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South America » Peru » La Libertad » Trujillo November 27th 2015

Geo: -8.11237, -79.03Ollentaytambo to Trujillo 18 - 27 NovemberPLEASE CLICK ON PICTURES TO ENLARGE AS NASCA LINES WILL NOT BE VISIBLE OTHERWISEAfter Puno we wanted to visit Mach Picchu but without the discomfort of being too high so we opted to stay in Ollentaytambo (shortened to Ollenta by everyone) which is about 2,500 metres high. I need to explain the access to MP otherwise the route is difficult to understand.MP is on the top of a mountain. There are 2 ways to reach it, the first being a 4 day, 3 night trek and the second being a bus from Aguas Calientes. Obviously we took the bus! However that is not as easy as it sounds. Aguas Calientes cannot be accessed by road so if you don't want to trek you must take the train either ... read more
Narrow Inca street
Our street:note water channel on right
Picaflor Tambo - excellent accommodation

South America » Peru » La Libertad » Huanchaco August 13th 2015

Boy oh boy, am I behind with the blog. So I better get cracking and update it before I forget what has happened or I don’t have the time to write it down. After an amazing, and exhausting, time with Carla in Lima it was time for her to get back home to Brasilia and for me to continue my trip. Carla’s flight was early in the morning and I had booked an overnight bus to Huanchaco in the north of Peru. So I had a whole day to kill in Lima and as I really liked the centre I took a taxi there and just strolled around, had a great lunch and enjoyed the atmosphere. After all, who knows when, and if at all, I would come back to this wonderful city? At 19.00 I ... read more
Robbed on the way to Huanchaco

South America » Peru » La Libertad » Huanchaco July 24th 2015

Distance driven today: 263 miles / 423 km Cumulative distance driven: 10,343 miles / 16,645 km Today’s trip: Piura to Huanchaco, Peru Windy desserts crossed: 1 Found Peru’s surfer hangout: yes, Hunachaco Only minutes after we started riding this morning, we found ourselves in the Sechura desert, which is one of the many deserts along the Peruvian coast. Even though the road was straight for several hours and the traffic was relatively light, driving turned out to be rather challenging. A very strong side win, blowing in from the Pacific Coast, constantly tried to blow our heavy loaded bike off the road and into the sand dunes on the side of the road. I had to lean the bike heavily into the wind to counteract the forces of the wind, constantly having to adjust for the ... read more
Boat on the road through the desert...go figure
The Sechura desert
Chiclayo is easy the dirtiest city we have driven through - ever

South America » Peru » La Libertad » Huanchaco May 15th 2015

Well we have had a wonderful three weeks with our oldest daughter in her home turf of Huanchaco. She has introduced us to lots of people and places, and we have made some nice memories together. We went north to Chiclayo to ride paso horses, and visited Tucume, the valley of 26 pyramids, near Sipan. Several civilizations lived in this area, building on the remains of the past groups. The pottery, metal work and art is unbelievable. A fairly bloody past, with lots of human sacrifices though. and we went into the mountains on Mothers' Day, to Otusco, and had a lunch of cuy, or guineapig. There's a revered statue of Mary there, and people make a pilgrimage by foot on Dec 15, from Trujillo all the way up. Lisa has been busy at the skate ... read more

South America » Peru » La Libertad March 25th 2015

La noche en que llegue a Trujillo, a una hora tarde en un bus desde el sur, camine las calles del pueblo un rato, buscando hospedaje; eventualmente encontré el Hostal McCallum, que resultó ser un sitio excelente, sencillo, ubicado en una calle tranquila. Fue una noche tranquila también, sin vientos ni lluvias violentos, no hubo tormenta, y eso es lo raro, porque esa noche subió el oleaje del mar y comió una buena parte del malecón frente a la playa, evento que fue ampliamente divulgado en las noticias a través del Perú. Fue el mismo día en que en Bogotá, extrañamente, hubo una granizada de más de 60 centímetros de hielo; en las fotos, pareció más bien Canadá que el trópico de Colombia--mi suegro Rodrigo dijo que en sus 84 años de vida nunca había visto ... read more

