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September 27th 2008
Published: September 27th 2008
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well, how inevitable was this.

i had a good week, a really good week, in caracas. then i headed to maracay, and ever since i got there, its been a different ball game completely. its not anything to do with the place itself, or even the people im around. it has just quite literally hit the fan, and the cheery juanito billetes that milled around the venezuelan capital with a 74 year old has been replaced by a more dramatic version of liverpool john. yes, thats right, either being happy or being sad. only this time its dramatically different. im either happy or nervous breakdown sad, and that just aint right. i cant put my finger on why exactly (oh i can, but i dont want to talk about that here), but something is very wrong.

its the days that are the problems. i have consistently had really good nights since i've been here, without fail. its just that at the moment, the days are proving nigh on impossible. im putting it all off as acclimatisation (i dont care if that is spelt wrong), but that isnt the truth. the truth is im not well. see, drama. i have a tan however, but unfortunately its a tan of mosquite bites, which sucks balls. on a positive note however, its nice to know that wherever i am in the world, im gonna get the johnny depp secret window lookalike thing either way. its all in the glasses i tells ya. this was going to be a long one because i've neglected it recently, but i dont know what to say. so, im going to do what i rarely do, and finish a positive note.

as i said, its been a tough couple of days with no sign of slowing down. i have genuinly spent the days trying to figure out the quickest way to get home, to no avail. i am currently in choroni, which is on the coast, as there has been a weekend couchsurfing party sort of thing. tonight is the last night of it. last night was a pretty intense one, definitely, there was a lot of rum involved. we were on the beachfront dancing and drinking, and all of a sudden it completely poured down. yes, you guessed it, jurassic park style. (cheers hiles). and of course, being a positive party atmosphere, nobody ran for shelter, everyone just stayed out in the rain and carried on dancing. it was awesome.

thats not the best bit however. before all that, at around 10pm, we were all sitting around tents having a hearty chinwag. i decided i was going to go lie down and look at stars for a bit, partly because im a massive gay and partly because stars are awesome. so i went and lay down and stared up for a bit. this was really nice, until after a while i started noticing dramatic flashes, which i put down solely to photos being taken. then however, i sat up. off in the distance, bang on the horizon, was really frequent shots of lightning, with no thunder whatsoever. it was actually magnificent. i could have literally spent all day just staring at it, and i wish i was still in that moment now, because regardless of how unhappy i am, for that moment i was entirely peaceful.

good work god.


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