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Asia » Singapore » Changi April 22nd 2013

Dear all, When I wrote last we were waiting for the rain to stop. Sadly it didn't stop enough for us to explore Chinatown but that only means we will have to visit again soon!! We went to Orchard road for shopping and then eventually headed back to the hotel. After that it was time for a swim and then more amazing Asian food! We honestly haven't had a single bad meal since we arrived. Singaporean food is influenced by so many cultures that its all really interesting. This morning we checked out and headed off to explore more of Sentosa for the day. We went to a museum called Images of Singapore which was a really good exhibition about the history of Singapore. Then we walked a nature trail through the forest. Ash had never ... read more
Ash only wears Asian clothes now!!!
The beach

Asia » Singapore April 19th 2013

Not much to write today as it is my last day in Singapore and the last day of my holiday. I went to Orchard Road to look at the shops and then came back and had a quick swim. I will soon be on the plane home. I have had a great holiday and I am very lucky to have been able to go to so many places all different in their own way. I have been away from home for a month and I am now looking forward to seeing my family in England.... read more

Asia » Singapore » Orchard Road April 18th 2013

Answers to Question 12 - As you wade in the water when shrimping, you look for tell-tale flashes of the colour red. Bonus - Picture 3 of the last blog represented Sand Collars, produced by Sea Snails or Moon Snails The snail's eggs are attached on the underside of the collar. The snail lies in the centre of the collar as she creates it so the hole in the middle gives an indication of the size of the mother snail. Although the collar can appear dead and plasticky, it is very much alive and can contain thousands of living eggs. When the eggs hatch, the collar disintegrates. (Source: Telunas reference book). Question 13 Check out these adverts seen on the MRT. What do they advertise? Pic 1 - 1 point (clue: it's not a business bu ... read more
Pic 2
Pic 2
Pic 3

Asia » Singapore » Chinatown April 18th 2013

Today I went on the train to Chinatown and did some shopping. It was very hot there so we did not stay too long. i then went to Little India and after that I went back to the hotel and spent all afternoon in the pool.... read more

Asia » Singapore April 17th 2013

Today I had a walk round City Mall which is a shopping centre opposite Raffles Hotel. I then took the train to Clarke Quay which is on the river and some of the few remaining buildings there are in the old colonial style. I then went by train to Harbourside and took the cable car over to Sentosa Island where I went round the S.E.A. Aquarium which is reputed to have the largest aquarium in the world And it was fantastic. I then got the monorail back to the rail station. When I got back to the hotel I had a swim in the warm swimming pool.... read more


Asia » Singapore April 16th 2013

Today I sadly had to say goodbye to my Australian family and take the 7 hour flight to Singapore. When I arrived in Singapore I found it very hot and humid due to the fact that Singapore is very close to the Equator. I am staying at the world famous Raffles Hotel named after Thomas Stamford Raffles. It celebrated its 125th birthday last Year. It is one of the few colonial style buildings that remain in Singapore. I spent the remainder of the day looking round the hotel and then went for a swim in the pool which is on the roof of the hotel.... read more

Asia » Singapore » Singapore Harbour April 15th 2013

Well really tired after our first day of holiday proper! We Jerald ran those poor kids all over starting with a big walk to fight off that jet lag, the Singapore flyer ( well worth it) , Top of the marina sands (not) and at Tal request we went to see an AMAZING exhibition at the new science museum of Lego art! We now see Lego in a whole new light and Ella is quite fired up about it. Yes we did go shopping, for a bit, got them some sports shoes for all the European walking... And finished off with a boat dried on the river. the place really changed from when I was here for three months all those years ago. You can really feel the vibrancy and the effects of the boom of ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Kampong Glam April 14th 2013

On Monday morning, I went for dim sum before setting off on my 11am bus ride to Singapore. The journey was pretty straight-forward and the border crossing easy. Considering some of my previous international bus journeys, I was a little pessimistic. Arriving in Singapore, I went to the cash point to discover that I couldn't withdraw any money. Fun times. I found a money changer and changed the remainder of my ringgits into Singapore dollars, then hopped in a taxi, with the mindset to figure out the bank card issue later. As it happened, I drew money out the next day, no problem. When I got to the Happy Snail Hostel, I was pleasantly surprised to see Emma still around. I knew she'd been staying here, but assumed she'd have left by the time I arrived. ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Singapore Harbour April 14th 2013

Well here we go again. Just a short 12 day adventure to Bali for the first time. So we have the convenience of using our local Gold Coast Airport we thought we would try Scoot Airlines which means we actually fly via Singapore. Flight due to leave at 9am, so wake up call was set for 6am and Taxi booked for 7am. I woke up around 5.30 so I got up to see that yesterday's downpour had moved on and the sun was about to rise. First priority was to check that Scoot flight had actually left Singapore which it had but looked like it might arrive half an hour late. Next I had to turn on the TV to see how the Aussies were going in the US Masters Golf. Good news as Jason Day ... read more
Scoot's Big Yella Fella
Coffee at McCafe in Singapore Airport

Asia » Singapore » Little India April 14th 2013

Arrived last night and the kids spent all their time on the plane watching movies non stop... so yes everyone is cranky today.... One whole day in Singapore ahead of us and I am hoping to do a bit like check out the massive wheel. It has been 10 years since I was last here and the place changed a lot from when I used to live here with Ilona! Can't wait to see Ilona in London in just a few days.... read more

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