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Am I giving it all up??

I am giving up my well paid job, house, friends, family etc to travel the world!!
15 years ago, May 13th 2007 No: 1 Msg: #13906  
I am currently a 30 year old, well paid Deputy Headteacher who is about to give it all up to go travellling the world with my 28 year old fella. We have talked about it for some time now and have decided sell up our home, resign from our jobs and head out in January 08. I feel that if we don't do it now we will regret it for ever.

Our plan is to start in south America and take it from there, hopefully getting to Asia and Oz. We want to see as much of the world as possible with the intention of eventually finding somewhere to settle down in in a few years time.

Am I too old, will I regret giving up the good money, have you got any advice or tips? The hardest part is going to be selling up our current life and possessions as we don't want to burden anyone with our stuff.

Has anyone else been in a similar situation??? Reply to this

15 years ago, May 14th 2007 No: 2 Msg: #13912  
Keri, I did the same this year gave up the well paid job, sold my house, car and all my posessions. I started on my trip on April 6th and have been to bangkok,cambodia,vietnam and loas already. Its the best thing Ive ever done. Like you I had alot of concerns and also thought it was now or never.
You will not regret doing it, and no you are not to old, we have met so many great people on our travels already and suprisingly is seems a large majority of people are in their late 20's and early 30's. Im also using this as research for somewhere to settle down in a few years time.

Make sure you do it!!! You will only regret it if you dont and lifes way too short!!!! Good Luck

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15 years ago, May 14th 2007 No: 3 Msg: #13923  
N Posts: 8
Hi Keri
Iam 37 years old now, I have a business and been working with no life since 25 years old and planning to quit and sell my business in 3 years and travelling for 2-3 years around the world. I think I need this big break too. I live in Sydney and I will start my journey from Singapore then up to chinese border then to tibet Nepal India , middle east , Africa europe and then N america , south america carribean and back to China as my last stop before coming back to Sydney. Reply to this

15 years ago, May 14th 2007 No: 4 Msg: #13925  
Hey there,

I am 31, I have just sold my house after splitting from my husband, when i was out in Australia in 2006 I suddenly realised how much I was missing out on by working the usual 9 to 5 etc seeing how happy the travellers were, also thought be it most of them in ther early 20's also met many who had decided like me if we dont do it now I will probably wont and will kick myself forever. So when i split from my Husband I decided this was my chance to do a once in a life time trip.. I met a lovely new boyfriend who I adore and is now coming with me. We are both giving up our jobs in October and till then saving as much as I possibly can to cover our trip, we plan to go for 6-8 months as unfortunately my partner has debts which stop us from going for longer. But we plan to head off in November. And I cant bl**dy wait !!!!!
As Nike says 'Just do it' !!!! Reply to this

15 years ago, May 14th 2007 No: 5 Msg: #13936  
Thanks for the great advice so far. It seems like I won't be the only one in the world to give it all up for travelling!! I know it's an opportunity not to miss but it's also a daunting one at the moment. Your positive comments reassure me that it's the right thing to do. ROLL ON JANUARY!!! Reply to this

15 years ago, May 17th 2007 No: 6 Msg: #14039  
Keri just do it, im 31 in just over a month and i wish id done it years ago...................although i don't have a fab job to give up and my ex took the house........lol, i could use my savings to get a house and car and the modern western trappings.........dont think it would make me happy..........ive always had itchy feet and now im going for 2 years or more rather than the odd two weeks or three weeks here and there and instead of changing jobs and areas or country's i work in.....................i going for the long game.................go for it you will only regret it.........................everyone i tell is envious and has told me to go out and do it Reply to this

15 years ago, May 19th 2007 No: 7 Msg: #14070  

Well im 40, and just done the same thing february this year, had a great job and lovley flat, car...blah blah. all the trappings..but was so unhappy.....im travelling with my man, (34) who also sold everything he owned too, we are in mexico and we are loving it, then on to south America...youll soon find out that there is more too this one precious life...and you are now living it to its fullest....that youll see and learn new things you would never have done otherwise, you may also find new oppertunities youd never have thought of previously, and maybe when you do finally return home you will soon find out...nothing would have changed, your friends and family will still be there when you get back and will be doing the same old thing. Invite people to join you at various points....write a blog to keep in touch, read other blogs to keep ahead......And you may even get offered your old job back, promoted to head teacher what with teachers in high demand who have actual life, travel experiances. The one thing that will change is you, you will gain fresh perceptions and loose the pull of western materialisum that is eating everyone else up right now. .. good luck....& believe. Reply to this

