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Asia » Singapore April 13th 2013

Day 200 ( Tues 26th March) We got up reasonably early, ate as much free toast as we could muster and headed for the bus station, some 20 minutes away by LRT. There was a bus leaving straight away but we went for one a little later as it was far cheaper and gave us time to purchase some snacks. The coach we got was immense. It turned out to be a first class massage chair coach. So for 5 or so hours I got massaged. We also had to 2 back seats above all the others so a great view of the road. The border crossing was very simple and off into Singapore we go. Back on the bus and another 30 minutes or so until we got dropped off. Found the nearest MRT station ... read more

Asia » Singapore April 7th 2013

Landed late at Changi Airport to a hot evening in Singapore, chatting with a friendly taxi-driver en route to stay with friends in their 4-storey appartment, admiring the city skyline with its modern skyscapers and giant ferris wheel illuminated against the night sky. Explored the famous Botanic Gardens, following plant-life through time on the "Evolution Path", walking behind a waterfall and staying cool by eating ice-cream. Headed into the centre past huge shopping malls full of designer shops (and Marks and Spencers), eventually reaching the historic harbour area for a visit to the fascinating and ambitious Asian Civilisations museum, with its exhibits on history and religion ranging from the Indian subcontinent to across SE Asia. Next day headed out on a harbour boat-trip dwarfed by the surrounding buildings, which finished to the backdrop of an intense ... read more
Swan Lake
Girl on Bike
Singapore Parliament

Asia » Singapore April 7th 2013

01.04.13 Heute hatte ich wieder einmal ein Programm. Kurz vor 09.00 Uhr ging ich aus dem Haus, alle anderen ausser Yesky waren noch am schlafen. Mit dem Bus fuhr ich bis zum Naturreservat Bukit Timah. Dort lief ich fast alle möglichen Routen ab, um den Regenwald zu geniessen. Ich sah zwar keine Tiere, aber es ist nur schon eindrücklich, wieviel Regenwald es in diesem kleinen Land noch hat, insbesondere weil ein Teil davon noch Primär Regenwald ist. Ich war etwa drei Stunden unterwegs und ging zum Schluss noch bis zum höchsten Punkt, welcher jedoch nur auf 163,8 Metern liegt. Dort lernte ich Allen und Lao, zwei Frührentner aus Singapur kennen. Wir schwatzten ziemlich lange, sie luden mich sogar zum Mittagessen in einem nahe gelegenen Foodcourt ein. Danach ging meine Tour weiter bis zur indonesischen Botschaft, wo ... read more
Singapur - Bukit Timah
Singapur - Bukit Timah
Singapur - Foodstall

Asia » Singapore April 7th 2013

The last couple of days of our holiday were to be spent in Singapore with Mum and Suzie as we were all on our way back to Australia. Our wonderful holiday was nearly over! A last trip in Maes's hot pink tuktuk took us out the the airport in Siem Reap and a few hours later a taxi drove us through the brightly lit streets of Singapore to our hotel. We had rebooked the Ibis Hotel where we had stayed for the first few nights of our trip three months previously. Mum and Suzie had arrived a few hours earlier and were already fast asleep in the room next door. Next morning I took Mum to a western style bakery for breakfast while Jerry and Suzie enjoyed a local style breakfast in the market behind the ... read more
National Orchid Garden in Singapore
Entrance to Raffles Hotel
Brilliant light display from Marina Bay Sands

Asia » Singapore April 5th 2013

Thursday, April 4, we all set off to tour the Gardens by the Bay, an addition to the waterfront that opened about 6 months ago in Singapore. It is a fabulous place with two huge domed glass conservatories, 6 or more themed Heritage gardens, and 10-12 metal stylized trees at staggered heights up to a 180 foot one with a restaurant on top. The trees were placed in the center plaza and we watched a light show that evening with various colored lights blinking to music. The trees serve dual purposes: first each “top” is covered with photo electric cells and can power all the electricity the garden uses and, second, each tree catches and stores all the rain water the park needs for watering the plants. The first dome we went into (Cloud ... read more
1304-24 One of many sculptures
1304-25 Near the Entrance to the Cloud Forest
1304-26 The entrance and falls as seen from the top of the mountain


