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South America » Peru » Arequipa » Arequipa May 29th 2015

Well, here I sit in the north of Peru and I am hopelessly behind with my blog updates. The previous 3 weeks have been so busy and much happened that I really didn’t have time to update my blog. Carla has been with me the last 12 days and we had better things to do than sit in front of a PC and compose articles. That is called priorities. Nonethtless, let’s begin on my experiences in Puno and Arequipa After a fantastic time in La Paz it was time to move on. The day I choose to make the move was the 1st of May, a national holiday in Bolivia. So the city was dead in the morning when I went to the bus station to get my ticket to Copacabana. I purchased my ticket, went ... read more
On the way again
Crossing Lake Titikaka
Crossing Lake Titikaka

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Arequipa December 21st 2014

After a day in Aguas Calientes to enjoy the hot springs, a soft bed and our first showers (care of EcoPackers hostel) in a few days we headed for Arequipa, the white city. Straight off the overnight bus we joined a free walking tour and get a great introduction to the city including the white volcanic stone cathedral, the food market with frog juice, a view to the three volcanoes that surround the city, some beer and chocolate samples and of course the obligatory pisco tasting to finish it off! After the walking tour we headed for Wild Rover Arequipa hostel and enjoyed beers by the pool in the beautiful afternoon sun. The night saw some quality pub trivia, Courtney pulling off an award-winning rendition of url= read more
Condor spotting at Colca Canyon
Happy little vegemiters at the top of a 2.5hr climb out of the canyon
A local girl in traditional dress in Colca Canyon

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Arequipa November 26th 2014

We passed through Puno en route to Arequipa. I found Puno to be a bit uninspiring. As Peru's most famous lakeside town, I was surprised that they lived with their back to Lake Titicaca. The land becomes more industrialised as you move from the town centre towards the shore. The main point of interest around here are the floating islands, made of bound reeds, on which indigenous people used to live to avoid marauding enemies.These days they are subject to marauding tour groups. Arequipa is Peru's second largest city and the dusty outskirts do not look particularly welcoming. However, as usual, the colonial city centre provides a pleasant focus for visitors. The main plaza is quite large and is flanked along one edge by a beautiful cathedral. A fair number of old buildings survive, some of ... read more
Arequipa Cathedral
Arequipa Cathedral
Arequipa Church

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Arequipa November 12th 2014

Very early on Sunday morning, four of us met in the hotel lobby with our bags – Cristina (the tour guide), Carol (from Adelaide), Barry (from Sydney) and myself. Our transport arrived on time, but to our surprise it wasn’t a van or minibus, but an SUV. As we will be spending nearly three weeks on the tour, and most of us were spending time elsewhere, we had a lot of luggage. It only just managed to squeeze into the boot, and then we all had to squeeze into the car. Needless to say, none of us were impressed. Cristina apologised profusely and said that she would see what the tour company can do. However, it was before 6am on a Sunday so nothing was going to be done today. We left Lima and due to ... read more
The Cactus
Ballestas Islands
Humboldt Penguins

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Arequipa September 13th 2014

After another long bus journey we arrived to Puno - with few colonial buildings and mainly concrete-block buildings, the city blends into hills. Unfortunately we were there during winter and was bitterly cold despite blue skies! Following day we made a trip to fairy-tale floating islands. It really looks like Disneyland! First islands we visited was Islas Uros - around 50 reed islands in all. It was very interesting to listen to local talking about their tradition, life style and how the islands are built. Later that day we explored Isla Taquile - 7-sq-km island feels like own little world. After traditional lunch at locals home and talk about women skirts and men woollen hats ( that represents social status), we went for a wander. The islands is very beautiful! I really recommend staying there ... read more
One of the boats! Smaller one is called Mercedes!
Writing my diary !

