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Asia » Singapore December 19th 2013

Final destination and time for a bit of a wind down. Strolled around the bottom of Orchard Rd - John trying to locate somewhere that sold satay's - but no longer in this part of town. Discovered from a local that we needed to take the MRT out to Newton Circle where there is a food court that still sells them - so guess where we headed?? Yes John is in 7th heaven having found his beloved satay's. And yes they do taste different from anything we have back home. Next day walked around the harbour area. Some amazing architecture in this part. Went to the top of The Sands - this is a hotel complex that looks like it has a boat sitting on top of three pillars. Awesome view of Singapore. We got a ... read more
The Sands Hotel
Helix bridge
View of business district, floating soccer field in fore ground

Asia » Singapore December 13th 2013

My third time to Singapore. It’s almost like visiting an Australian capital city – everything’s in English, the currency’s just about on par with the Australian Dollar, so it’s really easy to pop off the plane and get a cab into my hostel in Chinatown. First up I’m told it’s not too busy tonight and there’ll only be a couple of people in my 10 bed dorm. Nice start. I don’t have much time before I’m off to meet my two friends, neither of whom know each other, down at a new cocktail bar she’s opened called Jigger and Pony. I’m first one there, so I get a start on the cocktails. I have an Espresso Martini due to being hell tired after all the packing and travelling. Not to mention it’s 10pm Singapore time, which ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Chinatown December 13th 2013

CLEAN! My first word to describe Singapore. Only a three hour flight away from North Vietnam and I can tell I am in a totally different world. So organised and sooooo clean! Singapore reminds me very much like Hong Kong but less busy. I only spent a couple of days here so didn't do an awful lot but have a really good opinion of Singapore from my short stay. I stayed in a ten bed dorm in China Town. I thought this would be a bit of a noisy hostel as it was really near Boat Quay but it turned out to be very quiet, but a nice hostel all the same. The first night, I walked down Boat Quay towards Marina Bay Sands with Maikel, a Dutch guy I met in my hostel. We went ... read more
Maikel using his chop sticks! Yay
Giant Floating Baby!
China Town

Asia » Singapore » Raffles Marina December 11th 2013

We have just had the most amazing weekend in Singapore with Hanisha I'm so so glad we added this into our trip I think it's been one of our favourite parts so far!! We landed really early Friday morning and headed straight to Hanisha's apartment which is just unreal!! It's the 40th floor of a building and the view is like something on a postcard you can even see Indonesia and Malaysia from her balcony!! The only mad part being both her and MK can see their office buildings too lol. We got to meet the famous Raphael too, their cat! As most of you know I am scared of cats but me and Raphy hit it off straight away lol he even got on the sofa next to me cuddling me and I wasn't even ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Singapore Harbour December 1st 2013

Well after a long flight watching a few movies and sleeping a bit we have touched down in Singapore for refuelling. At this moment in time I do not know what time it is or what day it is - I am totally confused! I think the passengers around me were quite glad about us touching down for refuelling as I was going to start a game on which ones were being thrown out first to bring down the weight of the plane if we were going straight on to Sydney. You could see the relief on their faces as they did not know whether I was being serious or not (let me tell you I was being serious - if you know me and have seen me in a lift with a lot of people ... read more


Asia » Singapore » Orchard Road November 28th 2013

You won't believe it for a stay-at-home mum with a live-in helper, but I've had alot on my plate these past few months hence my lapse in writing my blog. Before I carry on, here are the answers to the question in the previous blog: Questions & Answers The Muslims, the Jewish and the Baha'i all wrap the dead body in white fabric before placing it in the coffin. In which religion do they use linen? Jewish In which religion do they use cotton? Muslim In which religion do they use silk? Baha'i Did any of you get it right? Last time, I mentioned the Qing Ming Festival tour I went on earlier in the year which was guided by Diana Chua. Well in July, I tagged along to another of her tours entitled "Can Survive ... read more
Pottery Jungle
Pottery Jungle
Pottery Jungle

Asia » Singapore » Changi November 20th 2013

Mam niewiele czasu bo samolot niestety musi odlecieć o wyznaczonej porze, więc będę się dziś streszczał i nie zanudzę towarzystwa tak jak co dzień. Właśnie, samolot, lotnisko. Dziś mieliśmy nieco więcej czasu na pochodzenie po Changi Airport w Singapurze i ilość atrakcji jaką za darmo oferują na lotnisku jest... nie do wypróbowania podczas paru godzin. Darmowe kino, sale gier komputerowych, wygodne loże dla dłużej oczekujących, nie wspomnę już o niesamowitych ogrodach i darmowym, na każdym kroku internecie, z którego zresztą właśnie korzystam. Żyć nie odlatywać. Lotnisko stworzone dla oczekujących, a nie tylko po to aby ich wyrzucić z samolotu, lub do niego wrzucić. Tajowie muszą się jeszcze wiele nauczyć w kwestii podejścia do klienta. Nie wiem tylko czy wyraziliby ochotę. To co napisałem o lotnisku było doświadczeniem dziś ... read more
Pole Position to może nie jest ale zawsze miejsce w pierwszej 30tce...
Singapore Flyer.
Gardens By The Bay.

Asia » Singapore » Chinatown November 19th 2013

Patong pożegnał nas pięknym wschodem słońca, Singapur powitał deszczem. Po pobudce przed 6.00, dzięki uprzejmości pana taksówkarza, który wstał o tak nieludzkiej :) porze, znaleźliśmy się na lotnisku Phuket w niemiłym towarzystwie Rosjan i paru osób innej nacji. Sala odlotów na Phuket Airport to odrapana speluna, w której nie ma nawet porządnej knajpy z azjatyckim jedzeniem. Serwują tylko suche kanapki, do których powinni od razu dodawać pół litra wody, albo jeszcze lepiej syntetycznej śliny. Inaczej nie da się tego przełknąć. Gorzko żałowaliśmy, że nie poczekaliśmy ze śniadaniem do wejścia na pokład samolotu. Air Asia okazała się niezawodna po raz trzeci i szybko oraz bezstresowo dolecieliśmy do Singapuru, który powitał nas deszczem. Na szczęście intensywnym i przelotnym. Na lotnisku Changi da się już wycz... read more
Perełki z Chinese Garden.
Chinese Garden.
Chinese Garden.

Asia » Singapore » Changi November 17th 2013

Just a quick update. Flight to Singapore was good. Changi airport is huge. It makes Tulla look like a bush terminal, albiet the shops and outrageous prices are the same. I suppose that's the case with all airports. It is such a guilty pleasure to fly up the pointy end. You could almost fit 4 people in the same space ( and they probably do down the back). The seat folds down into a bed ( photos to follow ) and you can tell the frequent travelers in that class because as soon as the seat belt sign goes off they jump up, convert the seat to bed format, press the "do not disturb" sign and sleep for the entire flight. I had to get the hostess to make my bed up. I think I managed ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Chinatown November 11th 2013

Singapore was our last stop in Asia.... Whilst researching accomodation and things to do we soon found out that it did not seem to cater well for those on a budget....but always up for a challenge we set to work investigating and were soon proved wrong! We found a hostel that had reasonably priced dorm rooms and when we arrived we were impressed with how clean and new it was. The location was perfect-right near Lavender MRT stop. The train system was set up just like was so easy and cheap to get around and it was really clean and air conditioned! We spent our first evening exploring what was near to our hostel....lots of little restaurants with plastic tables and chairs outside..they all seemed to be heaving with big groups of people. There also ... read more
Marina Bay
Marina Bay
Chinatown shops

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