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South America » Venezuela » Central » Puerto Colombia January 21st 2011

W Choroni spedzilismy caly tydzien (musielismy wypoczac po wyczerpujacej podrozy z Kapsztadu do Caracas) i wypoczelismy na tyle, zeby wyruszyc w dalsza tulaczke! Choroni - cudowny relaks, bardzo wyluzowane malutkie miasteczko polozone 2-3 godziny od Maracai na polnoc, do ktorego jechalismy lokalnym autobusem, pomalowanym we wzory o wszystkim kolorach teczy z ktorego wydobywaly sie dudniace dzwieki salsy i reggaeton a trasa siagnie sie przez wzgorza i gory tak strome, ze tubylcy zegnali sie przy prawie kazdym zakrecie. Tak czy owak, plaza jak w raju, woda cudna. Wybralismy sie tez zanurkowac w lokalnych wodach, w koncu Morze Karaibskie wiec czemu nie, niestety widocznosc nie byla powalajaca. Plus taki, ze pierwszy raz udalo mi sie zobaczyc zolwie, hej. Krotki wpis bo niewiele sie dzialo poza relaksem. Agnieszka Now for Clint´s version (much extended) in English :-) We a ... read more
catching the rays
Playa Grande

South America » Venezuela » Central » Puerto Colombia October 17th 2010

Kaakaon alkulähteillä Kaakao on alkuperältään Etelä-Amerikkalainen kasvi ja edelleen ainoa maanosa jossa sitä kasvaa luonnonvaraisena. Kaikkialla muualla viljely perustuu istutettuihin pensaisiin. Olemme siis todella kyseisen kasvin alkulähteillä josta espanjalaiset valloittajakin aikanaan toivat pensaan papuja Eurooppaan suurena saaliinaan. Puerto Colombiasta n. 5 km itään sijaitsee pieni Chuaon kylä jossa jonka pääelinkeino on kaakaon kasvatus. Kylään ei ole tietä vaan liikennöinti sinne tapahtuu veneillä jotka lähtevät kylän satamasta. Kaikki mahdollinen rakennustarvikkeista lähtien on kuljetettu kylään veneillä - myös kylässä liikennöivät 2 linja-autoa - muutama vene kytkettin yhteen 'lautaksi' jolle bussit sitten ajettiin ja toimitettiin perille kyläläisten käyttöön. Kylässä on viljelijöiden osuuskunta johon kuuluu yhteen... read more
Kaakaon kukkia
Kaakaon hedelmät kasvavat suoraan rungosta
Nuori yksilö

South America » Venezuela » Central » Puerto Colombia October 15th 2010

Matka jatkuu Caracasista Auton vuokraaminen Caracasissa ei ole ehkä helpoin mahdollinen tehtävä. Auto on kuitenkin helpoin konsti liikkua joten muu ei auttanut kuin hankkiutua lentokentälle jossa autovuokraamot olivat. Vain muutama toimisto tarjosi mahdollisuutta vuokrata auto Caracasista ja palauttaa se Maracaiboon joka olisi lähin suuri kaupunki lähellä Kolumbian rajaa. Pitkän tinkimisen ja etsimisen jälkeen vihdoin onnistuimme ja koska auton vuokraaminen viikoksi oli halvempaa kuin 5 pv niin viikkoon sitten päädyimme. Ja kummallista jälleen oli tietenkin se, että maksu tapahtui käteisellä jota edelsi taalojen vaihto paikallisella kurssilla. Yleensä autolla matkailua suuresti helpottaa kartta. Kyseinen hyödyke tuntuu olevan täällä päin maailmaa mitä turhin - yhtään mistään ei löytynyt tiekarttaa joten eikun pienen matkailukartan avulla ma... read more
Puerto Colombia pääkatu
Näkymä Maracaysta vuorille

South America » Venezuela » Central » Puerto Colombia July 27th 2009

How things have changed, Venezuela really does have a contrasting landscape, we have now just finished a few days of Caribbean sun and sand and a good idea of how the Venezuelans like to enjoy themselves. Not much different to us in the Western world, just add sun, alcohol and music (although I know I am not speaking for all the western world!). We had another overnight bus, I have come to like the stops we make in the middle of the night, it gives me good opportunity to thaw. We arrived to Maracay on the Friday morning of a holiday, the birthday of Simon Bolivar, and for those of you who know, this Liberator of the Northern part of South America is everywhere, every town has a park and square named after him, schools have ... read more
Me eating mamones
Lunch hut by the Caribbean
Playa Grande

South America » Venezuela » Central » Puerto Colombia March 17th 2009

After a 40 hour bus ride to Sanata Helena, I jumped straight onto another bus Ciudad Bolivar, then one to Marracay. The biggest shock to the system was how cold they blast the air condition system on these buses. By the time I arrived in Marracay I had a really bad cold. Jumped into a cab straight to Puerto Colombia, which was a pretty little costal town. I met a few other travellers there who were also passing through Venezuela and told me if there is one place you must visit, this was it. It was a really pretty little fishing village and it was strange how the beach was kinda hidden away. As you are walking around this village all you can see around you are mountains, until you get to this little clearway, then ... read more
Puerto Colombia
Puerto Colombia
Puerto Colombia

South America » Venezuela » Central » Puerto Colombia September 27th 2008

well, how inevitable was this. i had a good week, a really good week, in caracas. then i headed to maracay, and ever since i got there, its been a different ball game completely. its not anything to do with the place itself, or even the people im around. it has just quite literally hit the fan, and the cheery juanito billetes that milled around the venezuelan capital with a 74 year old has been replaced by a more dramatic version of liverpool john. yes, thats right, either being happy or being sad. only this time its dramatically different. im either happy or nervous breakdown sad, and that just aint right. i cant put my finger on why exactly (oh i can, but i dont want to talk about that here), but something is very wrong. ... read more

South America » Venezuela » Central » Puerto Colombia August 4th 2008

Choroni is my favorite beach town... My parent said it used to be even more gorgeus than it is now... I still consider it a wonderfull place :P... read more

South America » Venezuela » Central » Puerto Colombia August 24th 2007

So we spent a few days relaxing on the beach in puerto colombia, just soaking up the sun and taking it easy basically. By Sunday we decided it was time for a change of scenery (Eddie was afraid of the German lady who ran our hostel) so we took a few crazy buses to Tucacas, another coastal town further west again in Venezuela. In Tucacas we checked in with Carlos, a nice Venezuelan man who runs a pretty cheap hostel. We had three days in Tucacas, two of which were spent diving. We did three dives each and loved it. I admit I was a little nervous at first- there is something just a little disconcerting about jumping off a boat with a tank of oxygen strapped to your back and a 10lb weight belt tied ... read more
Playa la Grande, Puerto Colombia
The crazy fishing port
All ready to dive

South America » Venezuela » Central » Puerto Colombia July 18th 2007

Well, for those that have been following this blog the whole way, you may have noticed a downturn in the general levels of enthusiasm for this trip. I believe this is a common condition known as 3-month fever. I guess it started to creep up on me as I left Peru. Leaving Lukas was supposed to be the start of a big solo adventure again. Alas I never quite got that feeling. There was a brief recovery during days at Cotopaxi and in and around Quito, and also at the Angel Falls. But since then I've basically been waiting for the end... it almost feels like i'm escaping from south america!! (thanks to various cock-ups with my ticket to Miami it may well be just that). Anyway, it's come as a bit of a surprise to ... read more
Hairy jungle hairpins
Speed kills! (and is also lousy for photography)
The beach at Puerto Columbia - as good as any!

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