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South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Ilha Grande February 22nd 2012

We arrived to Angra dos Reis after a very comfortable three and a half hour bus journey from Rio. It was then a quick (45 minute) catamaran ride to the main town on Ilha Grande called Villa Do Abraao. We found our first hostel just along the beachfront, we had to stay at 3 because of availability, and were welcomed to the sight of a 9 person dorm. Where there were 3 sets of bunk beds stacked 3 beds high!!! We decided to go for a meal this night, as there was no kitchen available. An extremely nice looking restaurant on the beach caught our eye (Pe Na Areia), where we had an amazing fish dish accompanied by caipirinhas and live music. Day 1- The next morning we had to move to our second hostel, which ... read more
view during our 3 hour hike
Lopes Mendes beach
NZ couple that we hiked with

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Ilha Grande February 14th 2012

On the 14th of february we left Rio, at 5 am we took a bus to Mangaratiba and after a ferry to Ilha Grande. We arrived at Ilha Grande around 10am, we went straight to the apartament we had booked. It calls Island Travel apartament which seems a bit strange at first but after we def love it for the view in front of the sea and the staff were friendly with us. We spend 2 nights there and could have three full days to enjoy the Island. The first day we rented snorkels it was pretty fun till David got a Jellyfish sting. Besides that we saw very nice fish, small but nice, and very nice beaches. At night we went for dinner in a restaurante in the beach call Pé na Areia, it was ... read more

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Ilha Grande September 5th 2011

Rob Writes Before we could set off for Ilha Grande we had a few things to do. Firstly, bring the washing in. Not something I enjoy doing at home but it was made worse by the fact I had to hang out of a window to reach our clothes, which weren’t even dry! So again we went down to the hostel kitchen and stuffed our faces with all you can eat breakfast while waiting for our transfer to Ilha Grande (£28). The transfer was by a small van, which wasn’t too bad really. Air con and leather seats are more than we were used to. We were then taken to a small town where we would then have to catch a boat, which was a bigger pain in the arse than it should have been. The ... read more
Ilha Grande trail
Ilha Grande Rob
Tina Hammock Ilha Grande

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Ilha Grande September 4th 2011

The last bit of our tour. Day 43 (continued):- In the evening we decided to split from the group, with Craig and Claire, to splurge (rather than face more all-you-can-eat meat and carb fare again). Had a great meal with a couple of bottles of wine followed by a few beers in a bar. Most enjoyable. Day 44:- We traveled a few hours to a port where we hopped on a boat to Ilha Grande. Claire was feeling a tad ropey from the night before, which wasn’t surprising as she had the lions share of Craig’s wine. Spent the afternoon lazing on the beach with Ailsa, rather than tackle the trek up to a waterfall (we figured that it wasn’t gonna beat Iguazu anyway!). We only managed an hour’s sunbathing at most before the beach was ... read more
La Boca

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Ilha Grande August 11th 2011

We woke up on our final morning in Rio, packed up our stuff, had breakfast and then waited for our transfer to Ilha Grande, which is a small island just off the coast about 2 hours drive from Rio. Our transfer arrived and we got in for another near death ride to the port. After about 2 hours we arrived at a tiny port with a little boat waiting for us to take us the 45 minutes over to the island. We initially planned to stay there for 2 nights but as soon as we arrived and were greeted with the sight of a pristine beaches, little restuarants right on the beach and endless hills of junglesque forest, we immeadiately decided that we were here for the longhaul! We walked about 5 minutes up the beach ... read more
Our Hostel
Jungle trek to the beach
The beach!

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Ilha Grande July 25th 2011

Now we had been to the Rio boat party the night before so the journey to Ilha Grande was not a happy one as you can imagine! However, when we got on the boat and began the trip across the sea to the island my hangover was soon forgotten! Ilha Grande is literally paradise! Its such a big island but only a very small part of it is inhabited and there are no cars only bikes! The island has white sandy quiet beaches touched by the chilled out sounds of reggae coming from small number of beach front bars and restaurants! Its so incredibly chilled out and relaxing there! We were so lucky as we got a room in the hostel facing the sea with our own balcony and hammock which was pretty special! It was ... read more

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Ilha Grande April 14th 2011

It's been my final week in Brazil and I'm really starting to feel like a Brazilian. I've been getting history lessons from the locals and my tour guide thinks I'm half way there with my love of Brazilian barbeques, acai, guarama and caiparihas. I've been doing my best to speak Portuguese but after several incidents ordering food where the staff just laughed at me, my ego is feeling slightly bruised. The pronunciation is so difficult, god knows what I was actually saying! I must sound ridiculous but at least I'm providing some amusement along the way and it's nice trying. I really love Brazil but it is so expensive, I feel like I'm bleeding money at the moment. My drinking levels have dropped dramatically. It makes the UK look cheap. I knew it was going to ... read more
Captain of the ship
My on board artist at work

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Ilha Grande March 27th 2011

I can think of few nicer ways to get to a holiday destination than by boat. To be able to enjoy a cool ocean breeze whilst whizzing to your next destination is pretty special. It would have been a little more special if we weren't travelling on a cargo ferry, but I wasn't going to suddenly get too picky. To make things even better, when we got there we had the option to have someone with a little cart taking our luggage to our pousada. Only 4 Reals! bargain! given how much my luggage weighed and the sticky sticky humidity, yes, that was definitely 4 reals well spent. Like Paraty before it, Ihla Grande was a place that I liked immediately. It was relaxed, small and really really cute. Fernando told us that there were no ... read more
One of the beaches
Pretty Pier

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Ilha Grande March 23rd 2011

Caipirinhas are the drink of choice in Brazil, a delicious but potent mix of fresh limes, sugar and cachaça (cane rum). We'd already begun our infatuation with this cocktail during Carnaval but arriving in Trindade we realised this was the perfect caipirinha destination; surrounded by beautiful beaches and with Paraty (the second highest Cachaça producing region in the country) nearby there was no shortage of supply or demand!  Our trip from Saõ Paulo to Paraty was a return to local bus hopping, which was great, but did entail standing around for hours at obscure bus stops. Once in the beautiful, historic and ultra cobbled streets of Paraty we realised that the famed name tag also came with a price tag, one that we couldn't afford. So we took one last bus of our day to tiny Trindade, ... read more
Lewi watching the mist rise from the hills
Ilha Grande's main town Abraao
The surf crest rock on the horizon

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Ilha Grande March 14th 2011

Leaving Rio was always going to be hard, apart from kissing goodbye to the shocking driving and music taste (lady gaga is huge in Brazil, our taxi driver was mental playing her music and driving 60mph through a congested city). But did mean that we were officially on the road and traveling, cant stay in one place too long. We went to the bus station and got our first bus ticket. The 2 and a half hour bus journey was'nt a bad one but the 50 minute boat trip from the mainland to Ilha Grande was amazing. Not only had we discovered that the sun was well and truly on its way (factor 30 at the ready,) but according to the position of our hostel on the map we were going to be spending the next ... read more
Hike to Lopes Mendez

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