15 years ago, June 2nd 2007 No: 8 Msg: #14737  
B Posts: 34
Hi, I have also done what you are doing. I gave up a job I loved to peices, I couldnt fault it at all, yet there was something missing - it wasnt in Asia, so me and my husband packed our things, rented our house out and set off. Renting the house meant that we could put the things we really wanted to keep in the attic, and we rented it out furnished. It was a bit stressful before we got tennants in, but now, it seems to be working out well. A few other friends I know also rented their houses out so they could go travelling, and also gave up their jobs etc etc. We plan to be away as long as we can be, for as long as our savings last us, and for as long as we can work our way around after that. It's a great thing to do. Right now I'm house sitting in Chiang Mai, looking out at a bamboo forest, listening to crickets chirping away and exotic bird calls, I'm really rather content!
If you're interested in working your way around, you would be hugely in demand all over the place with your teaching experience, and volunteering/working in a country is a fantastic way to get to know the culture.
Honestly, everyone should give travelling a go, it's never too late, and it's always refreshing, particularly when you give up so much to do it!
The only thing I'm regretting slightly is that I'm going to be away for my 30th birthday, therefore no friends to celebrate with, but other than that, I dont want to go home! Reply to this

15 years ago, June 2nd 2007 No: 9 Msg: #14746  
You are not too old - I'm much older (47), I did the same thing 3 years ago. It all depends on what you want out of life. I found that there was a load of stuff I couldn't sell or give away - so I ended up hiring a skip, then another, then another! I sold everything else - the car, the house etc. Some stuff I did manage to give away. Don't try to store anything - that said I couldn't part with my Vinyl record collection - its stored in my brother's attic.

I re-wrote my will before I left the UK, I also got a legal document drawn up so my brother can handle my finances should anything catastrophic happen to me on the road. I use his address as my legal home address on all my visa applications and hotel/hostel registrations.

If you don't already have an online bank account, get one. I can access my bank account and all my savings online. Do not carry lots of cash. As long as you have a couple of credit cards you will be able to get money in most countries in the world (there are a few exceptions).

If it's what you want to do, there is no problem or downside. Go for it!

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15 years ago, June 2nd 2007 No: 10 Msg: #14749  
Thanks Watto and Stuart, great advice. Hopefully my teaching will put me in good stead for jobs when we need it. Also I think like you Stuart we will end up skipping alot, I agree no point of storage. There are a few things that are sentimental so I will be begging a few friends for a bit of space. Will def get a will drawn up and will leave the financial side with someone. Enjoy your travels and your 30th Watto-Happy Birthday!!! Reply to this

15 years ago, June 2nd 2007 No: 11 Msg: #14752  
B Posts: 34
Thanks Keri Lou, damn, I wish I'd thought of drawing up a will now... still I have my dad doing a grand job looking after our forwarded post and my sister helping with our house so I guess that's fine. We also skipped a lot by hiring a man with a van (much cheaper option as we live pretty near the dump) and also made use of freecycle and an ebay seller in our town, we gave him a whole lot of stuff, he sold it on ebay, keeping 30% of the profit for himself. There's quite a few of these types of service around the place... Enjoy your preparations Reply to this

15 years ago, June 4th 2007 No: 12 Msg: #14825  
No way. Do it, you'll find that the rest of your world will wait for you when you come through on the other side of your journey. Well worth the time, effort, and initial worry. Reply to this

15 years ago, June 4th 2007 No: 13 Msg: #14835  
you are doing the right thing. I had a secure job, career, friends, a flat etc but i have always had this dream to bugger off for a bit. I´m 110% glad I chucked it all in because this trip is enriching my life (to sound like some sort of american lifestyle guru) in every single way, even with work. Dont be one of those types who wish and never do anything... you end up with regrets. work will be there when you get back, so will your mates and your family. you will be a better teacher when you go home because of what you have seen and learned. no one wants another boring teacher who only talks about whats in the books! 😊

rent out your house, loads of people do it and that will sustain you while you travel, and then youll have that security when you get home. youre in the best position to do this!

