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Asia » Singapore » Orchard Road February 17th 2013

Answers to Question 9 The tongs used in the dining area and in the toilet are used to pick up paper off the floor. I was intrigued because I've only ever seen these tongs used in cooking, kitchens or BBQ areas. Never ever in toilets! Talk about hygiene! Bonus question The baskets pictured are used for handbags/personal effects. Other answers for this question included: chicken bones & bread basket!! Question 10 - 2 points The law regarding Foreign Domestic Workers' days off changed on 1st Jan 2013. What did the law say before? i) no days off - ii) 1 day off a month minimum - iii) 2 days off a month minimum - iv) 1 day off a week minimum What does the law say now? i) 1 day off a month m... read more
Pics 1
Pics 1
Pics 1

Asia » Singapore February 14th 2013

I spent three days in Singapore and it wasn't nearly enough time. I was there for the obvious tourist reasons and for a few personal reasons as well. I already hope to go back, I just don't know when. (But it won't be soon enough!) Day One I knew I had a lot of things I wanted to do, but in the interest of time (and visiting things that were open during CNY) I decided to visit the Old Ford Factory Museum on the west side of town. I took the MTR quite a distance and then transfered to bus 173, the driving graciously letting me know when to disembark. The current exhibit is about life in Singapore during the Japanese occupation from 1942 until their surrender. My grandparents lived in Singapore until just before this ... read more
Old Ford Factory Museum
Old Ford Factory Museum
how to get there

Asia » Singapore February 14th 2013

With its shopping malls, theme parks, safe tap water and high cost of living, Singapore felt a world away from my previous South-East Asian destinations (save for some parts of Kuala Lumpur). While the mix of ethnic groups is similar to Malaysia, the British Colonial history is far more palpable, from the official language (English) to the ubiquity of landmarks named after the city-state's founder, Sir Thomas Raffles. I'd heard Singapore was the best place to experience Chinese New Year outside of China, so I planned my arrival to coincide with this. Richard, who I met up with in Kuala Lumpur, had the same idea as me and we both booked in at the Happy Snail hostel. We walked the short distance to Chinatown around 11pm and weaved our way through the crowds in search of ... read more
Marina Bay Sands Hotel
Reynaldo, Bavs, Mae and Richard in their gowns after they were deemed to be dressed inappropriately

Asia » Singapore » Singapore Harbour February 9th 2013

Hi everyone, I've been having the usual problems trying to log on but we are actually at the airport and have free internet for 15 minutes in the departure lounge. We have had an excellent 36 hours here in Singapore and would like to have stayed longer but hey ho, that's the way i booked it! It is Chinese New Years Eve which makes everything even more interesting and colourful. We stayed with HArold as anyone checking out the photos on facebook will already have noticed. He was amazing!!!! CAn't possibly tell you how as it would take me all day but without him it would have been a different experience but thanks to him it has been a memorable one. Another Airbnb success! Singapore is marvellous, quiest, clean, green and friendly. We got to have ... read more

Asia » Singapore February 8th 2013

Our day started with beef bee hoon (small noodles about the size of angel hair pasta but harder in texture - they're a Singapore thing that I remembered). Then after a few detours and line-ups to extend our transportation tourist pass, we made our way to Bugis to go shopping at the market there. We enjoyed our time and bought a few little things, and I was delighted to find the Malay sweet I had been looking for but couldn't remember the name of. It was tutu kuah, a coconutty-type thing (not sure what's in it or how to describe it, but it's good!) and it was indeed as yummy as I remember! I also had kiwi juice, and Rhonda had coconut juice straight from the coconut! Next, it was off to Clementi, my childhood home. ... read more
This was my favorite dessert!
Enjoying Tutu-Kueh and Fruit Drinks!
Found it!


Asia » Singapore » Singapore Harbour February 5th 2013

Yesterday morning, I left snowy Urumqi in the morning and arrived in 27 degree Celcius Singapore at about 11:30 pm (I was routed through Beijing, so it took a while!). My flip flops were on before I got off the plane! Annabelle and her husband, Daniel, met me at the airport. It was so good to see her after being pen-pals and then staying in touch via email and facebook for so many years. Rhonda had been in Hong Kong for a few days, and her flight was supposed to arrive a few hours before mine. When I met up with Annabelle and Daniel, I was surprised that Rhonda wasn't with them. They said her flight had been cancelled! Her itinerary had her routed through Manila, Philippines. I knew she didn't have a phone, and I ... read more
... again
The Marina Bay Sands
Curry for lunch!

Asia » Singapore » Little India February 4th 2013

The last leg of our train trip was more reminiscent of travel in the rest of SouthEast Asia. The tracks were out, so we had to take a train until Kluang, then a bus to the border, then a train from Johor Bahru to Singapore. It all went seamlessly, though of course took a little longer. However, arriving to Woodlands Checkpoint was not as welcoming as we expected, adn there was no information to be had, no ATMs and no exchange. We managed to change some of our money at the mall enxtdoor, but we were lucky our hostel had sent us transfer information (we did not yet know that Singapore taxis are very affordable). A bit before midnight, we were at our hostel, the Inn Crowd. It was clean and simple and pretty much just ... read more
Where did I park my boat...
Gardens by the bay

Asia » Singapore » Singapore Zoo February 4th 2013

I was off to the famous Singapore zoo today but I totally messed up with my travel arrangements to get there, I made a cursory glance at my itinerary and remember it said to get to Woodlands MRT station from where you get a bus. However when I got there after 50 mins to the tube I couldn’t find any bus to be seen, after walking round looking like a complete numpty for 10 mins a lovely old lady took pity on me and asked if she could help. After a little laugh when I told her my destination she explained that you only got off at Woodlands on Sundays the rest of the week it was Ang Mo Kio station – Doh! So I then had to buy another ticket to take me there and ... read more
White Tiger
Amarous Roos
More monkeys

Asia » Singapore » Changi February 3rd 2013

So far so good. Landed at Changi about twenty minutes ago. Flight was a breeze ......... Singapore sling en route! and good food by Singapore Airlines, went native for breakfast with noodles, chicken and veg. Bu t also served with a very British bread roll butter and maramalde. Bit of turbulence on descent into Changi but managed not to whimper or gasp like the big girls blouse that I am. Only another ten hours.... read more

Asia » Singapore » Changi February 3rd 2013

Damn, it turns out that our optimism was woefully misplaced!!! As we neared Indonesia the Captain announced that the plane had a technical problem and we would be diverting to Singapore to have it investigated. So we pretty much made a 90° turn to the left to start heading north to Singapore. We had to dump fuel to lighten the plane for our unscheduled landing. That was sort of interesting seeing thousands of litres of fuel purged from a spout in the wing. What a waste though and does it all vapourise in the upper atmosphere or does it have an environmental impact? We landed at Changi just before noon, but because our landing was unscheduled we had to remain on board while the ground staff checked the plane. Thank goodness we were allowed to turn ... read more
Dumping fuel

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