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Arequipa August 3rd 2014

Once you went in, you never came out. Santa Catalina, a pretty prison, but a prison nonetheless. Painted letters over the entrance to the first courtyard, urge SILENCE, yet noise from the city surrounds you, the cries of street vendors, the clop of horses hooves, the hum of voices, the sound of life. There are forty-foot-high walls, but your prison is open to the air; you are separated from, but remain a part of the world. A similar fate awaited every second child born under Spanish colonial rule in the New World. They were raised to 'embrace' the religious life; to pray for their family and their well-being. Sons became priests and daughters became nuns. Sister Ana (Ana de los Angeles Montegudo) entered at the age of 3. More commonly, girls entered at the onset of ... read more

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Arequipa July 28th 2014

We arrived in Arequipa from Puno and had a couple of days for catching up with friends and for Gary to watch the football world cup. One afternoon while Gary was watching football I went to a chocolate making course with Kayla, a friend we met in Sucre. We learnt about the process of making chocolate from 'bean to bar' as they described it, we tried different chocolate from the cheap mass produced type to the high quality dark chocolate and we made our own bars with different filings. We delayed our Colca Canyon trip by a day so Gary could watch a football match. When we eventually went we were picked up from our hostel at 3am and were driven 3 hours to the Colca Canyon. Luckily enough both Gary and I managed to get ... read more
Colca Canyon
Santa Catalina Convent

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Arequipa July 2nd 2014

unser letzter tag in arequipa. der letzte tag unter frauen mit runden hüten, geschmückt mit glitzernden glassteinen, bunten perlen und geometrischen blüten. der letzte tag inmitten weißen lava-gesteins. wir leben heute besonders langsam, sind beide auch müde. reisen strengt dann doch an auf die dauer und wir genießen völlige langeweile! es ist auch wirklich gut, dass wir heute soviel zeit haben, denn peruanisches lokal-service ist einzigartig! einzigartig langsam! wir gehen essen, bestellen das tagesmenü, das jeden tag das gleiche ist. man möchte meinen, das lokal ist auf gäste mit dem wahnwitzigen wunsch, das klassische mittagsmenü zu essen, eingestellt. weit gefehlt! wir bestellen also und kurz darauf huscht die chefin selbst aus der tür - richtung markt höchstwahrscheinlich. salat wird aufgetragen. ohne angepriesenem brot… weil die chefin noch nicht zurück ist. das... read more
packs hitting their limits
last chachani view (the bit**)

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Arequipa July 1st 2014

seit dem eisigen aufstieg zum gipfel des chachani wollen meine zehen nicht mehr richtig auftauen. sie fühlen sich immer noch taub an und schön langsam mache ich mir fast ein wenig sorgen - ob sie wohl abfallen?! :-) gemeinsam mit den wieder getroffenen deutschen alicia und alex wird gefrühstückt und anschließend ein schokoladen workshop ausgemacht. außerdem besichtigen wir heute das berühmteste gebäude arequipas. eigentlich ist es nicht nur ein gebäude, sondern eine stadt in der stadt. das kloster santa catalina ist seit dem 17. jahrhundert ein architektonisches meisterwerk. gebaut aus dem viel verwendeten lava-gestein, sind drei kreugänge, patios, kleine wohneinheiten und kirchlein durch eigene schmale straßen miteinander verbunden. plätze mit brunnen, ein eigener überdachter pool, ein offener waschplatz, zwei friedhöfe, küchen, bäckereien und zahlreiche dachterassen s... read more
patio rojo
plaza roja
die cacaobohnen lese

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Arequipa June 28th 2014

1:42. wir verlassen das auto, das uns knapp drei stunden von arequipa an den fuße des chachani vulkans gebracht hat. es ist windig und bitterkalt. der heiße tee wärmt den bauch nur kurz. und schon geht es auf, den summit zu erklimmen. von 5.100 auf 6.075m innerhalb von acht stunden. unsere stirnlampen erhellen den weg während über uns dunkelste nacht tausende sterne leuchten lässt. nach etwas mehr als einer stunde erreichen wir das high camp auf 5.170m. es ist vielleicht komisch, dass ich immer die höhenmeter dazuschreibe, aber für uns ist das sehr wichtig - anhand dieser lächerlichen zahlen handeln wir uns weiter gen gipfel. die vulkanischen berge um uns werden später im tageslicht wie dunkle zuckerstürze aussehen - bestehend scheinbar nur aus losem gestein unterschiedlichster größen und farben. der chachani ist da keine ausnahme und ... read more
summit cruz
sch*** kalt
parejita y cruz

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