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June 12th 2013
Published: August 19th 2013
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Before we left, I read about a small beach town, off the coast of Ecuador called Montinita. The last words I read about it where: ‘Warning, travelers tend to get stuck here’, after visiting – I now know why. 7 days flew by, and there is nothing really to do, except enjoy the life style!

The streets are filled with endless bars, restaurants, souvenir shops and food stalls. The street food is one of the highlights, there are little carts that offer juice, toasted sandwiches and the best bowl of strawberry yoghurt, granola and mix fruits of every kind!

Then for dinner, you have the option to wander the streets which are lined with plastic chairs and small cocktail stands which open up offering endless amounts of the classics and some of their own, like Pina Coladas etc for $2.50 – you can sit here down for one or two (lets be honest more like 4-5) then when you get hungry stroll around the corner to where locals have sticks of meat and chorizo, which for the hefty price of $1.00 they will cook one on the spot on their BBQ for you, while you sit on small plastic stools in the middle of the street and watch the crowds stream by. The corn is a must have, a cob for $1 which is cooked with pesto oil and then rolled in cheese! So far, dinner has been one meat stick then one corn – not an expensive dinner for $2.00 each!

The best way I can explain Montinita would be maybe the Bali of Ecuador? They even have 1 – 2 tatoo parlours and hawkers walking around with cheap sunglasses – the beers on the beach are not a bad similarity also!

The crowds it seems to draw, and keep are more of the hippy travelers. The streets are filled with endless baggy pants, dread locks, board shirts and no shirts seem to be the Montinita uniform – while many feather earrings and home-made weaven bracelets are worn and for sale on every corner.

Travel Points:

The high season is in the summer (southern hemisphere summer) so mainly December through to April. In May/June the water is a little colder (still lots are swimming) the weather is not as consistent (we have had 1 – 2 rainy days but still everyday in shorts and t-shirts) The prices are lower which is a major plus, the accommodation is less (you can get a dorm for $5.00 per person instead of $15 in the high season) and many restaurants for competiveness will offer 2 items of their a la carte menus for one! This is a place which gets bombarded with tourism for 6 months, then dies for the rest. We are here with still a lot of tourists, but not enough to fill all the bars and all the restaurants! Which is nice to be paying rock bottom prices!

We stayed about a 5 minute walk out of town, it was the first place we looked at and was reasonable and had a private bathroom and room (luxury!) we ended up liking it for other reasons! Only Sundays, the loud music seemed to stop – otherwise in town you have LOUD music until around 6am each night.

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