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South America » Peru » Cusco » Inca Trail January 14th 2017

So the day started for us in Ollyantaytambo bright eyed and bushy tailed onto the coach to get to kilometer 82. A brief meeting with the crew and we were off. The first day was up and down with every kind of weather thrown at us possible. As a group we made good time but got to the camp site in the howling rain, so no way of getting dry in a tent for the night. We freshened up as able and then had a more formal introduction to our crew of porters, chef, sues chef and waiter!!! Our guides were James and Edison. After a fab meal ( seriously good considering we were camping) it was an early night in prep for the day we had all been dreading tomorrow. A nice 5am wake up ... read more

South America » Peru » Cusco » Inca Trail November 8th 2016

Due to the high demand for limited tickets, we had booked our Inca Trail trek about a year in advance. Well, the time finally was upon us! After returning from the jungle trip, we had a few days to prepare for the 4 day, 40ish km hike. We were pretty concerned about doing the trek leading up to it because Nancy's feet had been giving her problems, and we could not delay the trek at all. But on departure day she was feeling up to the challenge, and we were picked up super early once again for a 2 hour bus trip out of Cusco. On the bus we found out we had a relatively small group, there were just 10 of us and 2 guides. Our fellow hikers were from England, Portugal, and the States: ... read more
The day we had been waiting for!
So fresh and clean!
Our first taste of Inca terraces.

South America » Peru » Cusco » Inca Trail July 25th 2016

Our first job was checking into our hotel for the last night of Cusco before going to our meeting with G Adventures about the Inca trail. We found out everything we needed to that night before our first day out into the Sacred Valley. We met some great community groups Planterra and G Adventures support, including women who knit clothes to sell in Cacacoyo. We also saw some old Inca Ruins in Pisac and Ollantaytambu, where you could see how they managed to make a living from living on a mountainside and construct their houses by moving the tops of the mountains to make flat land and terraced land for growing. We stopped off at a village also supported by G for lunch then it was off to the last stop to check out the Inca ... read more
Sacred Valley Group
Village in Sacred Valley

South America » Peru » Cusco » Inca Trail June 12th 2016

I had a pretty sleepless night. Not sure if it was a combination of 2-3 of the guys snoring or the fact I knew I had to sleep to get up 330 but didn't really get much rest. I woke up before our 330 wake up call and was devastated to hear the sound of rain against our tent. We had to pack everything up really quickly as the porters had to run to make their train. Breakfast was simple bread and butter and the porters took the tents down as we ate. We then walked 5 minutes to join the que waiting for the gates to open to machu picchu. We were there about an hour before. Most of us laid out some ponchos to sit on. I think a few managed to get a ... read more

South America » Peru » Cusco » Inca Trail June 11th 2016

Woke up to rain and heavy fog. To be fair it wasn't really rain more of a wet mist from the fog with occasionally heavier sprinkling. It was enough to make the backpacks and contents wet thought so we all tested out the cheap ponchos. I found today harder then day 2 which is the day everyone dreads. Maybe I just struggled as exhausted from the previous day. Maybe it was the weather and lack of views to distract me. I don't know. But I'll put it out there. I really enjoyed the trek to dead womans pass which everyone hates. Today's views were supposed to be pretty incredible but we couldn't see much. The walk took us through 4 different Inca sites and the cloud Forrest. It was our longest day at 16 km. The ... read more

South America » Peru » Cusco » Inca Trail June 10th 2016

I slept ok. Woke up every few hours. I slept with my ear plugs as one of the guys snored a little. Usually struggle with earplugs but it was fine today. Cesar came knocking 5 am to wake us up and brought us coca tea. I think he may have knocked a few times to wake us thanks to my ear plugs. Apparently all the others were woken 330 am by a confused rooster who thought it was the appropriate time to crow. I did manage to sleep through that. We had half an hour to get ready and go to breakfast. Breakfast was oats, bread and pancakes. After breakfast we had some time so finished packing up and Sylvia lead us in a stretching class. I took my big jacket today so pack was pretty ... read more

South America » Peru » Cusco » Inca Trail June 9th 2016

Total the day we officially start the Inca trial. Basically terrified not so much of the trail but of the weight of both my bags. I seem borderline for the porter bag and my packs about 6 kg. I ended up sending back my camera case, phone charger, camera charger and adaptors to Cusco with Andreas to try and lighten my load. Breakfast at hotel was 7 and we were picked up by Joel at 8. Joel always uses Inca time to meet us meaning he wants you there no later than 5 minutes before the time he wants to leave. We met our assistant guide Cesar. Both the boys seem really fun and joke around a lot together. It was about a 45 minute drive to the start of the Inca trail. At weigh in ... read more

South America » Peru » Cusco » Inca Trail May 26th 2016

Day 2 We were woken by the cry of cockerels early, even before the target time to rise of 5:30. The porters brought us cocoa tea - a couple of fresh leaves in hot water, followed by a bowl of warm water for washing. Breakfast was a sort of porridge, quinoa with apple, followed by omelette with potato. We left the site at 6:50. It was distinctly chilly as we climbed gently through forest. This second day was by far the hardest. Although we only walked 11km, it was mostly uphill and some if it was very steep. So from around 3,000 metres we climbed to 4,200 metres. The photos don't do it justice because not only do they not show the true steepness of the path but they give no indication of the impact of ... read more
Typical vegetation for this high altitude forest
Next to the stream showing alpine vegetation
Tony on the Inca paved path

South America » Peru » Cusco » Inca Trail December 14th 2015

3rd December: After a few hours sleep, it was time to get up and get ready to head off of the main reason I chose South America as my destination, the Inca trail. Made it downstairs by 5.30 then not long after the bus picked me up and away we went, driving back to Ollantaytambo where we stopped and had the opportunity to buy snacks or coffees etc. we used this as a chance to mingle and get to know each other. My group consisted of Chris from the UK, Marco from Switzerland, Jen and Matt from Melbourne, Marija and Kelvin or Chinito Loco (crazy chinaman) and his wife Ellen. We left Ollantaytambo and headed to kilometre 82 where we would begin the Inca Trail. After we got off our bus we headed towards the entry ... read more
Inca Trail
Inca Trail

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