! The last couple of days in North America were spent with family and friends as we probably won't be seeing them for another year or so. The second to last day some news came through that a friend from my old regiment had died 4 years ... read more
Sentosa Island
Jack, Grant, Jade and Brittany

Asia » Singapore » Chinatown July 14th 2013

I went to Singapore for two days this past week in order to collect my work visa for working here in Jakarta. It was a good little holiday I have to say. I went with one of the other teachers, David, and we just explored the city for the whole day – seeing the various sights Singapore has to offer. We both left Jakarta in the early hours of Thursday. One of the drivers of the school, Odin, picked us both up at 4.40 am and whisked us away to the airport. We arrived in Singapore around 8am, and our first job was to call the guy to arrange our visa. It all seemed like a very shady operation. First, we had to call him from one of the airport pay phones and arrange a meeting ... read more
Little India

Asia » Singapore » Sentosa Island July 13th 2013

Saturday, 13th July 2013 We have a magnificent natural harbour, one of the finest in the world. A ride in a cable car will provide the visitor with a magnificent panorama of the harbour. It will, I hope, at the same time make Singaporeans more conscious and more proud of their city, whose economic life blood flow through this great port." Dr Goh Keng Swee (15th February 1974) I woke up on Saturday morning thankful that I didn't have to go back to the office. Before long, I had put on my walking shoes and headed straight to the Cable Car Museum in Sentosa to continue with my museum-quests in Singapore. I chanced upon this museum on someone's blog the other day. He was telling that the admission was free even though the brochures stated that ... read more
The Singapore Cable Car was a hit right from the beginning
Inflation have pushed the fares to SGD26 today
The iconic first generation cable cars

Asia » Singapore » Orchard Road July 11th 2013

This was our second day out on our own while Jemi worked (sorry need to finish blog from the first day still!). We started our morning off with a breakfast at Costa coffee, one of the coffee shops we frequented in London. This is one indication of influence that Britain has on Singapore, although it seems much less than their influence of Kuala Lumpur. After breakfast we were hemming and hawing about whether we should go shopping for a wide angle camera lens. It's not something that we had planned to buy, but we really wished we had one when we were in Nepal. So we thought we'd look at the price in Singapore because with the exchange rate and getting tax back for the purchase, we thought it would be cheaper to buy it here ... read more
The Cool Grounds of Jemi's Resort Condo!
Mike Enjoying Fort Canning Park
Elysia Enjoying Fort Canning Park

Asia » Singapore July 10th 2013

Our last day. We got up and had a good breakfast at the hotel, packed up our bags and checked out. We left our bags at the hotel because the bus was going to pick us up later. It was hot and sunny. We set off to Sentosa Island on the MRT (metro) and headed for the Luge ride. The first luge was in Rotorua! It was really cool driving the little luge cars. When we got to the bottom we caught the sky ride back up, and did it again and again! When we had used all our tickets up we went to get tickets for the butterfly and insect house. While we were doing this it started to rain, really hard and then he thunder and lightening started! It was a bit scary. We ... read more

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