South America » Peru » La Libertad » Trujillo October 26th 2014

Hola Amigos! Voici le deuxième et dernier extrait de mon passage à Trujillo! Me voilà enfin remis sur pied après ce passage difficile. Encore une fois merci à Rosa, la gérante de l'auberge qui a été formidable avec moi. D'ailleurs le 22/10 c'était son anniversaire et elle avait organisé un grand repas auquel elle m'a invité. Ce fut un moment vraiment sympa auquel j'ai pu participer, mon espagnol s'améliore doucement mais surement, mais c'est un combat de tout les instants, j'en bave! Voilà aussi un argument de plus qui témoigne de l'hospitalité des péruviens, qui sont jusque là tous formidables avec moi. D'ailleurs ça me rappelle une de mes conversations avec Julie, la française qui m'avait accompagné chez le médecin. Elle m'a dit de me méfier de tout le monde ici. Je lui avais répondu que ... read more

South America » Peru » La Libertad » Trujillo October 20th 2014

Bienvenue sur le troisième extrait de mon périple Péruvien ! Pour mes derniers jours à Lima, je souhaitais aller sur les plages du nord de la ville, mais le ciel de la capitale, toujours plus grisâtre et sombre m'en a dissuadé. Je suis donc finalement retourné faire un tour dans le centre historique que j'avais particulièrement apprécié. J'ai mangé dans un restaurant vraiment sympa où j'ai bien sympathisé avec le serveur, Eduardo, mon premier amigo ^^ Après une journée de préparation j'ai pris la direction de Trujillo, une des villes réputées du Pérou notamment pour ses vestiges archéologiques. J'ai donc fait un voyage de neuf heures, en bus. J'ai donc pu admirer le paysage tout au long du parcours, des falaises de terre, des plaines de terre, des villages en terre (j’exagère à peine) et encore ... read more
basilique Menor
plaza de Armas
plaza de Armas

South America » Peru » La Libertad » Trujillo » Chan Chan September 14th 2013

Sept 14th, Saturday - Currently in Huarez, Peru! We arrived in Trujillo in the late afternoon and took a taxi to the Hostel El Conde de Arce, which is just 1/2 block off of the very beautiful Plaza de Armas and which cost us what I could have sworn he said 60 soles/day but he demanded 70/day when we paid him 2 days later! The Arce is very run down and it´s really too bad because it could be very, very nice!! But it was clean and in a great spot so it was OK with us! We first went to the Vegetarian Restaurant a few blocks away (it was about 4pm) and had a nice meal (the ensalata mixta was great!!). Trujillo is beautiful!! We haven´t been to Cuzco yet but to us Trujillo ... read more

South America » Peru » La Libertad » Trujillo May 7th 2013

7/5/13 Trip to El Brujo and the Lady of Cao I was really looking forward to today’s trip as it was to the Pyramid of the Witch Doctors (shamans) and the Lady of Cao – the first female Moche ruler. Our guide yesterday had told me how the site is still used today by Witch Doctors from Peru, Ecuador and Columbia to perform shamanic rituals. In the past witch doctors went to the pyramid to boost their healing powers as the site was known to be a place of powerful energies. Great stuff! Imagine then my disappointment when after an hour travelling north through barren desert scenery only broken by areas of sugar cane plantations we finally reached the El Brujo Archaeological site and were told we weren’t going to the pyramid! Gutted!! Allegedly the site ... read more
9 Pyramid of the Lady of Cao (3) Outer wall of 4th level of pyramid, outer courtyard
9 Pyramid of the Lady of Cao (5) Outer wall of 4th level of pyramid, outer courtyard, Losers being taken to be sacrificed
9 Pyramid of the Lady of Cao (12) Preparation room and actual grave site

South America » Peru » La Libertad » Trujillo January 31st 2013

Hello people! Long time no write I know. Well, I have a few days of holiday before starting my next job so I am taking advantage of the time to update you… So the quick version: I´ve been in Trujillo (or Tru-tru-JI-lo! as they say on the radio) , northern Peru, for the last two months volunteering as an English teacher at an ngo in a poor part of the city. It´s been great - the students were super-cute, even the older ones, and my fellow professors were equally fab - if they are reading this - I miss you!!! It was a good experience for me on the road to becoming an English teacher, and it was great to meet so many people in the area and learn about their lives. I felt part of ... read more

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