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Need to book in advance for the Full Moon Party?

Would love to hear frm people who has been to the FMP or heading there the same time..
10 years ago, April 22nd 2010 No: 1 Msg: #109324  
Hey guys,

Is anyone heading to the FMP on the 28th? I'm heading there, and was wandering if i really need to book accom. in advance as it is suppose to be the low season now. Some say its cheaper if you just head there a few days earlier and find a place for a few days only vs if you book online, you have to book for a couple of days straight.
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10 years ago, April 22nd 2010 No: 2 Msg: #109332  
we're on our way down from the northern part of the island to had rin today! it is cheaper if you just walk into a place then if you book online, some of the prices I was finding yesterday were something like quadruple the price as when I went in and asked how much rooms were (went from 700 baht when I asked at reception to closer to 5000 baht when booking online, absolutly horrid).

It is best to get in a couple of days early though, most places (the nicer ones at least) say there is a minimum of either 3 or 5 nights stay during full moon, and some places have a compulsory dinner (some cost money some are free)

pricing wise depends on what sort of place your hoping to stay in, if you go near the center of had rin or closer to the beach you can find rooms for quite cheap, but their not picturesque bungalows on the beach, more dorm rooms that remind you of Khao San road, there also quite noisy. if you want something quieter I would stay off of the main beach, you can find rooms for 400 baht, nice enough bungalow, just takes a taxi ride to get into full moon.

When are you getting here? Reply to this

10 years ago, April 23rd 2010 No: 3 Msg: #109415  
Hey Guys..

Thanks for the info, appreciate the advice. I'm currently in Luang Prabang Laos. Planning to fly to Ko Samui via Bangkok tomorrow. I think i'll just come down to Ko phangan and find a room. My budget would be about 500-600 perday and i was hoping some where close to Had rin.

So is it better if i just get off Had Rin pier and walk around town to find a place? How far is the beach from the center of Had Rin?

I would be great to meet up with people, i'm currently travelling solo. My email is , let me know where you guy'll will be.

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10 years ago, April 23rd 2010 No: 4 Msg: #109448  
yea it's very easy to get off the pier at haad rin, once you land just walk past all the taxi drivers, if you continue straight down that road you'll walk by a whole bunch of resturants and shops, you'll come to a place where the road goes to the left or into a guesthouse, go left to follow the main raod and then continue on down past the 711, you'll hit the beach!!

There are TONS of guesthouses around, but the prices have started going up already, some of the cheaper ones we've found: (we've been hunting for a few days now checking out prices for ourselves)

SK Home, it's directly above the 711 in town, 340 a night for a fan room with private bathroom, the down side with this place is that it's boiling hot pretty much 24 hours a day (got in a 3am last night and had a hard time falling asleep with that), but if you don't mind the heat it's very central and clean! you can't use your own padlock on the door though and the staff keep the key and clean up the room for you every two days.

and Yoghurt home 3, it's directly behind Tommy Resort, we're paying 400 a night for a huge room with private bath, fan, and a nice balcony. I'm not sure if there are any fan rooms left here, I'm pretty sure there are some aircon ones avaliable fofr 600 baht. I think if you arrive tomorrow I think the rooms go up 100 baht but I can ask.

we found some others that are between 400 and 600 but some of these places are jacking the price up by 1000 baht just for the week of full moon.

What time is your plane landing at Saumi? The last ferry from Samui to haadrin pier leaves at 6:30. You can get a deal at the airport for 300 baht, it includes taxi and the boat, it's a really good deal as the ferry is 200 and when we were on samui the taxi alone was 300.

When your walking through town keep your eyes out for alittle booklet called Ko Phangan Info, it's really helpful and lists quite a few of the guesthouses, with a good map of all the guesthouses in haad rin. Mostly the Bungalows are going to be priced way to high for the time of year because of full moon, the dorm style or guesthouse style are the most affordable!

Good luck!! let me know how it works out.


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10 years ago, April 23rd 2010 No: 5 Msg: #109458  
B Posts: 77
Or you could just stay on Ko Samui and then head over the day of the party and hang out till the morning before heading back. Reply to this

10 years ago, April 23rd 2010 No: 6 Msg: #109479  
I have booked my full moon (for end of June) a year in advance online and got a very good deal at the Dancing Elephant (well I thought...) for 4 nights 667 baht per night. Reply to this

10 years ago, April 23rd 2010 No: 7 Msg: #109480  
Or you could stay on the North of Ko Pha-ngan, much quiter, cheaper and prettier, say hat Khom near Chaloklam. we stayed there and the guest house ran a car the eve of full moon and then collected us the next morning. 5 people, about 50B each! Much better than noisy, overpriced and occasionally insecure Hat Rin.

Have a wicked full moon!!!

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