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South America » Colombia » Bogota January 5th 2014

3 January 2014 – Friday – Bogota, Colombia Walkabout Bogota. Our apartment is on 22nd Street, just off 7th Avenue, which is the ‘Main Street’ in Downtown Bogota. We walked north for a bit until we saw another western couple studying a map. I approached them and asked where they got their map. They were German and staying at the IBIS Hotel nearby, and the hotel provided them each with a map. So we went there and asked for a map too! Colombia has next to none typical visitor amenities like visitor centres or maps so the hotels produce their own for their guests (and any else that asks for one). They are very accommodating. We were looking for a 472 office to send another small parcel to Louise in France and found it nearby, but ... read more
Bogota Day 1 Candelaria 010
Bogota Day 1 Candelaria 011
Bogota Day 1 Candelaria 015

South America » Colombia » Bogota January 5th 2014

Day 2 in Bogota: This morning we started out with two goals for the day: visit the Botero Museum here and have lunch at Fulanitos in La Candelaria. Unusually we accomplished both; usually we start the day with a plan and within an hour of commencing our day the plan has either changed or been abandoned to the improvisation of the moment. Bogota’s Botero Museum is housed in a converted Spanish courtyard building and contains 208 paintings and sculptures donated by the artist, including 123 of his own and 85 by international masters such as Renoir, Monet, and Picasso. This museum was as enjoyable as our visit to the Botero Museum in Medellin and we remain enthralled and amused by his work. And we look for evidence of it in the people of Colombia as we ... read more
Bogota Day 2 003
Bogota Day 2 017
Bogota Day 2 008

South America » Colombia » Bogota January 4th 2014

Coach Trip Medellin to Bogota We woke at 4:30 and got a taxi to the North Bus Station for our day long coach journey to Bogota. We had reconnoitred the bus station two days ago to ensure we were familiar and comfortable with the set up. Bus and coach travel is the only form of long distance public transport (with the obvious exception of air travel which is quite expensive here). The North bus station is massive, with buses and coaches going in all directions, from local buses to the hillside favelas to long distance coaches to Brazil. There are three companies who ply the Medellin-Bogata route, each with 6 to 10 coaches per day. We had done a little bit of web research and prepared our hoped-for itinerary in writing. We stopped first at Empressa ... read more

South America » Colombia » Bogota December 6th 2013

Our first impressions of Bogota weren’t that positive. There were long queues to the taxis, the street numbering in Bogota is so confusing our taxi driver had problems finding our hostel, and it was cold and gray. Also, we weren’t that impressed by our hostel. The room was noisy with a bar right outside the window, both mattresses and pillows were protected with plastic bags so they were hard and noisy to sleep on and the room was cold. After the first night we almost changed hostel, but in the end we were too lazy to move for one and a half more nights, so we just changed into sleeping in our sleeping bags on the thick blankets we got which made the bed a lot less noisy. The first morning in Bogota it was raining, ... read more
Bogota - Botero's Dancers
Bogota - seashell from the gold museum
Bogota - miniature raft from the gold museum

South America » Colombia » Bogota December 5th 2013

Wow, wieder mal Ewigkeiten seit dem letzten Blogeintrag vergangen, war glaube ich Juni 2013, grade im Ashram angekommen nachdem wir von thailand kamen, und bin nun wieder im Ashram angekommen, ist Anfang Januar 2014, viel passiert. Habe in Kolumbien angefangen die Fotos zu sichten, aber irgendwie war immer so viel los, dass ich nie zum schreiben kam. Kein Wunder, waren 7 Wochen in Kolumbien, 2,5 Wochen in Deutschland und kurz vor silvester ging es zurück nach Indien, einmal um die Welt gereist. Aber der Reihe nach. Nach Ankunft aus Kalkutta im juni 2014 haben wir uns erstmal wieder im Ashram gut einleben können, aber ging wie immer schnell mit dem Job (Karma Yoga, selbstlosem Dienen) los, unser Chef fuer den wir an uniporjekten mithelfen hat uns gleich abgegriffen, obwohl man das ja nicht Chef nennen kann, ... read more
Krisna Geburtstag
Amma geht im kleinen Ashram Schwimmbad vor Abfahrt auf ihre USA Tour mit allen baden

