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Worth the risk? Two weeks between Schengen Appointment and departure date

Asking for advice about Schengen visa application
9 years ago, May 30th 2014 No: 1 Msg: #182151  
N Posts: 1
I'm an F-1 student here in New York and I plan to travel around Europe (business and pleasure)
So, I'm originally bound for UK for a conference on July 3rd (I leave on July 2nd), after which I plan to go to nearby Schengen countries.
My original plan was to go to Paris and apply for a Schengen visa there. But I underestimated the appointment dates available, which now is in July already!
So I looked for other countries. Belgium has June 17th for appointment, Netherlands has June 18th. I booked for both.
Given the very tight window, I was thinking of withdrawing my Schengen if by June 26th, they still have not issued it. Costly, but a way out if ever I intend to move forward with applying for a Schengen visa.
So my request for advice is... Is it worth the risk? Will withdrawing my application on June 26th get me my passport back on the same day?
Any input and advice will be highly appreciated.
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