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South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Miraflores July 31st 2016

Finally we were in Huacachina. This is a desert playground complete with sand buggies and a nice lake oasis in the desert. The area is very popular with locals and tourists alike. Since it was a Peruvian holiday, marking the day of independence from the Spanish everyone was away, meaning Huacachina was rammed. We were sharing our dorm room with a load of girls from Lima, on holiday there. Once out of Ica we headed to Huacachina, this desert oasis has crazy loud 4x4 type sand buggy rides and sand boarding down hills, the sunsets are pretty spectacular as well. We then headed to Pisco to check out the islas ballestas, described as the poor man's Galapagos, here you saw the candelabra, seals and many birds but I did feel may be calling it the poor ... read more
Looking over Huacachina

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Miraflores May 31st 2016

Day one After arriving at the hotel in the early hours, I was keen to have a stroll day and do things at a slow place. I decide to visit the centre of Lima to see the colonial buildings. The hotel staff tell me about an app called Easy Taxi. This app is free to download and providing I am connected to wifi I can request a nearby taxi to pick me up using GPS. My hotel is in the popular tourist district known as Miraflores and although the journey is around 12 miles into the centre of Lima I find that the taxi takes almost an hour to get me to my destination. I thought San Jose was bad for traffic, but seems Lima is worse. The taxi drivers English is bad, my Spanish is ... read more
Statue of Plaza Mayor
Inca Kola
Peruvian Food

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Miraflores May 21st 2016

I Slept ok. I woke every few hours but managed to fall back to sleep easily. I sorted my bags out to put in storage as I had to check out and recheck in this afternoon and I had arranged a Lima City Tour on Viator prior to departing Sydney. I went down to breakfast nice and early. The details informed it opened 6.45 however it didn't end up opening until 7. It was a buffet with lots of juices, yoghurt, cakes, fruits and hot foods like bacon, egg, pasta, noodles. The Viator guide picked me up pretty much at the time indicated. I was the final person. I was relieved there was 6 of us on tour. As much as some people love the whole tour guide to yourself thing I'd prefer to blend in ... read more
lovers park
Lovers park

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Miraflores May 20th 2016

So next Adventure starts now. Peru bound. I'm going to be spending 30 days in Peru. Only Peru. No Bolivia, No Ecuador. Feedback regarding that Is I'm weird to just do Peru. Why do that when you can tick off so many other countries at the same time. As much as it does appear I am country counting – with Peru #43 I like to see a country properly and take in as much as I can. So here is goes. No regrets. My work exams ended up only occurring just before my annual leave so all attempts to brush up on Spanish ended up straight out the window. My little brain can not take in Study for EP exams and the Spanish Language all at the same time and considering I wanted to keep my ... read more

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Miraflores May 17th 2016

It is 9:00pm in Miraflores, a suburb of Lima, and 3:00 am in the UK. We are very close to the coast and will take a look at the Pacific Ocean tomorrow. As we set off on the 6:15 am flight from Norwich to Amsterdam both of us are feeling tired. We arrived in Lima as the sun was setting around 6:00 pm local time. We were met at the airport by a local guide Dewi and her driver and we're then driven through the rush hour to our hotel. After a shower we are now ensconced in the waiting for our complimentary drink - piscosour, a cocktail with pisco and angostura bitters.... read more

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Miraflores May 17th 2016

Slept pretty well after the long flight and indulged in reading a book before breakfast. Like other major cities there are many similarities and it is relatively small things that remind you ar on a different continent and a different city. The state of the buses, the sound of the birds, the luxuriant vegetation and the feral cats sunning themselves in the park. Martin and I walked down to the coast, fringed at this point by cliffs, to watch surfers and admire a wrought iron pier which looked remarkably reminiscent of Brighton or Eastbourne. The Tsunami warning sign was another indication of a different location. A mist hung over the sea and I recalled from geography that the Humboldt Current runs north along the coast giving rise to the Atacama Desert and these persistent sea mists. ... read more
Looking towards pier
Sign at the coast
Martin and feral cats

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Miraflores May 5th 2016

Après avoir survolé les lignes de Nazca et fait une halte à Ica je fais un tour en bateau aux îles Ballestas. Quand je rentre au port je fais un passage aux toilettes, « ehhh Greg !! » en sortant je tombe sur Gabi (Gabriella). On avait fait connaissance il y a plusieurs mois en passant la frontière Lao-cambodgienne. En voyant son passeport péruvien j'avais alors dit « oh Pérou, j'y serai dans quelques mois ». Gabi et sa copine allaient comme moi voir les temples d'Angkor. On avait mangé un soir ensemble à Siem Reap. Elle est guide pour groupes de touristes. Pur hasard de se rencontrer à Paracas. Je savais qu'elle devait y venir avec son groupe mais on ne s'était pas organisé pour se voir. On n'aura pas l'occasion de se voir à ... read more
iles Ballestas
iles Ballestas
iles Ballestas

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Miraflores March 4th 2016

We were all rather pleased to dump our backs and crash into our beds, half a day sat on a plane is enough to get us all in need of recovery. Breakfast in the hotel went down a treat with pancakes and maple syrup getting a big thumbs up. Dragon fruit was tried by all and we also tried a fruit called a praca which looked like a massive runner bean and had banana-ish fleshy seed pods. I had four little prezzies which will be brilliant for this trip: Jacks, Dobble cards, Pass the Pigs and a highly recommended card game called Back Packets. No power or water in the hotel this morning, so we headed straight out to the beach road. Lima is shrouded in a lot of sea fog by all accounts and we ... read more

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Miraflores March 1st 2016

This blog took a little long to write, mainly because it took a while to digest the 50 different courses of peruvian food we ate in three days... At the start of our travels in November we had a general idea of where we wanted to go, but not much planned in detail. One of the few things we did know for sure was that at some point we wanted to go to Lima to eat. When we first visited Peru some 15 years ago we only spent a day or so in Lima and didn't think much of it. Since then Lima has earned itself a place on the map as the food capital of the world, so we knew we had to go back this time to see and taste that transformation for ourselves. ... read more
Ceviche at La Mar
El parque del amor, Miraflores

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Miraflores February 16th 2016

I took another Cruz del Sur bus from Nazca to Lima, arriving at around midnight at the bus terminal nearest Miraflores. I quickly got a taxi but was stymied because there are apparently four, FOUR, Casa Andina hotels in the Miraflores area. After missing on the first stop, the second stop, Casa Andina Select, was the winner. I checked in and made it up to my very nice room. Unfortunately the hotel, while comfortable and in a good location, did not deliver based on the cost. It was by far the most expensive hotel I stayed in during my entire trip and I kept paying for things. The water was not only not complimentary, it was as expensive as those found at Machu Picchu. The internet was not only not complimentary, it was as expensive as ... read more
Fish dish from Saqra
Larcomar movie theater

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