South America » Colombia » Bogota November 13th 2013

My dear friends, I am going to take advantage of this blog to let you know about the 14th National Conference at Universidad Javeriana in Bogota, where I was a keynote speaker after a national competition of proposals. My talk was about Lifelong Learning and that was a chance to sort of recap my learning and teaching experience in languages, lucky me, mine was the national winner and that´s how they allowed me to be one of the 6 keynote speakers. That was a wonderful experience and although I had some problem with my slides due to the light of a day which was too sunny and we were not in a confined space and I didn´t have a plan B; anyway, I tried to do my best to tell them what was in there, but ... read more
This was the poster of the conference
The photo taken in China that I used for the Conference Handbook
Joan Rubin, PhD, another keynote speaker from la univ de la Sabana, Bogota

South America » Colombia » Bogota November 6th 2013

Dear folks, I would like to tell you about an interesting project currently taking place in my country whose main purpose is to improve the low level of English of our Colombian students. This project had me visit the capital where I was trained in how to deliver some formal workshops, so that I could sort of recreate them here in Floridablanca. Therefore, in this short entry, I will tell you a bit about it but first a short account on our national situation regarding the lingua franca and the success of the project. English in Colombia Unfortunately, the teaching of English in Colombia has not been as effective as it should be, in fact, according to a report done by the Banco de la Republica in 2012, only 1% of Colombian students are bilingual and ... read more
In one of the training sessions in Bogota
The whole group
Omar, the coordinator of the programme

South America » Colombia » Bogota October 2nd 2013

Wieder frueh aufstehen, wir muessen zum Zoll und denen die MR entlocken. Um 8.00 sitzen wir alle im Bus, mit Helm, Motorradschluesseln, Regenzeug, Buch, Wasserflasche etc. So kurz vor 9.00 hatte sich der Fahrer des Kleinbusses durch Bogota gewuehlt und war bei der Adresse angelangt, wo wir den Fixer abholen sollten. Ein Fixer ist jemand, der sich auskennt und gegen Geld hilft, die oertliche Buerokratie zu ueberwinden. Aber wir brauchten den Fixer noch nicht - die Zollinspektoren inspizieren heute erst ab 14.00. Also zurueck zum Hotel, wir treffen uns um 13.00 wieder und ueben dann weiter. Das Treffen um 13.00 ist denkbar kurz: wir treffen uns um 15.00 wieder, Kevin hat keine Ahnung, ob wir heute noch was erledigen koennen oder nicht... Um 15.00 fahren wir wieder zum Buero, wo wir den Fixer abholen sollen. Keiner ... read more

South America » Colombia » Bogota October 1st 2013

Frueh aufstehen - merkt man, dass ich allmaehlich saumuede bin??? Am Flughafen rumlungern. Ankunft in Bogota - es beginnt zu regnen, Hurra, wenigstens keine Duerre. Es zeigte sich wieder mal, dass es ueberall weisse und schwarze Schafe gibt. Die weissen Schafe schleppten das Gepaeck und halfen beim Einladen, Tim stellte sein Gepaeck vor das Auto, in das es hinein musste und setzte sich in den Minibus. Als ich dann nach getaner Arbeit auch einstieg meckerte er rum, dass er so lange hier sitzen musste ohne Klimaaanlage im Auto. Ich wies ihn sanft darauf hin, dass es immer noch besser sei, im Auto nichts zu tun, als draussen mitzuhelfen. Ich fuerchte, wir werden keine Freunde fuers Leben. Auch Sir Charles (Blois) kann mich wohl kaum ausstehen. Er sass im Flieger neben mir und wir mussten was ausfuellen, ... read more

South America » Colombia » Bogota September 25th 2013

We survived the Bogota traffic jam and made it back to our hostel safely. Fortunately our bags were still at the hostel and with all their contents! We were again told that we would be staying in an apartment rather than the main hostel building. We were led to the same building, but this time up to the fourth floor and into a large two bedroom apartment – not bad for 30AUD per night! It would have been even better if the hot water worked… I spent the next few hours on the phone to approximately a million people at our airline trying to sort out our flight home which they decided to change to a day later without telling us. Eventually we decided to give up trying to get any sense out of the call ... read more
Worshipping Wok
Art at Museo Nacional
Old door at Museo Nacional

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