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Pulau Perhentian

Some questions on what looks like paradise!
9 years ago, December 16th 2009 No: 1 Msg: #96524  
Hi All

My partner and I are travelling to Malaysia in March and have booked up accomodation (Petani Beach Resort) on the Perhentian Islands, to stay for 3 weeks.

We are coming from London and busy lives, so really really want to do absolutely nothing but lay back, take in some sun, read some good books whilst snorkelling and maybe get some diving in as well.

What I was wondering is, are there any ATM's on either islands? Would we be better off taking cash with us and not drawing money out whilst we are there.

Has anyone stayed at the Petani Beach Resort? Have read some reviews on trip advisor and it seems to be all good.

Whats the price of food like out there on the islands? Is it expensive? How much do you think we would need as a daily budget, as I said we have accomodation taken care of just wanted to know how much 'spending' money including food to budget for?

Thanks in advance!!
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9 years ago, December 17th 2009 No: 2 Msg: #96682  
Hi Phil, Im Halim.
I visit Perhentian Island quite often, both for leisure and diving. There are plenty of resorts in Perhentian. But b4 that u have to know that Perhentian Island divided into two pieces of land, one is call big and another called small.
Both offer paradise. but if u prefer truly relaxation and to avoid pub and loud music on the beach -- go and choose big island.
while in small island u can have both relaxation and entertainment. I recomend you to stay in PANORAMA RESORT in Perhentian Island. Their restaurant offer the best food, especially the Seafood Pizza and local dishes.
At Panorama u can meet the owner, Masron (send my regard if u do visit) and after check in u can ask for snorkeling guy, his name USOP, with heavy dreadlock hair.. he can take u to the best snorkeling site around the island..

what else Phil..Perhentian island is an island without any tarmac road, and to ur question.. there is no ATM machine in the island.
i working on my blog article on Panorama (about my dive trip there) in my blog , so ,, please cntact me if u need any information..i can help u check the availibility, since most of the resort do not receive any booking for the room.. only walk in ...

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9 years ago, December 19th 2009 No: 3 Msg: #96800  

We were there last July. I can confirm, no ATMS, but a lot places will accept visa card (charging you 3% more). Things are logically more expensive than on the Peninsula as everything need to be brought by boat. For info, a beer is just around 3usd (2 pounds), soft drinks just around 1usd; and a main course in most places less than the price...of a beer.

You may spend some money on water taxis; or snorkeling trip. Also a nice place to do some diving.

Hope this help,

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