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South America » Colombia » Medellin » Guatape August 22nd 2012

Nun gut: Auch im Paradies gibt es Menschen. Insbesondere Backpacker. Und gegen Schnarchen und die Herr der Ringe-DVD auf Kinolautstärke im Wohnzimmer kommen die Grillen dann auch nicht an. Irgendwann wird der Film jedoch von einem Gewitter übertönt – passend dazu gibt’s Blitze überm See und den Bergen. Der anschließende Stromausfall macht das Ganze dann noch ein Stück romantischer. Der nächste Morgen wird standesgemäß mit einem Bad im See bei eitel Sonnenschein begonnen. Wieder oben am Haus steht das Frühstück auf dem Balkon – inklusive frischem Mango-Ananas-Saft. Man wähnt sich am Set eines französischen Liebesfilms. So viel convenience ruft nach Kontrast: eine körperliche Grenzerfahrung muss her. Mit dem Mountainbike 70 km durchs Umland von Guatapé? Klingt nach einem wunderbaren Plan. Der Hostelmitarbeiter mustert mich denn auch kritisch als ich ihm von meine... read more
Bavarian Alps
View from El Penol

South America » Colombia » Medellin » Guatape August 21st 2012

Knapp zwei Wochen hat es gedauert: Ich habe das Paradies gefunden. Es liegt ca. 2 Stunden östlich von Medellin; eine kurvige Straße quält sich über verschiedene Pässe, bis sich schließlich die letzte Abfahrt Richtung Guatapé auftut: Ein märchenhaftes Tal, darin ein riesiger, klarer See und ein fast kitschig pittoreskes Dorf. Das Hostel liegt 10 Minuten hinter dem Ort, Idylle Hilfsausdruck. Ein Balkon, direkt über dem See. Unter meiner Hängematte schläft ein kleiner Hund, auf meinen Beinen hat sich eine Katze zusammengerollt. Myriaden von Sternen über mir müssen sich ihrer Strahlkraft nicht schämen, zirpende Grillen und eine spiegelglatte Wasserfläche unter mir, in der sich der Mond schimmernd spiegelnd. Wie ausgelutscht es auch sein mag: Das hier ist atemberaubend. Und nicht nur, weil die Luft so klar und sauber ist, dass es schon fast in der Lunge weh ... read more
View from the balcony
The hostel: El Encuentro

South America » Colombia » Medellin August 21st 2012

Der kolumbianische Ryanair-Ableger VivaColombia bringt mich von der Karibikflughafenbruchbude Cartagenas in irgendeine Satellitenstadt, 30 km vor Medellin. Ich habe einen nationalen Flug, daher lande ich natürlich auf dem internationalen Flughafen (Der nationale Flughafen von Medellin befindet sich in perfekter Lage im Stadtzentrum). Gut, dass es zu spät für den Bus ist, so kutschiert ein Taxi mich Luxusbackpacker durch die Hügel, in denen Pablo Escobars Familie heute Touris seine Hacienda(s) zeigt. Im ruhigen Hostel finde ich eine Chinesin, die mir tags darauf den Reiseführer gibt, zwei große Schäferhunde und wieder mal einen Franzosen, der das ganze betreibt. Medellin sieht sich stolz als eigentliche Hauptstadt Kolumbiens. Schließlich ist es die einzige Stadt mit einer Metro und gleich zwei CableCars – skilift-ähnliche Gondeln auf zwei der drei Berge, um welche die Stadt ... read more
Aus der Bibliothek im Barrio..

South America » Colombia » Medellin August 15th 2012

After getting back from our Panamanian Adventure, Haley took a few days to head to Tayronna National Park (located a few hours away), while I stayed in Cartagena to take care of business. Ahem getting a blood test and getting that Colombian ID sorted out. Luckily, it all went swimmingly. The same guy was working as the last time I was there and remembered me. He switched my A+ blood type in the system to AB+, and told me that my ID will be ready in about two weeks. Phew! I definitely thought I was going to have to jump through fire trying to explain to them the situation and why not to fine me! We had planned to go to go to San Gil next, the outdoor adventure capital of Colombia, but we realized we ... read more
Photo 2
Fat statues by Botero -all his art is drawn in mode. He's also Colombia most popular artist.
Photo 4

