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January 6th 2017
Published: January 6th 2017
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Hits everyone! Sorry it's been a while but he internet hasn't been all that fab.
So after we last touched base we went sand boarding in the dessert! What a laugh that was. Sand everywhere!!!!! We also got chance to stop off at a few other places of historical significance to the incas and we're really starting to get a feel for the place. After that we got footed it onto the night bus to get us to Aeroquipa in the morning. It actually wasn't as bad as I thought it would be and slept the whole way!
Once in Aeroqipa the day was ours to explore. We went to the maker and brought loads of different fruits to try (they were mostly delicious) aaaannnnnddd I got myself some walking boots for An absolute bargain!! You can take he girl out of Surrey 😊
When the evening came round it was off to a traditional Peruvian restaurant for dinner! Jo ended up with the Guinea pig and I had the alpaca. I defo got the better end of the deal here! Alpaca is like a cross of steak and lamb, where as the guinea pig was like chicken but came with all its appendages still attached!!!
Up early again the next morning to head up into the mountains to see alpacas in their natural enviroment and climb even higher in altitude to prepare for the climb. We actually got to 5000 feet and boy did I feel it. I felt fine until about 4800 feet and then it hit me like a steam train. No amount of water or coco tea or leaves could help with that. We carried on to Chivay where we would stay for the night and went to visit the natural hot springs. This was a warm welcome for the weary head and feet. A few pisco sours later and we were set for the evening.
We ended up going to another traditional restaurant for more food and also some dancing. After we ended up in an irish bar (I swear there is one everywhere!) for more pisco sours. By the time we got back to the hotel we were a bit more than worse for wear. So much so jo managed to lock us out of our own bathroom!!!
We had a very early start this morning to try and catch the condors but unfortunately the mist prevented us from seeing any ( a theme me and jo feel may be for our trip) but we did have some fantastic views of the Colca canyon before heading back to Aeroquipa this afternoon.
We're on another night bus tonight to get us into cCusco in the morning to acclimatise once more before the big climb.
Love to all Lauren and Jo xxx


7th January 2017

Catching up on your news
Hi Lauren, just catching up on your news-sounds like you're well into the swing of things, and more importantly taking the blips in your stride! Great you're enjoying the culture-and the cuisine haha! Looking forward to hearing about Cuzco-I really liked that place. Keep safe and keep enjoying xx
9th January 2017

The first day sounds great even though you were the Entertainment in the Peruvian dress. Did they give them to you to keep? As for eating the Ginnea Pig.. uk!!!

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