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South America » Ecuador » West » Montañita December 3rd 2014

Montanita - Day 10 Another low-key but very relaxing day. Checked and made reservations ahead for a hostel in Cuenca, our second stop after Montanita. Walked the beach again this morning. A big group of young school kids ran down to the beach, all in gray sweats and white t-shirts, then ran along the ocean. We got some strange looks, as blond hair here is very unusual. (Might be other reasons we looked strange too!) We walked by a juggler on the beach, juggling five items in the air. Also saw a large dead eel. As we returned from our walk, a bike with an umbrella and a big cart of fruit came down our hostel road. We got some good fruit for breakfast tomorrow. After some quality time in the hammock, we walked into ... read more
Feathered friend
Far end of beach
Beach juggler

South America » Ecuador » West » Montañita December 2nd 2014

Montanita - Day 9 After a breakfast of fresh fruits and pastries, we moved to Comuno Montanita Hosteleria further up the beach. It's a little further to walk to town, but the beach here is very quiet and private. Rather than a room, we have a little cabin with a thatched roof. The roof rafters and the porch posts are all bamboo. There is a hammock on the front porch so Bob is happy! We can look out the front door and see the ocean. It has Internet, hot water, and is very clean. And best of all, there is a very friendly black dog here. Today was a very relaxing day. We walked the beach, spent some time in town. Had a late lunch again at el Sazon Guayaco. Today they included a big bowl ... read more
Bob found another hammock
New friend
Noisy birds in town

South America » Ecuador » West » Montañita December 1st 2014

Montanita - Day 8 Breakfast in the room this morning. We had our coil to heat up coffee water in our cups. Coffee, fruit, and pastries made a great breakfast. Walked the beach to check out how to transport our luggage to the next hostal. The sand near the water was hard and easy to walk along, so we will probably move via the beach rather than by the main road. The beach was quiet and beautiful this morning. There were several dogs on the beach, a couple of them frolicking in the water. A few boys were practicing their long jumps. Next was our ATM adventure. We tried a couple banks, and we couldn't get any money out. Then found out that maximum withdrawal is $100, but you can do this up to three times ... read more
Lunch at el Sazon Guayaco
Along the Malecon
View from hotel roof

South America » Ecuador » West » Montañita November 30th 2014

Montanita - Day 7 This morning we bought our bus tickets to Montanita. Had to show a passport this time. Again a reasonable price, $5 each for a 3 hour ride. Only 5 others were on the bus at the Manta depot. About a half hour out of Manta, we passed through Montecristo. This is where the Panama hats were initially made. These hats and wooden carvings were for sale in stores all along the road. Shortly after a lady came on the bus with a big tray of baked goods. We bought a couple from her since we had missed breakfast. A while later we passed by a thirty foot corn cob statue. Not really sure of the significance! Further along we pulled into the Jipijapa bus station. Love that name (hippihappa)! This time we ... read more
Hostal Esperanto
Early Christmas in the park

South America » Ecuador » West » Montañita September 26th 2014

Unter lauter Einheimischen und einem agressiven fahrenden Buschauffeur erreichte ich Salinas nach gut 3 Stunden mit Umstieg in Bellanita. Doch zu meiner Entäuschung hatte das von mir reservierte Hostel keinen Platz mehr frei. Ich mochte jedoch auch nicht auf ein anderes ausweichen oder in ein Hotel wechseln. Also habe ich mich kurzerhand entschieden den anfänglichen Ärger runterzuschlucken und wieder zurück nach Bellanita zu fahren um von dort den Bus richtung Montañita zu nehmen. Gesagt getan. So stand ich gegen 15:00 am Strand von Montañita. Dies ist ein richtiges Backpacker Paradies, dutzende Hostels meistens so in der Natur eingebettet wie meines das Kon Tiki oder zwischen den kleinen Gässchen irgendwo versteckt. Das Dorf besteht eigentlich nur aus Restaurants, Bars, kleinen Läden die von Locals betrieben werden, Discos und eben den Hostels. Teils verweilen die Leute hier meh ... read more
ebefalls im Dörfle
Ganz versteckt das Kon Tiki

South America » Ecuador » West » Montañita August 1st 2014

Our Arrival The bus from Puerto Lopez dropped us off at the side of the highway in the town centre which was just over the brdige at 12:20pm. It is easy to walk to the hostels from there. Where We Stayed Hostal Alta Montanita - $12 for a double room with shared bathroom. Warm showers and internet worked well. Rooms were a bit threadbare and chilly at night as weren't sealed and only a sheet was provided. There was a much needed mosquito net. What was weird was that they didn't provide toilet paper in the shared bathrooms. When we first arrived there was some there but it soon ran out. We asked for some more and they told us that we would have to buy it! It is located just over the bridge (back towards ... read more

South America » Ecuador » West » Montañita April 4th 2014

Montañita is a renowned party town in Ecuador. We were there in the off season but there was still a party to be found and apart from enjoying the beach, eating delicious ceviche, going for a run and having my phone destroyed by the ocean finding the party is what we did. We slept averagely for two nights and then took a bus up the coast a bit to Puerto Lopez.... read more
2014-04-04 11.11.18
2014-04-04 11.11.24
2014-04-04 11.11.27

South America » Ecuador » West » Montañita June 12th 2013

Before we left, I read about a small beach town, off the coast of Ecuador called Montinita. The last words I read about it where: ‘Warning, travelers tend to get stuck here’, after visiting – I now know why. 7 days flew by, and there is nothing really to do, except enjoy the life style! The streets are filled with endless bars, restaurants, souvenir shops and food stalls. The street food is one of the highlights, there are little carts that offer juice, toasted sandwiches and the best bowl of strawberry yoghurt, granola and mix fruits of every kind! Then for dinner, you have the option to wander the streets which are lined with plastic chairs and small cocktail stands which open up offering endless amounts of the classics and some of their own, like Pina ... read more

South America » Ecuador » West » Montañita June 2nd 2013

Iš ryto ilgai nelaukęs atsisveikinu su mane taip ilgai priėmusia šeimyna ir išvažuoju į Montanita. Apie šį miestelį girdėjau daug iš visų keliautojų. Tai pati populiariausia vakarėlių vieta visame Ekvadore. Bet ten kur vakarėliai, ten daug turistų, narkotikų ir t.t. ir man visa tai nelabai patinka. Būtent dėl šios priežasties visą savaitgalį praleidau Salinas vietoj Montanitos. Šiandien pirmadienis, tad turėtų būti ramiau. Po poros valandų kelionės pasiekiu miestelį. Iš pirmo žvilgsnio atrodo tikrai nebloga vieta pasilinksminti, be to kaip ir tikėjausi žmonių gerokai mažiau. Nesunkiai randu hostelį už 5 dolerius nakčiai, tad čia ir apsistoju. Montanita taip pat labai gerai inoma vieta tarp banglentininkų, tad paplūdimyje netrūksta banglenčių mokyklų, bei aišku pačių banglentininkų. Miestelyje pilna jaukių barų, bambukinių viešbuči... read more

South America » Ecuador » West » Montañita April 8th 2013

From Mancora in Peru James and I caught an overnight bus to Cuenca in Ecuador. At first I was a bit apprehensive as a lot of the posts I had read online had talked about the border check points being quite far apart from each other and buses that were meant to be going straight through just kicking you off and leaving you to your own devices. It turned out however that due to certain degrees of corruption and passport theft the two countries have recently come together and at three in the morning we passed through a unified border where we were stamped out of one country and immediately into the next. The only delay in the process was with some of the highly intelligent individuals on my bus having the inability to fill out ... read more

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