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South America » Colombia » Medellin August 12th 2012

In Medellin I had my first experience of speed-sculpting. You just take your kit off, pose for about ten minutes, and then a large group of students from the art department of the local university attack a block of stone with various hand and power tools. This is then sprayed with bronze paint to give the appearance of a cast statue. Those that know me intimately will agree that the resemblence is quite uncanny (see first photo). I think this contact with the artistic community of Medellin must have gone to my head as later after a exposure to an alcoholic beverage I was unfamiliar with I, and a young lady of my acquaintance, volunteered to strip off, be sprayed with silver paint, and cavort in the manner of classical Greek gods (see second photo). I ... read more
Second 'statue'

South America » Colombia » Medellin August 9th 2012

All...Having issues with pictures, I will upload them as soon as I can. Today was a whirlwind day. We started very early visiting farms all day and then flying back to Bogota this evening. We had a great visit with our primary Aster source. They assured us that fall production is coming along great. We will have photos and offering of tinted solidago for Fall very very soon. We enjoyed lunch with the Aster farms owner's and family. We visited a few potential farms and a few of our existing farms. Everyone seems to have a good hold on upcoming fall production. Lets hope the weather holds steady and comes out as planned. The one thing we have been hearing is that the LARGE summer crop of Hydrangea is coming to an end. We might see ... read more

South America » Colombia » Medellin August 9th 2012

Wow.....Busy, long day. Let me start by thanking Liliana for a wonderful breakfast! We visited our major Pom sources today. Thay all report excellent production. Everything we saw was beautiful. On top of that Post Harvest and packing conditions were, as usual, Grade A. We then had a meeting with a group of our vendors. It was a great way to get together and hear what they think of our relationships. Every farm reported that FBC is a great "partner" and they are enjoying being part of our growth. For someone like myself who deals with these nice people on a daily basis, it was great to get together face to face. For our company, it was great to hear that every farm is enjoying our relationship. Attached are a few photos. There is a series ... read more

South America » Colombia » Medellin August 8th 2012

Last weekend was the last long weekend for a while, and since we hadn't been travelling for a while 5 of us decided to go to Medellin. This is one of the three big cities in Colombia, and is a popular tourist destination. Ask any Colombian what they think of the place, and despite regional loyalties almost all of them will tell you two things: 1) it is the city of La Primevera Eterna (eternal spring), and 2) the most beautiful women in Colombia - the paisas - are from Medellin. What a terribe place it sounds! The city is also most famous for being the home city of Pablo Escobar and his cartel, and having benefitted a lot from his robin-hood propaganda campaign of 'gifting' huge sums of money to his home city. Having now ... read more

South America » Colombia » Medellin April 2nd 2012

Day 168 Tuesday 27th March After the long haul yesterday we both felt stuffed and so slept in as much as our hard bed would let us. This is only our second hotel in Colombia but we have discovered a disturbing trend with the beds. They are generally only 30cm off the floor and the sheets are short and don’t quite cover you completely, and in fact barely cover the bed, I just hope this isn’t the norm for the country. Our breakfast today was a bit of scrambled egg, really weak coffee, a small piece of unbuttered bread and a large piece of corn bread. The corn bread was very dense and dry and so wasn’t the nicest thing to try and digest for breakfast and so we decided to leave it and ... read more

South America » Colombia » Medellin April 2nd 2012

From the time we arrived in the Colombia, we hadn’t heard anyone say a negative thing about Medellin. Rumors of extra clean streets, good public transportation and some of the friendliest people in Colombia built up our excitement in a hurry. This would be quite a change from years past when Medellin was the murder capital of the world during the days of Pablo Escobar. Of course we love to hear other travelers’ advice but take everything with a grain of salt, so we had to see for ourselves! It’s always nice when you can get to where you want to stay in a city without having to pay for a cab. The metro proved to be almost as easy and FAR cheaper, especially when you meet people who took a cab from where the metro ... read more
Coffee beans outside of the case
Beautiful sunset over the mountains
Us in the cable car

South America » Colombia » Medellin March 28th 2012

Op naar Medellin, de tweede stad van Colombia. De busreis met Expreso Brasilia(ik dacht dat ik in Colombia was) naar Medellin nam 14 uur in beslag waarvan ik toch een groot deel heb kunnen slapen. Gelukkig maar want 14 uur lang naar een horror movie kijken is niet leuk....ik bedoel niet de film die vertoond werd, maar de film die door de voorruit van de bus zichtbaar was. Een slingerweg door de bergen heen met afgronden van zeker 100 meter diep. De buschauffeur reed de bus alsof het een formule 1 wagen was. Hij gooide de bus door de bochten en had er geen probleem mee vlak voor een bocht waar geen zicht is in te halen. Gelukkig is dit niet uitzonderlijk en verwacht het tegemoet komende verkeer het min of meer. Uiteraard veel de claxon ... read more
Maria van de koplampen
Medellin metro
Uitzicht van het hostel

South America » Colombia » Medellin February 20th 2012

My time here in Colombia is coming to an end... I have five more days before I head to Hawaii. I absolutely love this place and am looking forward to coming back here after my stay in South Korea. The past two weeks have been quite different than the rest of my trip because I have been living as a Colombia, well not so much as a travelor. No I do not go to work or school, but I have been living in Medellin with a family. I go to work with them sometimes or I go to school with them. It has been great, one of my friends is going to school for Civil Engineering and I go to classes with him... and take notes... in Spanish... AND I understand what is going on! Haha, ... read more

South America » Colombia » Medellin February 11th 2012

Day 2 in Colombia and our final day in Medellin means cramming everything in under 12 hours. We were advised by a local to take the Turibus tour that also provided English speaking tour guides. That allowed Jose to not have to translate for the most part. There were 15 others on the bus and the tour guide spoke in Spanish for 20 minutes then condensed what he just said to 4 sentences of English. :) It was enough, though and he was nice and friendly to us. They did, however, have USA music playing on the radio and we got a little Vanilla Ice and Ice Ice Baby. :) We stopped a various places during the Turibus. In Downtown Medellin, there was a plaza that had huge figures/statues by the artist Fernando Botero. We also ... read more

South America » Colombia » Medellin » Guatape February 10th 2012

Hola! We made it to Medellin, Colombia! It was a direct flight out of FLL to Medellin via Spirit Air. Customs was very easy and painless to get through. We stopped to exchange money for the cab ride to the hotel and were excited to learn that we were charged less than a $1 for the fees. Colombia uses the Colombian peso and currently we get approx 1800 pesos for $1 USD. The cab ride took us down the mountain into the city of Medellin. The views were beautiful and full of red brick buildings thoughout the city. The experience of riding in a cab was very scary and interesting. Dogs roamed freely and knew how to evade the vehicles. Motorcyclists swerved in and out of traffic and the cars were constantly watching their side view ... read more

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