travel tips: dont buy expensive travel stuff that the travel stores sell, it all looks so great and exciting but you dont need most of it. and its cheaper here if you do want it. ive never had a money belt for example, thieves know all about them and will still mug you for it if they want to. youre better carrying small change for the bus and food etc, than wads of cash or travllers cheques on you.
learn a bit of spanish or take classes here so you can converse with locals: you will have 100% more fun than if you just chat to other brits or travellers. you´ll learn more about the countries and you will be able to get what you want. lots of south americans dont speak english so dont think in that old chestnut way that being english will make everything ok. it doesnt!!
dont book accomms: they overcharge you. just turn up, it will always be fine. ask for discounts if you plan to stay a few days. always ask if there is hot water and for how long!!!!!!! you might get a cold shower otherwise. ask¨"hay agua caliente" (is there hot water) and "todo la dia?" (all day?). seriously, dont expect it any where. and wear rubber sole slips flops in the shower as they are electric powered and you can get a tiny shock if you touch the showerhead while in the shower. its nothing major but its not great!

good luck, read my blog if you want more info on life here in SA!
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15 years ago, June 4th 2007 No: 14 Msg: #14836  
i didnt actually check if you are english! Reply to this

15 years ago, June 5th 2007 No: 15 Msg: #14846  
Yeah definitely go for it. The only consideration is a well thought out plan, and not just quitting, selling and dropping out.
For example, Im on track to quit my job in 2 more years to live in Chile for a year, then travel the world for a year.
Every always asks me, "Why arent you going now?!" Well, Im a bit too much of a realist.
Yes I have money for the year in Chile, but what happens after that?
Im saving further for a year abroad, then at least a years worth of money as a nest egg when I return.
Im 30, if I was 21 maybe I would just quit my job and drop out- but then I would only spend 9 months in Chile, go nowhere else in the world and come home to no money and no savings. However it doesnt sound like money is an issue for you.

Which is why i cant understand why you are debating this!
The only thing you are going to have to explain to people when you get back is... "what made you want to leave your well paid job and life and house to travel?"
Which is the same question you asked in the post.
I hope you find the answer! Reply to this

15 years ago, June 5th 2007 No: 16 Msg: #14854  
Hi Kerry - I think it sounds like a brilliant idea! Guarantee you won't regret it. Thought you might like one of my favourite quotes -

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover." -- Mark Twain

Better to be a 'doer' than a 'gunna' (as in 'I'm gunna do it one day ...'). Enjoy! E
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15 years ago, June 5th 2007 No: 17 Msg: #14865  
N Posts: 2
Hey Ellen, I like your favourite quotes! It's so inspiring...

Keri, just do it, you won't regret, sometimes the only thing we need is a little faith. You can find another good job, maybe better than your current one. You can buy a new house to settle down. But now, don't hesitate and grab your opportunity. I believe you will gain a lot from your trip.

Good Luck! Reply to this

15 years ago, June 5th 2007 No: 18 Msg: #14877  
After selling everything and hitting the road you will discover how much you don't need all the things you tough was indispensable. I recommend you really don't fell bad of discarting things "Ohhh, but that special book collection that I won as a gift from... bla bla bla". If you think something is good and don't want to trow it away, give it to someone you like, if nobody wants, means that it isn't that good anyway. Myself and my brother, we got rid of everything we had and took the money to travel. All our possessions now are resumed to a 12 Kg backpack for me and another for my brother. We have been living out of it for almost 2 year now without missing anything.

About the job, I had a pretty good job, doing projects in different countries earning good money etc, my brother also was in big project in north of Brazil with agriculture. But neither of us now, after two years, have plans to come back and do the same thing. So many different ideas come up when you are traveling. Is almost a constant brainstorm in discovering different things to do in the future by what you see of different in each place. My dreams and goals are totally different than what I imagine in the beginning of the trip. Even the two planed years (that should finish by next month) are now turning into 3 years or maybe more. I'm a little bit younger than you (26), but my brother that is traveling together is 29, more or less like you. Reply to this

15 years ago, June 6th 2007 No: 19 Msg: #14920  
I am putting together a travel blog and a page of links that I think are some of teh best of teh web. The page is a little thin as of now. Anybody have any favorite web sources for ANYthing travel related. Iam trying to put all the good stuff in one place..thankws for taking a look.
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15 years ago, June 6th 2007 No: 20 Msg: #14923  
Bhall, it seems you like are the first spammer on travelblog.
Your profile contains no information but a link to a website that doesnt make sense. What a feeble attempt!

But that doesnt matter, the core issue is about little miss Keri lou- She needs our help!

DO IT! Reply to this

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