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South America » Peru » Callao March 11th 2018

Santa Rosa Day seven /eight- i lost count. Day in port -unsafe adventures. The ship remained in port last night and lots of people stayed late in Lima..... not us, nothing to see but a big mall. (Unless you took a taxi). Today we decided to take the shuttle van out of the port just to the entrance. The plan was to walk around the port town of Callao.... the reason you take a shuttle to the gate is it’s not safe to walk as it’s a working port with lots of heavy machinery moving everywhere. We reached the gates, disembarked the van and started to walk away. Almost immediately shouts of “no!! Not safe! Not safe!” rang into our ears... Several taxi drivers surrounded us and said it wasn’t safe to walk outside of the ... read more

South America » Peru » Callao August 26th 2015

Hello family and friends! I am now in Santiago, but am still posting about all my adventures through Peru the past two weeks. I haven't had much time or wifi to post as I traveled, but as of today I will begin settling down in Chile. I hope you're all well, I miss you. We arrive in Lima at 10 pm. Our hostel sends a car to pick us up, and I get my first taste of Peruvian Spanish from the drivers Omar and Denis. They talk over one another telling us about Peru’s jewels--the Nazca lines etched into the desert by aliens or some strange race of us, Cusco the beloved capital of Andean culture, Machu Picchu the pride of the country. Denis tells of a seaside town south of Lima, where orbs of light ... read more
View from the hostel
Beautiful Florida!

South America » Peru » Callao March 9th 2015

Its not even 3 years since we were here last and spent a few days so there wasn't a lot we wanted to see. The cruise supplied a shuttle to a local shopping mall, so we then just got a local taxi and went down to Miraflores which is an area in Lima which we love to go and walk along the cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean - there seems to be still a lot of erosion and of course this area is prone to earthquakes - had another great Ceviche lunch and a few beers overlooking the gardens and the ocean, had a lovely 5 klm walk around the Miraflores area - a lot of people were a bit scared as the ship puts the fear of death into you about the increase in robberies ... read more

South America » Peru » Callao » El Callao January 14th 2013

Ft. Lauderdale to Manta, Ecuador We successfully boarded our ship and found our luggage in our stateroom, and all is well. The seas were a little rough between Ft. Lauderdale and Cartagena, Colombia and dinner that evening was sparsely attended although we were able to make it. There are seven people at our table – one couple who cruises all the time, and another who cruises slightly less, and the tour director for American Express customers on board. He has been all over, too. So, it is an interesting group. The staff is wonderful. They are very helpful and charming, too. Most of them are Indonesian and are looking forward to stopping there to see relatives. Our first stop in Cartagena was brief. We took a tour around the town stopping at a fortress and the ... read more

South America » Peru » Callao February 26th 2011

Machu Picchu, Peru Note: For some reason, I can't load any pictures today. I'll try again later. There's a reason it's called the rainy season. The only time it wasn't raining during our trip to Cusco and Machu Picchu was while we were driving to and from the airport. However, it was still a wonderful experience. As soon as the ship docked in Callao, the port for Lima, we were off to the airport for our Star Peru one hour flight to Cusco. I was lucky to have a window seat and could see the change from the desert to snow-capped mountains to the incredible green of the Sacred Valley, where we were headed. Our Condor Travel guides -- who were terrific -- escorted us the entire trip, from the ship and back, so all went ... read more
First view of Machu Picchu
Rolly, our guide
Proof we were there!

South America » Peru » Callao January 29th 2011

Saturday Jan 29th, 2011 Off the West Coast of South America Latitude 12 degrees 47 minutes South- Longitude 80 degrees 14 minutes west We are heading out into the vast Pacific Ocean and there will be nothing on the horizon for several days. Behind us is Lima, Peru, a city of contrasts. Both poor and affluent, Lima is a huge sprawling metropolis with pollution and all the problems of a modern city. Even though it rarely rains in Lima the city is very green and lush. We found out that huge water trucks go around the city in the early morning watering all the street trees and flowers. Jane and I walked many miles shopping in the small Indian markets and moving about with the local people. They were smiling and friendly with only a few ... read more
Lima, Peru 011
Lima, Peru 007

South America » Peru » Callao » El Callao April 6th 2010

Hey, Well this is the last week. I guess I am ready to come back to the Uk, if I had the money I would not but i'll defo come back. Its just a thought but I think the term "gringo" might be a derogitory term for white people, i'm not arsed about it but I find that its said toward me by young children and cheeky teenagers, not by adults becasue they dont want to insult us. It's not often as a white man to be spoken about in this fashion, Its quite good in a way. I was in the local gym the other day and it was filled with Peruvians, I didnt even notice that I was the only White person until I was leaving, I thought that when I first came ... read more
The truth and reconciliation commission musem
Platform 2

South America » Peru » Callao » El Callao March 9th 2010

Hello everyone, Well I was quite exhausted on Monday but content non the less, have to make the most of things in life. Things seem to be coming along excellently with the projects, I was hoping to finish our construction this week but as always with construction we are waiting for items we need. Things are going well with the Workshops, English is fine as is Boxing and football. I noticed some of the kids no longer come along and dont go to college, they help there parents make braids to go around people wrists instead, didnt want to say anything but oh well. I have started applying for some jobs in England , knowing the jobs market is bad I guess its a good idea to make a start to do it know. The next ... read more

South America » Peru » Callao » El Callao March 4th 2010

Well Hello, College has started recently which has meant that many of the workshops are not as busy any more. Its a shame but it means things are easier!! For football we now breeze through the training and get into a match, sometimes we have to make up the numbers, its quite fun. Boxing is going ok, we broke a mirror when sparing the other day which is another squeeze on my budget but oh well. Oh and my camera's out of action, I got loads of sand in it and some mechanisms broken.....balls! This weekend we decided to take a trip to Huraz. Huraz is situated North East of lima, its about 8 hours bus journey from where we are. We decided to take an overnight trip, its so much cooler and you sleep for ... read more
Andes Bike Ride
Lagoon 69
Me and the lads

South America » Peru » Callao » El Callao February 14th 2010

Estes Bien? Good I hope! Well this weekend was funny, if not slightly intense. It looks like Machu Pichu is totally off the cards as its been washed away and so are the Chan Chan temples which are North. I might still be able to see them though. Anyway, we headed south to somewhere called Ica. It was nice to have a weekend off and get away from the project. It’s pretty intense a lot of the time and there is one hell of a lot to see in Peru. We travelled straight down the Pan American highway on Friday night. Cheap bus journey (30 sols) it’s the one all the Peruvians take and we got it from a dodgy part of Lima, we actually blagged a police escort to the bus station and they told ... read more

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