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Asia » Singapore » Orchard Road July 10th 2013

Well well well, new day new county to discover! I purposely booked an early morning bus to take me from Krabi down to Penang in Malaysia as I was informed it would would take around 7 hours, well, 12 hours later I finally arrive in Penang! Kate was taking a flight down from Phuket and was landing at a similar time, there was me hoping I would be settled in and have mooched around by the time she arrived, not a chance! The journey was a lot easier than the last time I had crossed the Thai/Malaysian border, for one it was during the day and a lot quicker, this time around I knew what to expect. What I didn't know to expect was just how different Malaysia would be. Throughout this trip it has ceased ... read more
Penang Coastline
Kok Lok Si Temple
Luck ribbons

Asia » Singapore » Tiong Bahru July 9th 2013

Today was our first day exploring the city/state/country of Singapore! We had a bit of a leisurely morning because Jemi had to do some paperwork for her upcoming trip to Canada, so she had to get that straightened up before we could hang out for the day. She has taken Tuesday and Friday off to hang out with us and we will see her husband Jeremy in the evenings. They live in a really nice condo complex about 10 minutes from the airport. It feels like a resort in Florida, where there are multiple buildings that are situated on a very green and treed lot all surrounding the common amenities, such as a kids wading pool with a pirate ship to play on, playgrounds, a beautiful pool, a sandy manmade beach, tennis courts and a big ... read more
This Is How They Pay For Parking
We Let Them Loose and Off They Went in the Hunt For Food
Jemi Is Negotiating Us Some Food

Asia » Singapore July 7th 2013

We hit the publish button too soon from yesterdays blog so I'm going to add it here... After our catch up nana nap we decided to have another go on the Singapore Flyer; in the dark. It gets dark here quite early so just after 7.30pm we set off walking to the flyer, it took a bit longer than mum expected as we didn't really know our exact route, we just headed to the flyer! When we got there we got our tickets and got in the line. Just before we were due to hope on the fireworks started, and by he time were in our pod they had finished. The ride was still really good with lots of buildings lit up. After our ride we had some tea at the Singapore Food trail. There were ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Orchard Road July 7th 2013

Ooooh! I feel so embarassed! I haven't had a chance to write a new blog in two months. I do profusely apologise! Before I move onto the blog proper, here are the answers to Question 14 With this question comes the end of the point-scoring travelblog quiz because we have a clear, clear winner, Mr John R Odell!! Check out his guesses for this question - John even went as far as building his own mini versions of the sculptures to get a better guess Picture A - Pencil Fun - 9,800 Lego pieces - John's guess: 9,421 Picture B - Globe - 2,253 Lego pieces - John's guess: 2,500 Picture C - Doorway - 6,988 Lego pieces - John's guess: 6,935 Final scores are: John 30 points - Isabelle 19 points - Belinda 12 points ... read more
Pic A
Pic B
Pic B

Asia » Singapore July 6th 2013

We all like Singapore and it was a beautiful warm and sunny morning when we arrived, 29 degrees. None of us slept so we were all a bit sleepy and tired. We had a bus at the airport to take us to our hotel, which had changed to what was on our itennary. We waited for about an hour while some more people on the stopover package gathered then we were off to our hotel, this time it was the Peninsula Excelsior Hotel, it is flash! It has a cool pool in the lobby that has a glass side! Because we were so early ( it was about 8.30am when we arrived our room was not ready), so we left our bags and walked up to Chinatown. It was quiet, not that many people around and ... read more


Asia » Singapore » Little India July 4th 2013

Hello everyone, I have taken many photos but we are finding a way to upload them. So we will post the photos in the next couple of days. Anyway today made me very , very tired due to loads of walking. But we started our walking to a local Macca's for breakfast. Next, to a very old historical hotel called Raffle's hotel. We had a nice look around Raffles hotel. The architecture was beautiful!!! After Raffels hotel we went to a battle box known as fort canning. But unforatantly we were not aloud in the battle box due to renovations but, we still got to see many other cool things. Fort canning was so beautiful i thought we were in the botanical gardens for a second. Then, we went to a sky scraper hotel which was ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Little India July 3rd 2013

Hello to all my followers, I am very sorry for not blogging last night for I was on a 5 hour flight. Anyway once we got off our flight we caught a taxi to our backpacker inn (Loffi inn). We arrived and went to check in and the manager woke up and said we were not on the records, or something like that. This wasn't the best welcoming from coming off a 5 hour flight at 5:00am. It took us a bit of persuading to convince him that we did book in and he finally said yes you did book in. So we got to our room to find out that it wasn't the best room and we could of got better but, we decided that we just have to get on with it because we ... read more

Asia » Singapore June 28th 2013

The last time I was in Singapore, in 2009, I slept on the top bunk of a 8 bed dorm in Little India, a room with no air conditioning and access to a communal bathroom. This time I stayed in the 5 star Intercontinental Hotel, expenses paid. I had come along way since my Backpacking days. I was here courtesy of my work, and so was on a very different kind of trip this time, but I still hoped to experience a bit of the city whilst I was here. I arrived on the Sunday after 24 hours travelling from Manchester. My first impression of the city was a good one. If there is one thing that almost all travelers will see upon entering a new City it will be the route from the airport to ... read more

Asia » Singapore June 13th 2013

Um "zu Fuss" nach Singapur zu gelangen, nimmt man in der Grenzstadt Johor Bharu (Malaysia) den Bus. Der Bus fährt zum malaysischen Zoll, wo man mitsamt dem Gepäck aussteigen muss und den Austrittstempel abholt. Danach sucht man den richtigen Bus (es gibt nicht nur einen) und fährt 500m zum Singapur-Zoll. Dort steigt man wieder mitsamt Gepäck aus und füllt das Einreiseformular aus, um sich dann den Einreisestempel von Singapur abzuholen. Das Gepäck wird gescannt und danach kann man sich wieder auf die Suche nach dem richtigen Bus machen, welche dann zu einem Busbahnhof inmitten von Singapur fährt. Das ganze Abenteuer dauert etwa 1 Stunde. Wir checkten ins Guesthouse ein und bezahlten pro Bett mehr als normalerweise pro Zimmer. Am nächsten Tag entschieden wir uns, statt die Stadt anzusehen für einen Naturtag und so machten wir uns ... read more
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Asia » Singapore June 10th 2013

One afternoon in Singapore.... read more
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