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In 2011...

... did you go to all the places you planned to? If not, why not? Did you go to places you hadnt planned?
7 years ago, January 11th 2012 No: 1 Msg: #150173  
Here is a thread to remind you of where you said you would go.

Big plans for 2011. : )

Quote by Wanderly Wagon from In 2011 I will be in ... Reply to this

7 years ago, January 11th 2012 No: 2 Msg: #150188  
My plans often change, but once my plans were finalised, I visited every country I wished to see in 2011. However, I didn't see all the sites in every country and that was due to either lack of time (Korea - where I needed an extra 3-4 days) or illness (Myanmar - where I lost more than two weeks of sightseeing due to illness).

My travel plans are still in the planning stage, but they appear to be more modest in 2012, so achieving all my goals should be easier. Reply to this

7 years ago, January 12th 2012 No: 3 Msg: #150215  

I'm one of those who have executed an unplanned travel. I was chosen by my friend to replace one of our colleagues who was not able to make it to their trip to Java. Reply to this

7 years ago, January 19th 2012 No: 4 Msg: #150612  
In 2011 I...

Moved from the U.S. to Thailand.
Got TESOL Certified.
Found an excellent job in Bangkok.
Visited Cambodia, Laos, Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Indonesia - and traveled a bit within Thailand, of course.

Not all of it was exactly according to plan. But the goal was to work and travel, and that I have done. I'd say 2011 was a success. Reply to this

7 years ago, July 30th 2012 No: 5 Msg: #159343  
I ended up going to NYC, Florida, Ohio, and Indiana. So I stayed in the states and didn't make it to the European countries I was planning on - mostly because I was planning on moving to Europe for university studies but ended up staying in the states.

Now I'm currently in the Middle East (Jordan and going to Israel/Palestine). If you had told me a year ago that this is where I would end up, I wouldn't have believed it 😉
I'm happy where I am though Reply to this

7 years ago, August 2nd 2012 No: 6 Msg: #159482  
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I took a nine month US road trip in 2011. I tried to reserve things in advance only when I had to, otherwise I played it by ear. I saw everything I reserved except for one day when I got sick, and saw many things I hadn't planned on because I made only vague plans. The latter were some of the best parts of the entire trip.
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7 years ago, August 3rd 2012 No: 7 Msg: #159490  
Went to Indonesia (Bandung, Ubud and Bali) and back to the UK as planned. The other trip was to Thailand (Bangkok, Pattaya and Kanchanaburi for a week. We also went to Mui Ne on a long weekend from here (Saigon). Back the UK for Christmas 2011. Not bad really! Reply to this

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