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South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Ilha Grande November 11th 2012

Day 388 Friday 2nd November Yesterday we had checked out the timetable at the bus terminal and we came away with Shelley thinking we could get a 10.20 bus and me thinking we couldn’t get one till 11.10. So this morning after our fantastic breakfast, I proceeded to pack slowly knowing we had all the time in the world while Shelley went at it like a woman possessed. Our hotel had been fabulous so I couldn’t understand why she was in a hurry to leave, but we were up at the terminal by 9.30 where we then had to sit and wait till 11.10 for our bus….I think she is starting to enjoy sitting around terminals. Because we were moving onto a town that doesn’t have any banks I headed off to get some cash while ... read more
Ilha Grande
Ilha Grande
Angra Dos Reis

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Ilha Grande November 7th 2012

Not so great is how I always manage to be hungover when traveling to a different place. Makes sense in a way because the last night in a place you want to make a big one. So after a couple hours sleep I got into the mini van that would take us to Ilha Grande. We drove round several hotels and hostels to pick people up. There were about 12 of us in total, 4 of whom were hungover. There were 3 English guys who got in, didn't think it was possible but I think they were more hungover than I was. Everyone on the bus was really friendly and got on really well. Took us about 2 hours to get to the ferry which would take us to Ilha Grande. Another great experience with a ... read more
Ilha Grande
Biergarten Hostel

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Ilha Grande October 25th 2012

Ahhh Brasil what a beautiful country. I have to admit it was not in my top 10 places to go but it was incredible! After Iguazu we caught a bus to Florianopolis abusseded took a bus across the island. We spent 2 nights in a small town called Barra de Lagoa in a hostel over looking the ocean. It was a wonderful place where we were able to relax and chill out. We took a walk one of the days out over to a beach further down the coast, but as every second person that walks this trail seems to want to make a new path and none of them are signed, we took a wrong turn and headed down to the waters edge. It was not all bad we got to see some beautiful scenery, ... read more
Ilha de Santa Catarina
Ilha de Santa Catarina
Ilha de Santa Catarina

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Ilha Grande October 15th 2012

Na zes nachten Rio vinden we het allebei weer tijd voor iets nieuws. Aangezien we ons totaal niet voorbereid hebben, gaan we af op de verhalen en plannen van andere reizigers. Vele van hen gaan naar Ilha Grande omdat dat de place to be zou moeten zijn. Wij kunnen dan natuurlijk niet achterblijven en regelen vervoer. Ilha Grande (wat wij constant op de Franse manier uitspreken 'Grande' terwijl de Braziliaanse wijze 'Grandtjjje' is) is een eiland zo'n 3 à 4 uur rijden ten zuiden van Rio de Janeiro. De ene kant van het eiland wordt druk bezocht door rijke Braziliaanse jetsetters. Het andere deel is meer voor het klootjesvolk: gewone reizigers en backpackers. We hebben afgesproken dat we om 11:00 uur worden opgehaald bij ons hostel. Op Ilha Grande zijn geen pinautomaten en Tijs gaat daarom ... read more
Op de boot naar Ilha Grande
Ilha Grande

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Ilha Grande October 7th 2012

Nice late start this time with an amazing breakfast packed with fresh fruit and the compulsory cakes which are a feature of the Brazilian diet. Took a beautiful coast ride lasting about two hours until we reached the port and embarked via catamaran to Ilha Grande which took one hour. A really stunning place surrounded by heavily forested hillsides and palm trees on the beach. Saying in a poudsada where wardrobes aren't evident but clean and again the breakfasts are so good. Went out and listened to guitar playing on the front and saw capoeira on the beach and had a delicious fish meal with the Swiss couple from the group. Finished having cocktails in the kebab bar where we left the hat and cards we had bought still not quite with it... read more
Ilhe Grande

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Ilha Grande July 27th 2012

Going to head out to Iiha Grande today, only heard good things about this so I´m expecting it to be pretty mint. I came around to Rio in the end. Copacabana beach is tidy for a run, a swim and a few drinks. Old Jesus on the hill is quite tidy as well.... read more

Hi, Well I had amazing 5 weeks in the UK and now that wedding fever is over I am back out in South America hoping not to develop any other kind of fever! I arrived in Rio de Janeiro on Thursday night and made it to my hostel despite the efforts of my accelerator foot heavy taxi driver. I had found a nice hostel and in the morning I got up and went for a run around the neighbourhood. I felt safe and my only annoyance was the heat! I spent the day visiting the central area of Rio and saw the Cathedral and an art museum. I then went to Santa Theresa which is a nice area with cobblestreets and arty types and nice cafes. My plan was to get the tram there but as ... read more

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Ilha Grande April 10th 2012

On monday night I arrive at the incredibly basic hotel off Copacabana beach that GAP adventures has decided to start the tour in (with the words of my travel agent ringing in my ears "oh yeah normally they put you somewhere really nice for the first night...") I meet Sarah my new roommate who i´ll be sharing with for the duration of the tour, a leggy North Londoner with Pre Raphaelite locks, a penchant for mini dresses and bubbling laugh. I have a feeling we are going to get on. Then we meet Alberto. Alberto is a half man, half Labrador Spaniard with an amiable bordering on lascivious grin and huge brown stomach that he delights in showing off at every opportunity. We discover that he has spent all of the previous night on the beach ... read more
Copacabana beach
Its Cake in a Cart!

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Ilha Grande March 12th 2012

Five days before venturing to Ilha Grande, I had never heard of the place. Then other travellers spoke to me of an island that existed off the coast of Brazil, replete with tropical jungle and secluded beaches of soft white sand, lapped by ocean waters of varying shades of blue and aquamarine. Access was only possible by boat and cars were forbidden. With tales of partying and bonfires on the beach, this was one place that I just hadto visit. After being happily trapped by the charms of Rio, I finally set off with another backpacker who had found himself unable to leave Rio for the previous three weeks. Felix and I made our way to the bus terminal in the hope of catching the 9am bus. We arrived at 8:52, bought a ticket at 8:56, ... read more
Aventureiro Beach, where we stopped for lunch.
Jungle aquaduct, still in use.
Engine trouble...

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Ilha Grande March 11th 2012

After leaving Rio we joined forces with Mike and Tamsin (a lovely english couple), and made our way over to the Island paradise of Ilha Grande. It is a rather large island with no roads and no cars. The main activities are hiking, boat tours and beaches. After jumping off our unreliable boat, alana and paul walked down the beach and up some hills to their lovely hostel. We bluffed our way into an all you can eat buffet and had three plates between the six of us (and various street cats and dogs). Our dinner on the headland turned into a night club and after a couple of drinks we got our shake on. The next day we took an hour long boat ride through some magic scenery (as the photos will show). A 30 ... read more
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