Asia » Singapore April 3rd 2013

Wednesday, April 3, Christopher went into work for what he thought would be a half day and we planned to meet for lunch at the Mall. However, he got hung up later at work than he thought and we were finished with our grocery shopping before he was ready to leave. We decided to get some groceries, check out the ATM again, and buy some of the bulkier things we didn’t bring from the States with us, like Ben-gay. We didn’t leave early enough that we could just catch one bus to Vivo Center, so two buses later we arrived at the center about lunchtime. Chris had told us that there was another food court near where the ATMs were, so we went there first for lunch. The place served mostly Malay food and ... read more
1304S-02 Typical food stall
1304S-03 Black chicken for sale
1304S-04 Fresh seafood

Asia » Singapore » Raffles Marina April 3rd 2013

26/12 We were up at 7 to check out and get a taxi to the airport. We had booked it through the hotel so it was ready for us when we checked out. It took about 45 minutes to get to the airport (which chantelle slept through!). We checked in to the cutest airport in the world! We had to walk through a little shopping area which looked like a village to get to the domestic/ upper class gate (the same thing!). We boarded the place, which was only half full, plenty of space! We got fed on the plane and arrived quickly in Singapore. There were no queues for immigration, so we got straight through, and headed for the taxi rank. It cost $20HK to get to the hotel, which took about 20 minutes. We ... read more

Asia » Singapore April 2nd 2013

Monday, April 1, was a recovery day—not quite a down day, but close. Christopher went to work and we hung around the apartment most of the morning and then decided to go by bus to the mall to get some Singaporean dollars. The bus stops right at Christopher’s residence complex’s front door. You ride this small bus about 10 minutes on a lovely landscaped roadway to a bus changing spot near a dolphin fountain. Then you transfer to a larger bus to ride another 10 minutes to the mall’s side door. From this large mall you can get the MRT system anywhere on the main island. If you travel during peak times, morning or evening, the small bus runs all the way to the mall without the intermediate stop. Tuesday, ... read more
1304-02 The Dolphin Roundabout at Sentosa Cove
1304-03 Waiting for the Beach Tram
1304-04 Siloso Beach with one of many container ships in the background

Asia » Singapore March 31st 2013

25.03.13 Yesky musste heute wieder arbeiten, Jannika und Lasse verliessen das Haus schon am frühen Morgen und Christine und Soumai schliefen ziemlich lange. Kristina packte auch schon all ihre Sachen zusammen und verliess das Haus um 10.00 Uhr, von da an hatte ich sozusagen die Wohnung für mich alleine. Vorallem wurde nun ein Zimmer frei, so räumte ich mein ganzes Gepäck um. Da die Wohnung jetzt praktisch leer stand und Yesky seit drei Monaten täglich Gäste hatte, machte ich ihm eine Freude und putzte ein bisschen seine Wohnung. Es scheint, dass ich null Lust habe, meine Vorbereitungen zu machen oder eMails zu schreiben und alle anderen Aktivitäten besser sind. Am Nachmittag kam ich dann aber doch noch ein wenig dazu, meine Sachen zu erledigen. Doch bereits um 16.00 Uhr trafen wieder zwei neue Couchsurfer ein, Josh ... read more
Singapur - Orchard Road
Singapur - Orchard Road
Singapur - Orchard Road

Asia » Singapore March 31st 2013

Getting there Our flight from Atlanta left about 1:15 Wednesday afternoon. We were startled to discover that Atlanta has a new International Terminal, which is completely on the other side of the now “Domestic” terminal. Glad that we weren’t running tight on time. We could see how the new terminal eliminated a lot of the crowdedness and parking congestion. Not sure about having to take a shuttle if transferring from domestic to international, though. After flying about 14 hours, we made a 2-hour transfer in Narita, Japan, and flew an additional 7 hours to Singapore. Christopher and LeeLi (his significant other) met us at the airport and by the time we had cleared customs and got our luggage, it was about 2:00 am Friday morning, which as far as our bodies we ... read more
1303-02 Our flight to Singapore
1303-03 The residential complex where Chris lives--The Berth
1303-04 Looking to the left from his balcony

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