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South America » Peru » Puno » Lake Titicaca » Taquile Island October 14th 2018

Waking up on Amantani with an early morning run down the stairs, in the cold (35 degrees) morning, across the courtyard, grabbing a bucket of water to flush to the outdoor toilet, washing my hands in the outdoor faucet was enough to wake me up. It was dawn and I ran back up and grabbed my camera to photograph the beautiful sunrise over Lake Titicaca. Since I was unable to photograph the famous sunset from the top of Pachamama, at least I got points for the sunrise. Flavia had breakfast on the table at 6:30 AM. Hot muna tea, warm potato pancakes with homemade strawberry jam fueled our bodies for the hike down to the boat. I know the altitude didn’t add to my ability to concentrate so after saying my thanks and goodbyes to Flavia ... read more
Leaving Amantani Island
Arriving on Taquile Island
Taquile climbers beat me up to the restaurant on Taquile Island

South America » Peru » Puno » Lake Titicaca » Taquile Island June 19th 2015

Bang on time the taxi arrived and whisked us off to the port where we joined a group and were ushered onto a boat. The boat turned out to really nice and comfortable, not the wooden plank seats I'd been expecting. A pan pipe player greeted us followed by an English speaking guide. We soon reached the first floating reed island. As we stepped off the boat the ground was really springy beneath our feet. The sun was shining but it was still quite cold. The bare footed woman in traditional costume gestured us to sit on bales of reeds and proceeded to demonstrate how the islands are made. As the reeds rot from below the island is replenished by adding more reeds to the surface. The reed houses only last about ten months then the ... read more
Being greeted by pan pipes at the start of the trip
Being greeted onto the island
Talk on how the reed floating islands are made

South America » Peru » Puno » Lake Titicaca » Taquile Island May 28th 2014

We arrived in Cusco the night before after an incredibly full day, in heart, mind and body. Aba took us out for supper and we repacked for the move to Puno. Bed came late. In the morning, we waited for our ride to the tour bus, but it didn't come. With a bit of confusion and rearrangements we still made a bus. The bus took us to a number of archaeological and religious sites on the way to Puno. As you move along the mountain range south, the landscape changes again. Here, the mountains get dryer, the grasses coarse, and grain and llama are king. Alpaca and Llama interspersed with cattle and sheep are everywhere. They are cobbled, or hemmed in by rock walls stacked without mortar or mud. The roadside markets become filled with alpaca ... read more

South America » Peru » Puno » Lake Titicaca » Taquile Island May 27th 2014

My last stop in Peru - Puno! Not the most beautiful cities but I wasn´t here to see the city, I was here to see Lake Titikaka. I travelled from Cusco to Puno on the overnight bus the very same day that I trekked Machu Picchu and woke up with very stiff legs! I arrived at my hostel around 5am and didn´t get my room until 10am! Safe to say, I was extremely tired that day and was not in the mood to do anything strenuous! I talked with some people staying in my hostel and they had told me they had booked at 2day/1 night tour to the island on Lake Titikaka through the hostel. It seemed good so I decided to book, leaving at 730 the next morning. When am I going to get ... read more
Uros - floating island
Reed boat
The local I stayed with

South America » Peru » Puno » Lake Titicaca » Taquile Island May 11th 2014

Hello followers! How's it all going in the sunburnt country these days? Sorry that it has taken a while for me to bring you all up to date. Very hard to catch up a week when everything is still busy. Really want to thank you for reading my blogs too :)! It is great to see the stats and know that I won't have to repeat myself a 100 times when I get home LOL! But seriously, it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling knowing that you are on this journey with me - from kids, to relatives, friends, teamies, workmates & I guess the occasional boss too! So let's get down to the business of telling you all about the Puno region. Ummm... Puno the city itself is nothing really amazing. It has a slightly ... read more
Floating island....
Loving the boat ride!
One of the floating islands

South America » Peru » Puno » Lake Titicaca » Taquile Island August 19th 2013

17 Aug Day 5: Lake Titicaca Puno The end of a couple of busy days. We had a minor disappointment yesterday. When our itinerary said we were sleeping on an island, because of the way it was written we assumed (didn't read it closely enough) that we would be on the Uros floating islands. WRONG. We ended up on a solid earth island. It was still good though as we got to walk up to the two top peaks of the island ending up at around 4,150 meters. Its just a shame that the lintels weren't so high. We just about had to kneel down to get through the door of the room the boys were in. BUT we had the mirror - Maryalina and Liz didn't - nah nah nah nah nah. The score was ... read more
Uros traditions being kept alive on Dry land
Local transport
One of the Islands

South America » Peru » Puno » Lake Titicaca » Taquile Island August 6th 2013

Hola hola! So after an overnight bus journey from Cusco, we arrived in Puno in the early hours of the day. We nearly got onto the wrong bus as we were trying to pick a bus that most appealed to us! However, in the end we were directed to the right one. To be honest, the bus ride was pretty comfortable with the seats reclining to almost 180 degrees and the heating on. We met our tour guide, Moses, and the rest of our group, and got onto a boat to the Uros islands on Lake Titicaca. Moses was quite the comical tour guide with lots of random facts and figures! Eg lake Titicaca is the highest navigable lake in the world, meaning the highest lake a boat can sail on. It's 3400m above sea level, ... read more

South America » Peru » Puno » Lake Titicaca » Taquile Island June 14th 2013

Left the hotel at 7am and caught a Tutu down to the port. We nearly ran over a lady. Bit scarey with all the other traffic around. The boat ride to Tequela Island took about 3 hrs. We apparently had the very slow boat. Hydrofoils can do it in 1/2 hour. We got of and walked to the top of the island to the main square. It is a communal island. The men knit the handicrafts. Most of the island is terraced. Walked across the other side of the island where we had lunch. It was very nice. Quinoea Soup and then trout. Trout was introduced to the lake as the native fish are very small. They are starting to eat the native fish now. After lunch we walked down to the boat and then went ... read more
Tequela island
Lunch on Tequela Island

South America » Peru » Puno » Lake Titicaca » Taquile Island January 13th 2013

Well, it is finally here….. Our last full day in South America of our grand adventure. Yes, we do want to return home to America and Pollock Pines, but no, we also would like to continue seeing all of the amazing things South America has to offer! Lake Titicaca, which lies at about 11,300’, is the highest navigable body of water in the world. We will need to do some cross-checking with respect to Lake Tahoe when we get home, but the lake is huge, and probably second only to Russia’s Lake Baikal in size, and is bordered and shared by Peru, Bolivia and Chile, and the borders run right through the lake as in Tahoe. It is a pretty crappy morning, with the temperature sitting at about 40 degrees F, rain and fog, so we ... read more
3,000-year-old carving-001
3,000-year-old carving-002
52 floating islands

South America » Peru » Puno » Lake Titicaca » Taquile Island October 1st 2012

I have made it to Puno on the shores of Lake Titicaca. I suffered really badly from the altitude so rocked up to the closest hostel to shower and get my head down. The stairs up to my room where so uneven and even at my height i had to duck the piping stretching across the hallways, no bother i thought at least it ensures a warm shower!!.. warm yes but i had to shower fully clothed, a good way to wash the clothes, but more so because there was an office block with workers still inside overlooking my bathroom which had a full window no privacy glass!! i checked my passport and it definitely got stamped Peru rather than Amsterdam!! dinner consisted of a tomato, two apples and a bread roll with coca tea to ... read more
Floating Islands

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