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Best island in Thailand...

We're off to Thailand shortly and fancy pulling in a bit of remote paradise... which Island is best.
12 years ago, February 7th 2007 No: 1 Msg: #10536  
My husband and I are 6 weeks into 6 months travelling and fancy a bit of a break. We're off to Thailand and are really keen on pulling in a tranquil and remote island... we're not up for full moon parties this time, just a bit of chilling and soaking up some paradise... recommendations please? Reply to this

12 years ago, February 7th 2007 No: 2 Msg: #10544  
Phuket is the best island in Thailand from what I've heard...I plan to go there in the summer..
Are you by any chance stopping in China? The beautiful island of Sanya and Hongkong are good recommendations..


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12 years ago, February 11th 2007 No: 3 Msg: #10655  
If you really want to chill out, Phuket is not for you, just returned from 3 weeks in the south, one week in Phuket, four days in Khao Lak and ten days on Ko Lanta. Phuket is beautiful but most of the beaches are very crowded, for example, on Kata or Kata Noi, you will at times find it hard to find a beach chair, which will cost you on Kata Noi, 100 baht per day per chair. The feeling I got there was not very relaxing and definitely not a chill out spot. Khao Lak would fit your bill nicely as would Ko Lanta, both places are very laid back and beautifull, I have posted pictures from our trip on here so you can see for yourself what the difference between them is. If you do go to Phuket and want to chill out, Rawai beach looked very laid back, not many people compared to the other beaches but I cannot tell you what the accomodations were like. Khao Lak has a good range of accomodations as does Ko Lanta, infact you will find every budget option at both places. If I were to reccomend one over the other I would probably go for Lanta because of the wider choice of bungalows that are up and running compared to Khao Lak, which is still rebuilding, although if you had never been there before you would have a hard time telling that it was hit so hard by the Tsunami in 2004. The beaches north of Nang Thong have not been rebuilt as quickly as Nang Thong but you will find several places up and running, a good resource for rooms in the Khao Lak area is Sea Dragon dive centre, they have a list of resorts with their status and contact info. For Ko Lanta, Sawasdee is good as is lantalanta, both have a good number of accomodations and pictures. As to Samui and Phi Phi, well I have been to Phi Phi before as well as Samui, I would probably not pick either of them for a chill out spot, I am sure you could find some quiet places there and in the past I have, but from what I saw from the ferry, Phi Phi has doubled the amount of boats in the area and there was a din from speedboats and longtails that was louder than the ferry we were on. Another note about Phi Phi, it is absolutley beautifull and I wanted to go back but was unable to get a room or even two for my family of four to stay, that will give you an idea of how crowded it has become, last time I went I just showed up and got a room no problem, this time even weeks in advance I could not find something in my budget which was anything under 5000 baht. I have not been back to Samui for ten years so I cannot give you an up to date picture but if you get on Travelfish or Lonely Planet Thorntree forums you can read a good amount of info from there. When I was there last I stayed on Chaweng beach, it was not bad then but new reports have it like Phuket. If you have current copys of LP or Rough guide you will get excellent info on Samui. Check out my pictures and hopefully they will help you decide. Cheers Reply to this

12 years ago, February 11th 2007 No: 4 Msg: #10666  
The best island I went to in Thailand was Ko Tao. Beautiful and relaxing, with great diving.
I would skip Samui, as its a tourist trap. But I did love Ko Pgan nan. I have heard Ko Chang and Samet are pretty amazing. I loved Phi Phi too...the sea was like a bath! Reply to this

12 years ago, February 11th 2007 No: 5 Msg: #10670  
Everything what has been mentioned above is crap! too expensive and too crowded already ... try Koh Mak or Koh Kood south of Koh Chang. Or best come to Cambodia and see the unspoiled beaches, with NO tourists at all ... full tropic islands and no Khao San tourists!

the wild wild east! Reply to this

12 years ago, February 22nd 2007 No: 6 Msg: #10980  
B Posts: 10
I must say that Koh Chang and Koh Lipe are the best... Koh Lipe has few people and no cars... You can check out some pics on my blog...

Michael Reply to this

12 years ago, February 23rd 2007 No: 7 Msg: #11058  
I spent some time in Phuket and on Koh Phi Phi last summer, and felt both were over crowded, expensive, dirty and sleazy (well that was only Patong on phuket). Phi Phi has some beautiful bits and I had a great time there, but the perhentian islands on the east coast of malaysia have got my vote for best islands in the world...beautiful beaches...not hugely crowded, no roads, no hassle. Im sure there are similar islands in thailand, just havent had the chance to find them yet.

