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South America » Colombia » Bogota November 14th 2023

Located just a few minutes from Bogotá, you'll find this environmental gem called Tenjo, a destination full of color and sweet delights, which was nominated for those villages that captivate. According to what I've found on the internet, the name Tenjo, which evokes memories of a compatriot from Salazar, means 'in the Boquerón', (in the wide opening), but without further explanations. There are various ways to reach Tenjo; my friends and I chose the bus, a budget-friendly option at only $1.5, which we boarded at Portal 80. In just 20 minutes and after enduring 15 jolts on the bus, we found ourselves immersed in the beauty of this enchanting town. A pocos minutos de Bogotá, se encuentra esta joya ambiental llamada Tenjo, una destinación llena de color y delicias dulces, que fue nominado como uno de ... read more
Me pensaría en Cuba
Mucha cicla por aqui
Ahi van las Yolamanndas escalando

South America » Colombia » Bogota October 8th 2023

Friday, Oct 6 The flight from Cartagena is just over 1 hour and we are quickly in an Uber to the Tequandama Suites Hotel in downtown Bogota. Unfortunately, check in isn’t until 3pm and we are there at 10.45am, however there is an option to pay half price and get a room now. And it is a suite, sitting area and closed off bedroom, our most spacious to-date. A quick walk around our immediate area is on the cards, unfortunately the altitude is giving Dick some problems, but he perseveres. As Bogota sits at around 8500ft we spend the afternoon relaxing at the hotel and don’t venture out until dinner time. The restaurant Republique is our choice and it’s an Asian fusion menu makes for a very pleasant evening meal for me, however I don’t think ... read more
Plaza de Bolivar on Domingo.
Dynamic Duo in La Candeleria
Now that’s a Cat!

South America » Colombia » Bogota September 18th 2023

Amigos, Salento Bus from Medellin to Salento- the fabulous coffee region. Salento is a small town located in Quindío. It’s colourful, cute, quiet and quaint. I arrived quite late to went to bed and got up early to do the Valley de Cocora. This is a valley full of wax palms (really tall palm trees), there is a walk which goes up the valley to a mirador and then down through the forest which is really nice. To get anywhere in Salento you need to get in the back of a jeep which are surprisingly comfortable but usually packed with people. After this I had a chill and explored the town. Salento also gives the opportunity to play Teho Next day I went on a coffee tour in El Ocaso which is an hour walk from ... read more
Cocora Valley
Cocora Valley

South America » Colombia » Bogota February 20th 2023

Kronológia Egy óra késéssel indult a gépünk Isztambulba, de ez simán belefért, mert több mint 8 óra volt a csatlakozásig. Elképesztően nagy és gyönyörű az isztambuli reptér. Éjfél után érkeztünk és reggel 9-kor indultunk tovább, így ott aludtunk fotelben és a földön. Nem volt pihentető… Az Isztambul-Bogota járat nagy volt ugyan, de sokkal retróbb, mint amivel Budapestről mentünk. Akkora szerencsénk volt, hogy az amúgy teltházas gépen csak mellettünk volt egy üres hely, így kényelmesebbem fértünk el. Hosszú volt az út, majdnem 14 óra. Kétszer kaptunk kaját, ami könnyen felejthető volt. Szerencsére továbbra is jól tudok aludni repülőn is… Ami izgalmas volt, hogy volt a gép elején egy kamera, így végig lehetett nézni a fel- és le-szállást a monitoron. Az egész utat végig lehetett, de az nem volt izgalmas mert jobbára felhőt lehetett látni. Leszállás után kb ... read more
Felhők felett
Megérkezés Bogotába

South America » Colombia » Bogota November 4th 2022

Off to Bogota….with a few challenges There are many instances when we are sitting in our comfortable chairs at home talking about future travel. Needless to say, these conversations include quite a bit of real estate given the fact that we both have more free time these days. After a bit of back and forth over time, we were considering a few South American countries. Given our home location, South America is not difficult to reach, either by time or distance. In the end, Colombia beat the other choices out because we were able to grab an airline ticket for $359 each round trip. For travel perspective, flying to Bogota was about 3 ½ hours. It takes over five to fly to Seattle….you get the point. We checked in for our flight 24 hours prior to ... read more
Colorful Street Art
Modern City View
Scenic Walk at Monserrate

South America » Colombia » Bogota March 21st 2020

The title for this blog was inspired by an English friend of mine... not a particularly intelligent one, mind you, but a good friend nonetheless. When he enquired into my immediate travel plans in the present climate of global paranoia, and I mentioned that the Colombian president had just announced a nationwide curfew from 8pm Friday to 5am Tuesday (the announcement was made on Thursday afternoon) and that I was therefore considering making a quick dash for the capital, Bogota, before the curfew came into effect, he responded that it sounded like the plot of a Hollywood movie: 'Escape to Bogota', with Bruce Willis in the lead role. I would have suggested someone younger, taller and better looking, but I was hardly in a position to argue. If anything I felt more like Jack Bauer racing ... read more
Sunlight and Shadows
Prowling like a Panther

South America » Colombia » Bogota March 9th 2020

Enjoyed visiting the Colombia Plaza and the Church!... read more

South America » Colombia » Bogota November 30th 2019

From Guatemala City we flew to Bogota, Colombia directly; no more Central America, we thought we were already ready for the South. We didn’t know what to expect, my first time in South America. At the airport we realised we could take an Uber, so we order one from the app. The driver asked us to go to his location instead than come to pick us up. Then the guy come to meet us and brought us in the car park where the car was parked and after paying the parking he asked me to go in the front seat because the police could stop us and take his car. Basically Uber is legal to exist but illegal for the driver to work for it. The Bogota experience just started and we already understood that here ... read more
La puerta falsa restaurant
La Candelaria

South America » Colombia » Bogota November 2nd 2019

For the most part, just about all of what was in the original script had proven to be worth writing, and also translated well into a reality, that it could be deemed 'travel by numbers', were it not for the fact that such a widescreen ambition was worked into the mix that this was no ordinary exercise. Making it to Bogota was indeed the final piece of the jigsaw, and background reading had served to suggest that the city had enough in the way of individual features to be dubbed a stand-alone experience worthy of its place in the whole chapter. Well, for the most part, Bogota offered something large in terms of its outward appearance, but felt like no great giant in among the two previously-visited Colombian cities where the overall sense of charm worked ... read more
Salt Cathedral; Zipaquira
The Gold Museum; Bogota
View from Mount Monserrate; Bogota

South America » Colombia » Bogota September 22nd 2019

Ich bin auf die Idee gekommen Titel zu verwenden. Titel sind cool. Heute gingen wir zum Wasserfall La Chorrera, dem Höchsten in Kolumbien und sechsthöchsten in Lateinamerika, mit einer Gesamthöhe von 2269 Michis (nach professioneller Beratung bin ich zum Schluss gekommen, dass man Wasserfälle in Michihöhen und nicht Michilängen misst, da "Die sind leichter zu Messen", außerdem würde man um die Höhe zu messen die Michis ja übereinander und nicht hintereinander stellen müssen). . Dafür haben wir erst einen Bus genommen und sind dann ca. eine Stunde zum Eingang des Naturparks gelaufen. Von dort aus gab es dann einen Wanderweg durch das Naturschutzgebiet, bei dem man bei zwei Wasserfällen vorbeikam. Der erste, el Chiflon, war nicht außergewöhnlich hoch, aber trotzdem schön und beeindruckend. Der Weg führte direkt hinter ihm durch, man hatte eine schöne Aus... read more

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