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Iteniary Advice

Iteniary Advice
15 years ago, September 10th 2008 No: 1 Msg: #48357  
What we are looking for are some comments on what to expect in which route to take when discover south america?

We are two travelers from europe and are looking to travel south America in our 4 months off... we plan to do all outdoor activities, camping, hiking, treking and DIVING!!

We have booked our tickets but just realized that we are going to hit a lot of the wet season when traveling the different countries...last minute PANIC!!

We booked going from london to Venezuela mid September... travel all the ways down in 4 months doing colombia, Ecuador, bolivia, argentina and flying back to london from rio de janiero...

We have been going through some travel forums and they say to avoid bolivia and colombia after october due to the rainfall being the wet season so if we turn the trip round and start from Brazil and do bolivia in october we are thinking it is better.... we will then consider going back down to argentina/pagatonia till mid november....

After that the weather should start improving up north and we thought will try head up to peru/equador for a month or so leaving a month for colombia and some time in venezuela.....

I wold appreciate any comments or advice from past experiences related to the weather and seasonal "best times to go"....


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