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South America » Colombia » Medellin February 26th 2019

Harkitsin lähtöä Guatapeen, mutta päätin kuitenkin pysyä Medellínissä. Ajoin taksilla sinne, josta linja-autot lähtevät lentokentälle. Läheltä lähti myös kimppatakseja. Kävelin lähimmälle metroasemalle. Sieltä pohjoiseen ja köysiradan päähän. Kävelin vähän pääteaseman lähellä. Söin taas vasta hostellin lähellä. ... read more

South America » Colombia » Medellin February 25th 2019

Kävin hakemassa apteekista antibioottikuurin. Menin metrolla keskustaan. Kiersin katsomassa patsaita. Ajoin sitten metrolla B-linjan päähän ja sieltä kasvitieteelliseen puutarhaan. Rohkenin syödä vasta matkan lopuksi hostellin lähellä. ... read more

South America » Colombia » Medellin February 24th 2019

Iski mahatauti. Pysyttelin koko päivän hostellin lähellä ja olin iltapäivästä eteenpäin vain mehulinjalla. Kävin ostoskeskuksessa ostamassa mehua ja apteekista jauhetta. Tännehän on tullut paljon väkeä Venezuelasta. Osa on löytänyt töitä, osa ei. Kun näin heitä, kysyin kultakin saako ottaa kuvan, jos maksan 5000 pesoa eli noin 1,5 euroa. Välillä satoi rankasti ja katolta kuului ropinaa. Illalla katolta kuului outoa ääntä ja menin katsomaan. Yksi työntekijä oli porealtaassa. Hän kehotti minuakin liittymään seuraksi. Tilasin häneltä mojiton vielä. ... read more

South America » Colombia » Medellin February 23rd 2019

Lentoni lähti klo 9. Piti siis herätä aikaisin, jotta ehti lentokentälle. Kenttä oli meren rannalla. Selvitin että Medellínin lentokentältä pääsi keskustaan bussilla hyvin myös matkatavaroiden kanssa. Matkaa oli sentään 35 km. Bussimatka maksoi 10000 pesoa eli noin 3 euroa. Taksi olisi maksanut ehkä kymmenkertaisen määrän. Loppumatka taksilla Pobladon kaupunginosaan oli sitten 7000 pesoa. Käytin joukkoliikennettä, yhdistelmällä metro, ratikka ja köysirata piipahdus mäellä. Illalla kävin katsomassa Parque Llerasin yöelämää. ... read more

South America » Colombia » Medellin July 23rd 2018

In 2016 Medellin won best innovate city, it's the only city that in Colombia that has a metro system, including cable cars. It's a city that has transformed itself from gloom to bloom and the best way to explore this city and the history behind it is by the free walking tours. Trust me! You won't be disappointed! In 2016 Medellin won best innovate city. it's the only city in Colombia that has a metro system, including cable cars. It's a city that has transformed itself from gloom to bloom in a very short time frame and the best way to explore this city and the history behind it is by the free walking tours. Trust me! You won't be disappointed! The walking tours are very popular and are booked online a few days before. We ... read more
Cable Car View
City Tour Reflection
Medellin View

South America » Colombia » Medellin July 19th 2018

In 1992, while living in Cambridge, Massachusetts, I bought a used Subaru for $600 from a used car lot. I paid cash, signed the usual bill of sale, title etc., as well as a bunch of acknowledgement forms advising me that the vehicle lacked even the most rudimentary safety equipment. The entire transaction took about 15 minutes. That's about how long it takes to check into a hotel or pay for groceries in Colombia. There is a cultural penchant for red tape which has taken (me) a little while to get used to. This just about drove me to the brink of insanity three days ago as I witnessed a five-minute transaction at a toll booth between the attendant and the vehicle immediately ahead of us, involving phone calls and consultations with supervisors. So far, however, ... read more
Tropical plants, San Gil botanical garden
San Gil botanical garden
Barichara, UNESCO World Heritage site

South America » Colombia » Medellin July 6th 2018

We started Medellín with the Paisa Road Escobar tour, like proper cheesy tourists. Our guide Nicholas was brilliant. Beginning at the block where Escobar lived with his family, and which was bombed in 1988 by the Calí cartel. This building sits in a very rich area but is barricaded and owned by the Colombian government, sitting empty. Many locals feel Escobar is being glorified with all these tourist tours, as a local walked past and made a comment. Nicholas reasssured her we all think he’s a criminal, doh. Many of the buildings from that era stand out, with the architecture being named ‘Miami style.’ We then visited his grave, a bit morbid but interesting to see the amount of other leading figures from different cartels at the same cemetery. We passed many other sites of note, ... read more

South America » Colombia » Medellin July 6th 2018

Today we visited the Lijuana coffee farm in the hills of Medellín. The history of coffee was overwhelming but my brain started to frazzle after a while, especially trying to concentrate in Spanish. Our father and son combo tour guides were a great laugh though, and clearly passionate about Colombian coffee being the best in the world. We then went to processing factory and sporting some trendy hair nets and white coats, went through the taste testing. Facts of the day: - Coffee was first discovered in Ethiopia by a farmer who’s goats started acting crazy when they chewed on the coffee fruits. I knew how they felt. - First coffee crop in the Middle East was in Mocha, Yemen, where mocha coffee term derives. - The first and most famous coffee in London was Lloyds, ... read more

South America » Colombia » Medellin July 4th 2018

After a noisy night we fly to Medellín. A hairy taxi journey and an even hairier flight but arrived in El Poblado.... read more

South America » Colombia » Medellin July 4th 2018

The 35 minute flight from Bogota started well and ended badly. Apparently the landing into Medellín is “always like that” but the lady next to me doing her Hail Marys didn’t reassure me. Thankfully we landed safely and arrived at our hotel, Acqua in El Poblado area. A quick bit of food and an early night to begin.... read more

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