Hope this as helped a bit.

Ian Reply to this

12 years ago, March 3rd 2007 No: 8 Msg: #11315  
B Posts: 2
I went to Thailand 4 years ago and just left a month ago again.

It has really changed. If you like it quite don't go where the tourists go. I would only recommend Koh Lipe and a few of the islands off Koh Chang. The rest is lost. Thailand is not as beautiful as it used to be and the tourists are to blame. I will never again go to Phuket, Koh Lanta, Krabi, Koh Samui, Koh Phangan or Koh Tao. There are still beautiful spots in southeast asia so don't waste your time in the wrong places. Reply to this

12 years ago, March 5th 2007 No: 9 Msg: #11404  
How far is Ko Chang and the islands around it from Bangkok??
We are going in May, have 2 and a half weeks and are going up to Laos first...we wanted to relax on some islands for a few days. Reply to this

12 years ago, March 12th 2007 No: 10 Msg: #11834  
B Posts: 33

I travelled around Thailand last Novemeber for a month and the niciest place i found , that wasn't charging or capitalising on its beautiful beache's was West and East Railey Beach , the best and easy'st way to access this place is from Ao Nang Beach in kRABI .

have fun

Lee Reply to this

12 years ago, March 15th 2007 No: 11 Msg: #11913  
I recommend Koh Chang and Koh Yao. Phuket is beautiful and you can still find a quiet beaches there. Reply to this

12 years ago, March 21st 2007 No: 12 Msg: #12099  
For a tranquil and remote island we recommend Ko Jum, near Krabi. There are a few bungalow resorts around the coastline with accomodation for all budgets. There is no electricity so no loud nightlife. Just some bungalow restaurants and a few small beach bars. The beaches are really empty, we sat on one and could only count 20 people on the whole beach. noone trying to sell you anything as you relax. Beautiful sunsets.
To get there you take the Ko Lanta boat and then longtail boats from the various resorts come out and pick you up.
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12 years ago, April 11th 2007 No: 13 Msg: #12722  
A little late perhaps but have to add my 2 bobs worth. I live on Phuket so I'm undoubtedly biased but i have to say that Phuket is for everyone.
You can have whatever you want on Phuket. Expensive , cheap, crazy, peaceful, beautiful, ugly. It is a beautiful Island that caters for all tastes.
Thailand is full of beautiful islands. However not many can provide for almost everything that you want. Phuket can provide what you want
and the exact opposite, if you'd like to experience it. Reply to this

12 years ago, April 17th 2007 No: 14 Msg: #12980  
Off the west coast of Phuket are the Surin and Similan Islands. Speedboats and slow boats make regular trips out there, and on a speedboat the ride is just a little over an hour. Out there is pure tropical paradise. It ranks in the top ten of best diving and snorkeling spots in the world. It is a long ways away from the noise and crowds of Patong Beach and is a perfect place for rest, relaxation, and enjoying the clear warm waters and white sandy beaches. I only spent a day trip out there, and will always regret not staying for 2-3 days. Reply to this

12 years ago, May 25th 2007 No: 15 Msg: #14337  
N Posts: 13
How does everyone feel about the monsoon season? Am going in Aug (11-22) and have read that the Andaman sea side of the country gets hit significantly harder than the Gulf side.
Has anyone been at the beaches in August and have advice about whether or not we should do somethingliek Krabi (sea side) vs. Ko Samui (Gulf side)? Thanks much in advance for any advice! Reply to this

12 years ago, May 26th 2007 No: 16 Msg: #14401  
N Posts: 5
Similan island's very best in Thailand. Please believe me because I'm Thai. look at http://travelbackpacker.blogspot.com Reply to this

11 years ago, October 9th 2007 No: 17 Msg: #20630  
N Posts: 43
Tarutao Island is the best island too because I 'm Thai ,too
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11 years ago, October 9th 2007 No: 18 Msg: #20651  
Hello Bry 😊

The following island was recomended to me, by an American guy I met in Bangkok.
He said, it is quite difficult to get to, but worth it because it is not heavily touristed.
I have not been there yet myself, but I intend to go.
If u go there, be sure to tell me what it was like.

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7 years ago, September 11th 2011 No: 19 Msg: #143042  
Hi Mel

Can I ask did you ever visit hornbilhut? I am thinking to book with them in a couple of weeks.

How about the Similan islands have you been there? Reply to this

7 years ago, September 12th 2011 No: 20 Msg: #143057  
We've stayed in Hornbill Hut. It's on a really quiet island with some beautiful walks. Would recommend it. Reply to this

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