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Storing one's extra stuff in hotels when trekking

Should I expect any problems in Venezuela when storing my extra stuff in hotels when going trekking?
15 years ago, November 3rd 2008 No: 1 Msg: #53308  
After reading all those crime warnings and scary stories about Venezuela I am wondering if it is possible and wise to store one's extra stuff in hotels when going trekking there. I would like to do it at San Francisco de Yuruani (or possibly at Paraitepuy or Santa Elena de Uairén), Merida, and Maracay (or possibly at Turmero). I have done it in many countries of the world without any problem but anything can be for the first time. Should I expect any problems in Venezuela in this respect? Thanks. Reply to this

15 years ago, November 30th 2008 No: 2 Msg: #56066  
I can only comment on Merida, where we did our Los Llanos trip from (which was great fun). We stayed in Hostel Alemania and it was all fine, but they had been broken into a few days before we got there. It was one of the countries we were most careful in, but all you can do is take all your valuables with you and hope for the best. I'd say you certainly have to be careful, but don't focus on the bad stories you read as we had a great time there for 2-3 wks. One thing I did find interesting was when flying into Caracus from Lima, we had to show proof of our hotel booking for the night! Never had that before.
If you like beaches, I can certainly recommend Puerto Columbia. Small town, bit of a bus journey to get there, but good hostels and a lovely beach. Take a look at our blog for pictures.
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15 years ago, December 1st 2008 No: 3 Msg: #56122  
Hi. Thanks for your reply - good to read that it the things are at least reasonable. Reply to this

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