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South America » Colombia » Bogota December 31st 2015

When I told people in Cartagena that I was headed to Bogota for New Year's they all shuddered, telling me that it was too cold in Bogota. I wasn't too worried since I knew they were comparing it to the 90F weather in Cartagena. Compared to Seattle I was sure it would still be warm. It's so close to the equator, how cold can it get? While it's true that in the sun, during the day, it is nice and warm, the nights are cold. When I arrived the air felt thinner, drier, than on the coast. So, I looked up the elevation: 8,675 feet, although where I'm staying I have such a great view out over the city that I'm sure it must be at least 8,700 up here. The apartment I rented off Airbnb ... read more
Museo de Oro
Jaguar Nose Ring
Gold Chest Plate

South America » Colombia » Bogota December 22nd 2015

"La vie n’est pas ce que l’on a vécu, mais ce dont on se souvient et comment on s’en souvient”. Gabriel Marquez Censé être de passage, cela fait maintenant 8 jours que nous sommes à Bogotà. Après la nature et le silence, nous découvrons une capitale, bruyante, polluée, grouillante de monde, mais tellement accueillante. Comment ne pas se sentir bien dans une ville où tout le monde se met en quatre pour nous aider, où les artistes envahissent les rues, où en période de noël même la fête des lumières ne rivalise pas en terme d’éclairage! Plusieurs jours passés dans la capitale afin de préparer noël, et afin de se préparer au départ de notre prochaine histoire, qui se passe au coeur de l’Amazonie… To be continue… "Life is not what we lived, it is what ... read more
El Poete
Andeas, Philipe & William

South America » Colombia » Bogota October 10th 2015

That feeling of being at home just grew and grew. When I listened to music and sat on a bean bag right on top of the deck I was surrounded by the buildings of Catageran city, It felt somehow a lot like my favourite place in London, south bank. The sun peaked though the shinny glass buildings and lit up the sky hundreds of different shades of red, orange and yellow. As people began rising and making their way on to deck there was an atmosphere in the air, our journey was ending, our time together finished. Luckily most of us had booked into the same hostel in the old town and that same night as we wandered up to met the crew at Trinadad Sq we were all suddenly together again. I knew I would ... read more
Minca cloud forest
Tayrona national park
Salt cathedral

South America » Colombia » Bogota August 19th 2015

Don't worry I am still alive! I have really tried to do an entry over the last month.. but it is so much work and it got more every day. Luckily, now that I already forgot two thirds of the last six weeks the work is not that hard anymore and I can make you happy again with my next blogentry. Especially because I was not travelling alone over the last 5 weeks this blogentry had to wait because I just did not have a lot of time. Soo.. right now I am sitting in a coffee-place in Bogota and I will right after this entry go to the Museo del oro and take a look at some gold which, as a swiss guy, is just the thing to do I think. Very well. I think ... read more
This is a port in Cuba
This is where you pay your bills in Cuba
This is how your home looks in Cuba

South America » Colombia » Bogota August 9th 2015

It is Saturday evening and I am sat in La Aurora, Guatemala City's airport, as we await our flight to Bogotá, Columbia. It has been a while since the last update basically because I haven't really been motivated to write anything. Loads has happened though. E is off her crutches now, walking but not running, and though it is going to take a little while to get back to full capacity she has a degree of freedom not experienced in six weeks. As one might expect, the weeks have been fairly frustrating for her due to being essentially housebound for such a long time in a country that holds so many places to visit. Whilst the difficulties of helping that I mentioned in my last entry faded away, I don't think that was entirely my doing ... read more
Rainbow Cafe, Antigua.
Arcade at Xela.
The smallest beach I ever went to. (San Pedro)

South America » Colombia » Bogota July 11th 2015

Further delays expected before the bike is ready to pick up in Colombia: unfortunately yes :-( We spoke yesterday with the local Cartagena shipping agent, who will be helping us to clear customs, file the bill of lading with the port authorities, get through the port police, and the administrative paperwork required to clear the motorcycle in Colombia. Unfortunately, our agent senior Ernesto informed us that we not start the paperwork until Tuesday morning, with the hope of being able to clear the motorcycle on Wednesday. That was not exactly what Zoe and I wanted to hear. It has now been over 10 days since we last rode into Panama City, and I would be lying if I said that I didn’t feel a bit disappointed by the further delay. Having said that, there is really ... read more
Cartagena steeet barber
Streets of Cartagena 1
Lunch at popular backpacker restaurant

South America » Colombia » Bogota July 9th 2015

On Tuesday, after school, we went on an outing to the city centre. We started at the Parque Indepencia and saw the Planetarium, which was the most advanced in all America when it was built. We saw the Plaza de Toros, which was under renovation so we couldn't go in, which was a large arena build by the Spanish for the bull fighting. Apparently there aren't many left intact because the Colombians got too excited by the games and tore most of them down! We also checked out La Macarena, which a neighbourhood with nice restaurants, cafes and bars, and La Candelaria which is the oldest area of Bogota and still has a lot of the original Spanish buildings. That night, Nat and I went to pick up Julie at the airport, the first of the ... read more
At the top of Monserrate
Salsa dancing at Quiebra Canto
Lazing by the pool at La Vega

South America » Colombia » Bogota July 6th 2015

Not much to report for this last week. Nat and I have been training mornings, afternoons and nights every day. I swam a total of 19.35km, which I was pretty stoked with... it's what happens when you go swimming twice a day for a week, I guess! There weren't any excursions planned this week for school, so I had plenty of time to focus on the UWR. I'm learning heaps from the Colombian team - for example this week we learnt about the "Bottle Opener" which essentially involves popping the goalie off the basket like a bottle top. I'm playing with some really awesome, experienced goalies who are giving me some great tips (with only a few miscommunications along the way) and hopefully when we head back down towards sea level, I'll have a super breath ... read more
Friday Night Dancing Crew
Scientology Building

South America » Colombia » Bogota June 28th 2015

So I've been going to class every morning, gym and homework in the afternoon and training every night with the Castores. This weekend, the team were in Medellin for a tournament, so Nat and I had a little break. But the madness begins again next week! On Tuesday, after class, a few of the Spanish school students went on a field trip to Monserrate, which is a mountain which overlooks Bogota. It rises to 3,152 metres (10,341 ft) above the sea level (thanks Wikipedia), where there is a church (built in the 17th century) with a shrine, devoted to "El Señor Caído" (Fallen Lord), as well as a few restaurants and little shops. Monserrate is a popular destination for pilgrams and on special holy days, they climb the mountain on their knees, up a steep track ... read more
View of Bogota from Monserrate
Green House for medicinal plants - Bogota Botanical Gardens
A surplus of sauces

South America » Colombia » Bogota June 22nd 2015

On Wednesday, the plan was to go to el Centro to do all of the touristy things. Unfortunately, there were some protests due to some law changes (essentially they've outlawed the little street stalls selling counterfeit designer merchandise, and A LOT of people make their money that way, hence the frustration!). So we decided it was best to stay away from that area and went and watched Jurassic World instead. It's amazing how shopping centres and cinemas are the same in every city. A big difference is that they brought the food into the cinema for us during the movies, like gold class - I felt very ritzy! After the movie, we had lunch at Crepes & Waffles, which is a popular restaurant over here (Nat was super excited to eat there after two years in ... read more
Football and Fritanga
The view from the gym
Centro Aldino - Andrea, Tomas y yo

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