South America » Colombia » Medellin August 12th 2012

Why do we love Colombia? Because here cab drivers honk at the police, because people are lovely and because it might be cheaper to fly than to take a horrible 20hour bus ride! So, when we finally decided to leave to Medellin we booked a $25/person flight the night before our departure. Seems like a pretty good deal considering the bus would have cost us at least $50!! It turned out we weren't the only ones with this genius plan and we bumped into 4 other boat co-travellers at the airport. Everything went smooth and great and once in Medellin we ended up staying at a hostel called "Casa Kiwi" - probably the best hostel we have ever been to. With beautiful rooms, a small swimming pool on the rooftop, a huge kitchen, a cinema and ... read more
metro cabel
The brightest sky on earth

South America » Colombia » Medellin August 12th 2012

In Medellin I had my first experience of speed-sculpting. You just take your kit off, pose for about ten minutes, and then a large group of students from the art department of the local university attack a block of stone with various hand and power tools. This is then sprayed with bronze paint to give the appearance of a cast statue. Those that know me intimately will agree that the resemblence is quite uncanny (see first photo). I think this contact with the artistic community of Medellin must have gone to my head as later after a exposure to an alcoholic beverage I was unfamiliar with I, and a young lady of my acquaintance, volunteered to strip off, be sprayed with silver paint, and cavort in the manner of classical Greek gods (see second photo). I ... read more
Second 'statue'

South America » Colombia » Medellin August 9th 2012

All...Having issues with pictures, I will upload them as soon as I can. Today was a whirlwind day. We started very early visiting farms all day and then flying back to Bogota this evening. We had a great visit with our primary Aster source. They assured us that fall production is coming along great. We will have photos and offering of tinted solidago for Fall very very soon. We enjoyed lunch with the Aster farms owner's and family. We visited a few potential farms and a few of our existing farms. Everyone seems to have a good hold on upcoming fall production. Lets hope the weather holds steady and comes out as planned. The one thing we have been hearing is that the LARGE summer crop of Hydrangea is coming to an end. We might see ... read more

South America » Colombia » Medellin August 9th 2012

Wow.....Busy, long day. Let me start by thanking Liliana for a wonderful breakfast! We visited our major Pom sources today. Thay all report excellent production. Everything we saw was beautiful. On top of that Post Harvest and packing conditions were, as usual, Grade A. We then had a meeting with a group of our vendors. It was a great way to get together and hear what they think of our relationships. Every farm reported that FBC is a great "partner" and they are enjoying being part of our growth. For someone like myself who deals with these nice people on a daily basis, it was great to get together face to face. For our company, it was great to hear that every farm is enjoying our relationship. Attached are a few photos. There is a series ... read more

South America » Colombia » Medellin August 8th 2012

Last weekend was the last long weekend for a while, and since we hadn't been travelling for a while 5 of us decided to go to Medellin. This is one of the three big cities in Colombia, and is a popular tourist destination. Ask any Colombian what they think of the place, and despite regional loyalties almost all of them will tell you two things: 1) it is the city of La Primevera Eterna (eternal spring), and 2) the most beautiful women in Colombia - the paisas - are from Medellin. What a terribe place it sounds! The city is also most famous for being the home city of Pablo Escobar and his cartel, and having benefitted a lot from his robin-hood propaganda campaign of 'gifting' huge sums of money to his home city. Having now ... read more

South America » Colombia » Medellin April 2nd 2012

Day 168 Tuesday 27th March After the long haul yesterday we both felt stuffed and so slept in as much as our hard bed would let us. This is only our second hotel in Colombia but we have discovered a disturbing trend with the beds. They are generally only 30cm off the floor and the sheets are short and don’t quite cover you completely, and in fact barely cover the bed, I just hope this isn’t the norm for the country. Our breakfast today was a bit of scrambled egg, really weak coffee, a small piece of unbuttered bread and a large piece of corn bread. The corn bread was very dense and dry and so wasn’t the nicest thing to try and digest for breakfast and so we decided to leave it and ... read more

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