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Asia » Singapore October 19th 2013

We woke up later today, at around 9:30am. So we showered and packed our stuff before making our way to Gareth's room to leave our bags, he leaves tomorrow. We proceeded to the lobby before jumping on the train to Marina Bay for the Gardens by the Bay. When we got there we decided that we didn't need to go in to the park so we took some photos from the outside and we were satisfied with that. We made our way across the footbridge through the Marina Bay Sands Hotel and into the shops. We had some lunch, went outside and there was thunder and lightening everywhere. So we jumped back on the train bound for Douby Ghaut Station. We tried to find a place to get ... read more

Asia » Singapore October 19th 2013

Saturday, 19th October 2013 In my final instalment of weekend staycations in Singapore, I decided to try out the new 4-star Ramada Hotel at Zhongshan Park in Balestier. It was raining heavily when I checked in on the afternoon of 19th October 2013. I was lucky in that the rain was quick enough to dissipate from the skies. In no time, I was happily doing my lap training at the spacious outdoor swimming pool. For sure, my room at level 10 did not disappoint as it was overlooking the peaceful Zhongshan Park and Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall. For SGD161, this was not a bad deal in expensive Singapore even though the lacklustre service was certainly not worth its widely acclaimed 4-star ratings. I probably spent 80% of my time in the room within the confines ... read more
With an equally nice swimming pool (overlooking Days Hotel)

Asia » Singapore October 18th 2013

We got a sleep-in today, didn't get up until 9:30, got ready and had a walked round CHIJMES, this complex across the road from our hotel. It was very quiet so we proceeded to the Blackbird Cafe for Brunch as they don't open until 11:00am. Breakfast was toast, eggs and baked beans.. All cold, and no milk for my English tea. It was still edible though as we were starving by that time. After brunch we made our way to Little Johns for our snail cream and then then met up with Linda and Jim (they are friends of Bec). We had a quick chat with them before making our way out and to ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Sentosa Island October 17th 2013

Today we were awake early, not by choice but in anticipation of the day. We were up at 7:00am and didn't and didn't have to meet until 8:15am for breakfast. As it turned out it was just Bec and I for breakfast as the other two didn't show. We wandered across to the place where we'd had breakfast a few days earlier, still just as delish! Then Bec messaged Garath who met us back in the hotel lobby to catch a cab out to the mountain to do the cable car across to Sentosa Island. While Bec had a smoke I went into the bathrooms and they had a big glass wall with the view of Sentosa. It was amazing. We jumped on the cable car ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Sentosa Island October 16th 2013

We were up at 7:40am to meet at 8:45am today to head out to the MegaZip at Sentosa Island. We walked down to Dhoby Ghaut Station, jumped on the purple line to Harbour Front Station where we had some McDonalds for breakfast then changed trains to the Sentosa Express. We got off on the island, got lost and then found our way finally to the Adventure Park. We started with getting our harness fitted then walked up the hill toward the ropes course. Well, it was all smiles until I started. I did two sections shaking like crazy before I got to the 2nd pit stop and could barely make myself go any further, only problem was there was no way down. Once you start, you ... read more


Asia » Singapore » Little India October 15th 2013

Throughout the night there was thunder and lightening galore so when the alarm went off at 6:50am I turned it off and stayed in bed for another 30mins before we got up and went to the gym. We were at the gym for about 40mins before heading back to the room, getting ready and headed off to breakfast at a lovely little cafe across the way. It was pouring with rain when we were leaving so we got a Carlton Hotel umbrella from reception. I had to leave my name and room number to make sure I returned it. After breakfast we were making our way out on the train to Changi Mall Outlets. While ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Jurong West October 14th 2013

We got a little bit if a sleep in today. We got up at about 8:30am, got ready and headed out for some breakfast. We ended up at McDonald's (hotcakes, hash brown and an iced Milo). Walked around the Bugis Mall for a while as they weren't open and didn't open til 10:30am. On the way back to the hotel we stopped in at a pet shop and saw a real hamster and chinchilla!! Weird things. Unfortunately there was great big signs saying 'No Photos' Boooo!. We went back to the hotel and decided it was time to tackle the MRT, the Singapore Rail Network. We worked out where we were and where we wanted ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Singapore Zoo October 13th 2013

Today started early with our trip to Singapore Zoo. We were to meet in the lobby at 8:00am to be driven the 35 minutes out to Singapore Zoo. We got there and was greeted with a fantastic buffet breakfast. Then the Orangutans came out and we were able to go and have our photos with them. While in line they also had a big snake that you could have placed on you shoulders to get a photo. After breakfast we made our way around the park, starting with the Polar Bear. In the water he looked happy but when he got out he looked sad and highly annoyed at everything. His fur was missing in places and what was there looked really manky. This part of the zoo was depressing; it's too hot in Singapore for ... read more

Asia » Singapore October 12th 2013

Rebecca arrived at my house just before 12:30am. As this was the first time we's met we sat and talked for a bit before jumping in the car bound for the airport. We had booked our parking online and parked in the long term carpark and hopped on the bus bound for the international terminal. We had already checked-in online so just dropped our bags at Airasia drop-off area and went for some early morning McDonalds (2:00am) and a went for a walk before making our way through the doors. I was the one who was explosive tested (as always) and put in the whiz bang full body X-ray machine before making our way through customs and into the duty free shop before discovering the massage chairs. We put in our $2 in and sat there ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Chinatown October 2nd 2013

I am often asked why I travel as I do. This question has left me flummoxed at the best of times leaving me stammering a half hearted response that sounds more contrived than truthful. To be honest, travelling is so much more than an act or a verb used to describe moving from one place to another. For me travelling encapsulates a way of life that seems impossible at home. Above all, to me, travelling offers me a sense of freedom which is constrained by my real life at home by obligations not held when away from home. Even time can be seemingly controlled. Life can be sped up, slowed down and may seem to even stand still if you will it to do so. Above all, travel demands that you remain in a perpetual state ... read more
Tiger Temple
Sunset in Ko Tao
Marina Bay, Singapore

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