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South America » Ecuador » West » Montañita April 25th 2011

Thanks to Santa Semana we had another long weekend, so we busted out of town and headed to the beach. Easter is completely a religious/family affair here. There is no Easter Bunny or egg hunts or any of that. Chris dyed Easter Eggs with the students, but it was a total novelty (some really loved it, others had more fun peeling the hard-boiled eggs). It's difficult to explain the Easter Bunny to a group of preschoolers ("yeah, so like a large rabbit hides eggs... some made of chocolate... so that kids can then go find them" doesn't really make any sense even to 4-year-olds). There isn't even the pagan connection to the rite of spring since the whole notion of seasons is pretty vague along the equator. Holy week in Ecuador, rather, is about numerous processions, ... read more
Surprised by Palm Sunday
The Beach
The Surf

South America » Ecuador » West » Montañita April 22nd 2011

Ecuador, we have arrived. After not being able to connect to the internet with my own computer for a few days, I've delayed in keeping you all up on what's going on. After spending a sweaty few days in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, I met Max at the MIA and we caught the 927 to Guayaquil. We arrived in Guayaquil around 815pm on Monday nigh and hurried our way through customs with rumors of a direct bus to Montanita at 9. We caught that bus, but it wasn't, in fact, a direct bus. It took us two hours closer to Santa Elena, dropped us where the busses usually drop, but by then it was too late for catching our connector bus. So the nice, elderly, conveniently waiting men were there to give us a taxi ride to ... read more
Fort Liquordale, Florida
Gersh's Backyard
Dirty Gersh

South America » Ecuador » West » Montañita April 20th 2011

This Journey. This is an interesting type of travel for me. I've been "planning" my future trip for so long it seems, that I'm very excited to see what can be realized in terms of real deal action from all this talk. I'm interested in conscious development: creating and building interesting spaces that benefit the social, environmental and economical interests within the local area. It's got to be for you as much as for me. So what does that mean you are doing now, you idealistic crap? Hoping to find some land that can be used to fulfill this yet to be defined project focus, while also talking with other creators in the area (businesses, expats, etc.) who might be interested in collaborating. I am also with someone who has never been here nor who speaks ... read more

South America » Ecuador » West » Montañita April 18th 2011

So here I am in South America again! After a ... read more

South America » Ecuador » West » Montañita February 28th 2011

After Baños we boardeda bus en route to a town in the mountains called Queveda. We knew it was going to be a long 5 hr journey along windy mountain roads, but we had no idea at which the speed and confidence we would take these sharp windy cliffside corners. Our bus driver, donning sunglasses and an upbeat attitude blasted his favorite espanol albumn of the moment and busted through these mountains like a bat out of hell. I had taken a motion sickness pill so I had fallen asleep right away but jolted awake by feeling the bus literally hurling around the bends.Í´ll never forget waking up and opening my eyes to look out the front of the bus and frantically grabbing anything around me ( bobby, the window ect) The crazy thing about this ... read more
side view
nite surf
View of the street

South America » Ecuador » West » Montañita February 27th 2011

I am back in California, Left Ecuador a week ago, Didn't have good internet in Ecuador. This is from the point of view of a retired, divorced, Spanish student, with an eye out for a retirement lifestyle, not into Indigenous culture , don't lay on the beach and I didn't get to many traditional places especially colonial places. But I was in several small towns, one big city and one little city (libertad). Salinas area is considered a resort for the Guayaquil rich (who are looked down upon by even the well to do who I met) , & about 200 expats mostly USA. I would have been bored silly in days if I had not got lucky and met Sonia from the Couchsurfing website. She took me places and introduced me to educated interesting people, ... read more
Beautiful Ecuadorian Waitress
Little Girls Cross Street
Salinas Beach

South America » Ecuador » West » Montañita February 22nd 2011

Note: there are 2 pages of fotos. Click them to see detail Big, Big day Sonia took me on a trip (1 to 1.5 hours drive) to Montañita. Montañita was exciting, colorful, fun, tranquil,full of mochileros (backpackers, neg. term I think), druggies, serious students, surfers, etc. Dilapidated buildings are restored or torn down make way for new Hostals (small hotels in Ecuador are Hostals), restaurants, shops etc. The place is full during the week, on the weekends it gets completely out of hand apparently, as does it every evening where people here are serious partiers who dont stop until between 3 and 5 in the morning. Luckily my Cabañas (little cabins pronouce the ñ as nya) are a couple of blocks from the heart of the town. There is a street called coctail street, with little ... read more
Mantanita Colorful Everywhere
Click foto 2C Mantanita Eccentric

South America » Ecuador » West » Montañita May 30th 2010

So I haven´t written any blogs for ages and I´m starting with the most recent as it´s what I can remember best and you´ll just have to read them out of order. I haven´t uploaded photos for ages either. I´ll get round to it at some point but I can´t guarantee it will be soon as I´m having a bit too much fun in Quito. When I left Huaraz, I was planning on heading up to Máncora to catch some rays and try out surfing. I couldn´t go directly there so I decided to stop off in the quieter beach town of Huanchaco. I got there quite early and it was foggy and grim, just like in Lima. I had a couple of hours´snooze in Casa Suiza, - which I really couldn´t recommend because the staff ... read more

South America » Ecuador » West » Montañita March 1st 2010

Hello everyone! We apologize for the late update of this travel blog. When we came to Arica it was so nice to just relax, put your backpack down and not have to move it for a coule of weeks. We have taken a short break in travelling and "lived" a little bit which was just what we needed. After having travelled around in Peru for about 2 weeks we met up with Sebastian (DX) and his cousins at the airport in Lima. From there we had a flight booked to Guayaquil, Ecuador. About 3,5 hours with bus from Guayaquil, right by the sea, is Montañita. A little surfers village, quite touristic, but still very charming. We spent an extremely relaxed week there, we went to the beach during the day and enjoyed the many restaurants and ... read more

South America » Ecuador » West » Montañita February 6th 2010

Muistatteko viela Pentin? Viimeksi tapasimme hanet Vietnamissa syksylla, ihmettelemassa Saigonin mopotiheytta (Mopoja, mopoja, mopoja, 6.10.2009). Kotiin paastyaan Pentti vannoi, ettei lahde iskelmaradion kuuluvuusalueelta enaa ikina. Mutta niin kuin teras taipuu, vuoret murenevat ja E-liike uudistuu, niin Penttikin huomasi vuodattavansa jalleen hikea ulkomaan kamaralla, talla kertaa Amerikoista etelaisemmassa. Copacabana, Bolivia - "Toi aurinko polttaa kuin vierasmakuuhuoneellinen varastettuja autostereoita. Ja henki ei kulje, happea on vahemman kuin alokastuvassa aamuyolla", Pentti marisi matkalla kohti Titicaca-jarven venesatamaa. - "Tottakai se polttaa, se on helkkari sentaan aurinko. Se on sen tehtava. Laita nyt vaan sita 30-suojakertoimista Niveaa naamaan, talvenkalpea mies", vastasi Pentin Vaimo ja jatkoi etukenoista askellustaan. "Ja ota ihan iisisti, sun ei tar... read more

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