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Asia » Singapore » Singapore Harbour July 17th 2014

Zvládla jsem 12 hodin letu a šťastně dorazila na letiště v Singapore - místního času cca 5:40 ráno v pátek 18.7., českého času asi 23:40 ve čtvrtek 17.7. Tím, že jsem furt jen na letišti bych nepostřehla změnu oproti Amstru, až na to, že tu svítá, zatímco u nás je hluboká tma, mluví tu anglicky a sem tam čínsky a přibylo nám tu v okolí víc Indů, Číňanů, Japonců... Jo a WiFi je tu na letišti zdarma. Jen na 5 minut prý, ale už ji používám přes hodinu, tak to mají nějaký rozbitý ;) Při přeletu nad Indií mě popadlo trochu té nostalgie, jsou to přesně 2 roky (bez týdne), kdy jsem mířila tam. To mi připomíná - doufám, že tentokrát na mě můj kufr čekat bude :D Slyšela jsem teď o tom tragickém sestřelení letadla ... read more
Blízko Indii
Singapore Airport

Asia » Singapore » Sentosa Island July 13th 2014

I bought a package deal for Resorts World that was a huge win. Its on their website and a family deal including a family suite with tickets to universal studios, aquarium and waterworld. Hotels on sentosa cost a fortune so this was a great deal and less than the hotel i was looking at so we were off. We landed in singapore around 1pm and easily caught a cab to sentosa and our room was ready - fabulous! It has been 3 years since we've been to singapore so we thought we'd spend the afternoon wandering around the island and see what is happening. Man, this is the place to be! There is so much to do :) we walked up to the merlion and explained to the kids the history behind this, then walked up ... read more
Midgit in front of universal studios

Asia » Singapore » Little India July 6th 2014

Hello All and welcome to our blog. Just a super quick update so you know we're alive. Made it to Terminal 3 at Heathrow in good time Friday, only to discover 5 minutes later we were meant to be at Terminal 2. Sauntered over to the quiet and overstaffed Terminal 2, which was ideal as we immediately required assistance with the automated check-in. Flights were long and sweaty with a surprisingly wide array of tv and films on offer from China Air. Arrived in Singapore around 10.30pm Saturday despite both passport control areas we went through having to take an extra long look at the portly, curly-haired man in Dillon's passport photo. Singapore hot but cloudy. Still managed to get a strong vest tan. Spent the day knocking around and pretending to be cultural. Highlights included: ... read more

Asia » Singapore July 6th 2014

Sunday, 6th July 2014 Where: Bras Basah Complex When: 3.00 - 5.30pm What: A Xinyao reunion concert held at Bras Basah Complex as a backdrop for the documentary, 我们唱着的歌 (The Songs We Sang). In the 1980s, the Bras Basah complex was a staging point for budding local young talents to showcase their new music compositions. I was too young then to be able to attend these concerts. It was certainly heart-warming to catch them "live" in action today at the very same venue after a span of 30 years. From time to time, the huge crowds sung in unison when familiar tunes were belted out on stage. This was a fantastic afternoon to relive those memories that we grew up with. The years might have passed but memories such as these were never quite forgotten. Certainly, ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Bedok June 28th 2014

We arrived to sunny and hot Singapore on Midsummer’s eve. The difference to Java was striking; everything was clean and well organized, and there was space everywhere. After checking in to our room we went for lunch with Anna and Ville, friends from Finland currently living in Singapore, and their new born baby Viktor. Ville had to go back to work after the lunch, but the rest of us then went for a brief sightseeing through the business district with its sky scrapers and bold contemporary architecture to Gardens By The Bay, a big outdoor area with areas for different countries containing information on their culture. There was also a daily light show displayed on futuristic looking mushroom monuments that we watched before continuing to the Arab quarters for dinner. The next day, Midsummer day, Anna ... read more
Singapore - exploring the city
Singapore - Gardens By The Bay
Singapore - lightshow on the mushroom


Asia » Singapore June 24th 2014

Quite a chilled week in Singapore this time. Arrived the Wednesday night and hit the hay, had been awake for about 30hours! It's such a late report for the flight being at 8pm UK time, I struggle to have a sleep before it and then working through the night kills me. So bed! The next day myself and another lady on the crew went to the beach at Sentosa. Got the free bus this time, and the monorail. So many different ways to get there - taxi, cable car (which gives you amazing views) , bus and a monorail. Just chilled on the beach for few hours, I had some sushi with me - love it! Had a wander around and found a little indoor food street market which looked really good. Got the bus back ... read more
Monorail station
Free monorail
Universal Studios at Sentosa

Asia » Singapore June 19th 2014

We landed in Singapore at 4pm and by this point I was shattered from the lack of sleep and my hangover was kicking in. The airport was quite empty but it was huge, looked new and was really nice. It took a little bit of time to get through immigration but we got our bags, went to the taxi rank and jumped straight in a taxi to our hostel without any problems. The driver just wanted to talk to us but luckily for me Freeman was in the front so I sat behind the driver and avoided the conversation because I was so tired. It turned out that the taxi driver used to be in the army and was based in Lincoln near where we live in England for a few years, crazy. We got to ... read more
Marina Bay Sands Hotel & The Helix Bridge
The Float Stadium - Marina Bay

Asia » Singapore » Little India June 17th 2014

I arrived in Singapore on the evening of the 17th June and as expected was overwhelmed by the humidity as I left the airport to board the shuttlebus which would take me to my hostel. I was greeted by a member of staff called Shy who checked me in. Having lost 7 hours and spent the best of 14 hours on a plane I was fairly tired but managed to squeeze a few cans of tiger beer down as I sat outside and chatted with Shy and a few other travellers. As is normally the case with hostels it wasn't long before a guitar appeared and we all passed it round playing average covers of classics. I went with a bit of James Taylor which went down well (still got it). The lack of sleep soon ... read more

Asia » Singapore June 16th 2014

Dinsdag 10 Juni tem Maandag 16 Juni 2014 Ik ben blij dat de vlucht voorbij is als we in Singapore aankomen. Het afhalen van de bagage en de immigratie gaat redelijk snel en voor ik het besef sta ik aant de uitgang. Bij de balie van het luchthaven vervoer reserveer ik een taxi die er al redelijk snel is. Het is eigenaardig genoeg aan het regen ondanks de warmte. Ik maak een praatje met de taxichauffeur, het is net spitsuur dus er is veel verkeer. Aangekomen op het adres slagen we er niet in om de hostel direct te vinden. We bellen even de eigenaar op en die komt ons tegemoet, het is Jong. Wat later ontmoe ik ook SK, de mede-eigenaar. Ik word hartelijk ontvangen. SK heeft ook een lange fietsreis gedaan dus kent het ... read more

Asia » Singapore June 12th 2014

Today we had the cable car and Panda visit planned so it was on to the subway down to the water front to catch the cable car over to Sentosa Island. Another expensive tourist trap but we went anyway. Sentosa Island is just really an amusement park but the cable car provided a great view and different perspective. Deciding to use the public transport out to the Zoo/River Safari was really a breeze and one train ride and a connecting bus bought us to the Zoo complex. Yet another expensive place, but the Pandas were a ‘must see’ today. Paying the extra S$10.00 for the boat ride we set off to find the Pandas. The River Safari is quite frankly rubbish with little in the way of decent exhibits until the Pandas. Pam spent what seemed ... read more
Time For A Feed
Yummmmm.... Bamboo!
So cute!

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