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South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Ilha Grande March 11th 2011

After a big week in Rio we decided it was time for a bit of a R&R so Tuesday morning we caught the 5am bus to Managaratiba in order to get the 8am ferry for Ilha Grande. As soon as you slow down everything takes a hold and we have both been sick basically since leaving Rio - moral of the story don't stop drinking! Ilha Grande is a lovely little island off the coast of Brazil and finally the weather was kind to us so besides being ill we enjoyed some sunshine and salt water! The biggest problem - No ATM´s on the island and I think for the 4 days we had about $300AU between us - nice to finally stick to the budget though - and thank god they take Mastercard at a ... read more

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Ilha Grande March 1st 2011

After our stressful time trying to navigate the megacity of Sao Paulo, (pause) not, we headed to the beautiful, non-motorised Ihla Grande. It is known as the city dwellers of Rio's 'playground' at the weekend, which is unfortunately when we showed up. Our idea of a Brazilian Sark was definately inaccurate. We walked and explored jungle paths along the coast, trying to find remote beaches. One day, Laura walked straight through a large spiders web, equipped with a pretty massive spider. She cried like a little girl and flapped her hands around saying not to laugh, or she'll Les. Dad, if you're reading this - you would have wished you had boys! We also went on a boat trip to Lagoa Azul. Now, we know that pictures can be misleading and people selling the tours don't ... read more

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Ilha Grande February 28th 2011

Moving on from Paraty, we knew Ilha grande had no ATMs or vehicles so stocked up on cash and was ready to find our hostel on foot (which we've always done so far but now we had no choice). Becoming wiser tourists we refused the more expensive boat that swore it would take less time and give us a discount but only once we were on the boat. (Not going to fall for that one mate!) We found the ticket office for the ferry for 6.50real (about £3) and sent our personal interpreter Jane off to purchase them. We quickly learnt as we arrived on the island that the only activity to do was walking treks/trails. So the next day we woke up early and started the trek to lopes Mendez, a beach that was unreachable ... read more

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Ilha Grande February 19th 2011

Our first stop in Brazil was Paraty. This is a colonial town, one of the first towns colonized in Brazil. We camped next to the beach here but were a little unimpressed with the beach. Apparently it use to be a swamp that they cleared out so the water was a little dirty and a little to warm for comfort. The town itself was really nice though. The streets where all cobblestone streets and all the buildings were really old. We spent one day there then headed off to the beautiful beaches of Brazil. Our next stop was Ilha Grande, or should I say paradise island. We took a two hour boat ride across the ocean to a deserted island. On this island there is only one small town with no roads or cars. It is ... read more
Ihla Grande
Eric jumping of the dock
Eric has found the light

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Ilha Grande January 8th 2011

Hei hopp! Da var vi i Paraty, en by som kanskje kan sammenlignes litt med Steinkjer i størrelse og/eller folketall :) Paraty er en deilig, avslappet strandby et lilte stykke sør for Rio de Janeiro - dessuten har byen en vanvittig pen og koselig gammel bydel bare et par steinkast unna. Her bor vi på et hostel som har ...tatatataaaa.. STRANDA på andre sida av veien! For første gang på turen bor vi på dorm, hittil har vi vært bortskjemte med eget rom. Men dorm funker fint det altså! En løshund som ligger i døra og passer på (evt. sover), en do som spyler langt oppover veggene og et og annet krypdyr. Jeg (Magnhild) er også stukket ihjel av et eller annet slemt dyr som ønsker å gi meg byllete stikk som aaaaldri slutter å klø. ... read more
Brasil 2010 520
Brasil 2010 528
Brasil 2010 536

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Ilha Grande January 8th 2011

22/12 We woke up and... shock horror... it was raining! Things were not looking hopeful for the boat trip but the weather slightly cleared up so we headed for the harbour. We saw our speedboat and everything felt a little James Bond, but like a damp version. We ploughed through the seas with a couple of aussie couples and a middle aged British couple who were hilarious. First stop off was the blue lagoon - lagoa azul - there were loads of cool yellow and black stripy fish (a common reoccurence throughout the day) and the water was amazing, flat, still, beautiful and of course warm! As we got back onto the boat a man on a canoe with is dog paddled over to us and attempted to sell us beer... which was tempting but as ... read more

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Ilha Grande December 12th 2010

Nous avons quitté Paraty et ses belles plages pour nous rendre à Ilha Grande, où il y aurait d'autres belle plages :) Pour y aller, nous devions prendre un catamaran qui nous mènerait sur cette île où il n'y a ni routes ni voitures. Tout se passe sur le bord de l'eau et donc, pour se rendre aux hôtels, il faut parfois marcher sur la plage (ce que nous avons fait!). Pour visiter l'île, il faut soit marcher dans des sentiers, soit utiliser des bateaux-taxis. Nous souhaitions avoir un hôtel se trouvant sur la plage, afin d'avoir une accès rapide à l'eau. Ce fut un peu plus difficile que prévu à trouver, les premiers hôtels visités étant complets... mais finalement nous avons trouvé une chambre comme nous voulions et c'était vraiment hot! On était au 2e ... read more
Randonnée vers Lopez Mendes
Nous à Lopez Mendez

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Ilha Grande December 11th 2010

After bidding farewell to Rio, we were on our way to Ilha Grande, an island off of the coast about 2 hours drive South. Our 4 days on Ilha Grande were wet wet wet!! Arriving on Sat (4th) with clear blue skies I was very excited to get some beach time as Max had described it as ¨paradise on earth¨. Our hostel, Overnativa, was lovely and really cheap! Plus we had air-con for the first time which was amazing!! The first day was spent sitting on the local beach but it was cloudy, whilst James played football with some of the local boys. The second was a wash out - literally!! Torrential rain for the entire day so we chilled out at the hostel with a film and played pool and cards. The third day was ... read more
ilha grande2 001
ilha grande2 002
ilha grande2 003

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Ilha Grande December 1st 2010

We got a bus and boat to the ‘Big Island’ and enjoyed over a week’s holiday on the beach. Despite the evening thunderstorms and power cuts we had a good time making the most of the warmth, swimming in the sea, playing bat and ball and getting stuck into our books. Despite being the ‘big island’ we liked the small town feel of the place and wandering the streets with the only traffic being bicycles. It felt like summer to us so it was strange seeing all the Christmas decorations up! Last stop Rio.... read more
lopes mendes beach
stuart fulfils his quest of playing football with brazilians on the beach

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Ilha Grande October 23rd 2010

The Monday night was the ´"introduction meeting" of the GAP tour, I am "roomed" with a German gentleman called Tobias who I´m sure won´t mind me saying, is second only to me in terms of complaining about everything under the sun, still great guy who tolerates my lame roster of jokes and my particularness. We left the Copacabana behind and Rio and after 2 weeks, well was not sorry to be leaving, over did Rio by about 5 days perhaps but nevermind. We had an uneventfull pleasant enough drive down the coast at UK style driving standards to catch the cat to Ilha Grande. Were allowed to sit on the roof so yet another opportunity for me to burn. Isla Grande is a very fetching island to visit, though we were there at the quieter weekday ... read more
Boys on a Boat
Lopex Mendez Beach
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