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Asia » Singapore » Changi September 1st 2013

Just shy of two years ago I packed my bags and headed out on the most wonderful adventure......and right now I’m heading back to the country and people that stole my heart !! A very short trip this time though...but no less anticipated. I always knew that my 2011 trip would be a life-changing experience and I can say without reservation that it certainly was. I experienced so much during that trip and learnt a lot about myself, as well as feeling a great sense of achievement with the knowledge that I had in fact made a positive impact on the lives a quite a few people....not everyone gets that opportunity in their lifetime. Now my life is segregated into “pre-Cambodia”; “when I was in Cambodia” and “since I got back from Cambodia”....there’s not a day ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Orchard Road August 30th 2013

I'm back, from holiday, from France, from England, from jetlag! Hope you all had a great summer and looking forward to September days setting in, just like we are in Singapore of course. If you look back to a few blogs ago I mentioned I had started the South Beach Diet. Well 5 months in, I'm still going and have lost 11kg. My initial 15kg weight loss target has become 17 or 18kg if I can. A month in Europe didn't help my diet, but my resolve is still there and I didn't put on any weight at least. Sometime in June, I answered a "Want to win a makeover?" question posted by Expat Living magazine. In the blurb I sent them, I mentioned the two pregnancies, the weight loss, the tourist in me who doesn't ... read more
Haw Par Villa
Haw Par Villa

Asia » Singapore August 30th 2013

Asia can be a bit of a culture shock, but that was not the case with Singapore. Singapore is really westernized for a Asian country and it is beautiful and very clean. My first thoughts was clean, hot and organized. At the airport i got a shuttle service to my hotel. It was easy to organize and was inexpensive. The staff at the counters can all speak English, that was a plus. After booking in I went exploring. The area Little India were I was staying had a lot of little shops and restaurants. Seeing that it was lunch time I stopped at The Star Inn Cafe. I did not know what to order, but the waiter, that could speak perfect english, suggested a dish. The food was delicious and the beer was cold. The price ... read more
Marina Bay Hotl
Skyline 2

Asia » Singapore » Changi August 27th 2013

Here it is day 3 - sitting at Changi Airport waiting for onward flight to Dubai. Flight time is about 2 hours away so I am wiling away the time in the Kris Business Class Lounge. Arrived in Singapore on Sunday afternoon and proceeded by taxi to my friend Peter's place for a couple of nights. Peter's son Ryan was also staying with him. We went out to a local food place (Chinese) and had a very pleasant dinner. THe food, although from a "fast Food" establishment was tasty. I thought the other guys had ordered too much (seven dishes) but when they came I saw local knowledge helps. The dishes were smallish. Yesterday (Monday) I did the tourist thing. Went up to Orchard Road and jumped on the Singapore Airlines Hop-on Hop-off bus. Traveled around ... read more

Asia » Singapore August 25th 2013

No photos as internet connection in hotel very slow. Will need to wait until tomorrow. Day 1 - Siem Reap to Battambang. 172km. Saddle time 6hrs 59 mins. Total time 10hrs 1 min. Avg Temp 34 deg Today was a reminder of what a wonderful country Cambodia is. I had forgotten all the sights and sounds of the place. We cycled the furthest we have cycled in one day. Highlights include : Being back in Cambodia; the awesome team mentality - the "train" of 7 peopl was outstanding and really helped to get us through the kms at a great pace; jumping in the pool in full cycle gear for a few beers; the massage afterwards; and eating frogs at the local restaurant. A very tiring but amazing day.... read more


Asia » Singapore » Little India August 24th 2013

alskdfjds;ji;w (bangs head on computer). Okay, I was just about done with this entry when my hostels crappy internet failed and I lost everything I'd written so here we go again. So, since classes have started I haven't had much time to explore any new parts of the city. This weekend I set out to do just that. I decided to take a stroll through Little India and discover what Singapore's "most authentic neighborhood" had to offer. Little India is definitely an experience for the senses. Intoxicating incense and spices, dazzling gold jewelry, and sleek silks fill vibrant colonial shops. I began my journey in Little India's Arts Belt. The Arts Belt is instantly recognizable by the dazzlingly painted art deco fronts of the 1920's era shop-houses. Shops sell an array of jewelry, brassware, statues, and ... read more

Asia » Singapore August 23rd 2013

The Yarnolds have packed up their bikes. Where do we put our clothes ??? Its all getting very exciting now. With almost 900km each under our wheels in August alone, we think (hope) we are ready for the 1179km remaining in Cambodia. First day will be 180km from Siem Reap to Battemburg on Sunday 25th Aug. We have heard that there are thunderstorms around the area just now. But we always say we are "Lucky People" - lets keep positive and hope for perfect weather conditions all week.... read more

Asia » Singapore » Chinatown August 22nd 2013

Tuesday 20th Arrived at our hostel, Fivestones, and greeted by a smiling face and informed of the house rules. Take shoes off, keep clothes on. We were then shown to our room. We had booked a standard double. To say the room was compact would be generous. You couldn't swing a cat, even if you cut off the poor moggy's tail. The room was 9" wider than the bed and 3 feet longer. We would have to take turns to breath out! We were also shown the showers, segregated much to my dismay. Later we went for a walk into China town and found all the plastic souveniers you'd never want. We then came across the Chinese food court where there where dozens of small take away shops selling all sorts of dishes. If it grows ... read more
Chinese Food Court
Eating at the Chinese Food Court
Tea at Raffles

Asia » Singapore August 20th 2013

Monday night we finished our training. Partial ride with the Yarnolds where the average speed hit 29.2 KM/Hr on a 33K stretch ! Bikes packed after that. We are leaving Friday for Siem Reap. Start of the ride is Sunday... read more

Asia » Singapore August 20th 2013

Our last full day here in Singapore before we fly to Bali tomorrow, Wednesday, morning. The weather was a little cooler today which suited our plans for a day at the zoo. Carys loves animals and since Anna mentioned that the zoo is good, she has been VERY keen on a visit. We considered doing the night safari but decided to go during the day as we'd see more animals. The zoo was a 20 minute taxi ride from home, and we got there around 1030am. The zoo is probably the best zoo I've ever visited - not only a lot of animals but the settings were amazing. I felt a combination of pleasure and horror at how limited the cages/fences seemed. For example the rhinos were only about 6-8 feet from the pathway and were ... read more
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The very rare Carys Panda
Red Panda

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