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South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Ilha Grande September 12th 2005

Today we took Ben and Rich to the pool. From there we heard about an aquaduct which we explored then decided to try and find the water fall we heard about just a short walk away.(5 hrs later!) The trek involved near vertical hiking up and down, climbing over big boulders (didn´t see the path at the side!) When we eventually got there after getting lost in the middle of this massive jungle it was good. Rained just as we got out of the jungle. Met a group of 6 english lads who asked us the way and told them to come back another day. Chilled out for the evening. Going back to Rio tomorrow to go way south. 20 hours on a bus!... read more

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Ilha Grande September 11th 2005

After breakfast, and making our own rolls for lunch, he he, we went for a walk to find a fresh water pool we had been told about. It was about a 20min. walk along the sea front. Found it. It was freezing and sucluded really pretty. Then we found a little beach below the pool and stayed there for the day. It had another pool which was bigger but just as cold! Andy adopted one of the many stray dogs for the day. She was so cute and even followed him into the water. That night we had dinner and met up with Ben and Rich and went to a bar full of locals where they were all brazillian dancing. Kinda cool. We all tried to join in a little. I (mel) even got to have ... read more

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Ilha Grande September 10th 2005

We have had bad weather since we got here but we kept an eye on the forcast. So when we got to Ilha Grande (an island just south of Rio) we had red hot weather! It is a beautiful tropical island covered in jungle and beaches. This morning we started walking up a massive hill/mountain (the island is one big lump of jungly rock) to get to Lopes Mendes beach which is a 2.5hours walk. After 20mins of sweat and achy legs we gave in and turned back to take the east route on the boat. (we weren´t even going in the right direction anyway!) Jumped on a small boat for an hour to take us round the island. When we got there we were disappointed. It was a nice beach but not in the top ... read more

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Ilha Grande September 9th 2005

So we´ve finally left Rio (I am pleased!Mel) Jumped on a local bus for an hour, nightmare so bumpy!!!!! Navigated our way through the main bus terminal (Rodivaira) and onto a bus to Angra Dos Reis.(2.5hrs) We then got the ferry (1.30hrs) to paradise! I did not enjoy the ferry. Found a pousada (B&B) 6 quid a night each! Just chilled out and sussed out Villa de Abroaa the shops, and few bars. It is a small town, one main street. Tomorrow going to one of the top ten beaches in the world. Lopes Mendes.... read more

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Ilha Grande March 28th 2005

28 March 2005 : Rio to Ilha Grande First we have terminal problems with the camera, not the best day for it to happen. Given we are going to a beautiful island we need another camera fast. I had breakfast and went to find one in Botafogo. I tried Casa & Video but they were not yet open. We need cash so I tried Banco de Brasil. It accepted my card and pin, gave me my balance, but could not complete the cash transaction. Tried a different bank but no visa/maestro ATM. Back to C&V, found the cameras locked in a case as in Curry’s etc. I asked an assistant for assistance. She pressed a button on the display and intimated someone would be along shortly. Some time later a young bloke came along whose English ... read more
Leaving Angra
Ilha Grande sun setting
My new hat

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Ilha Grande March 1st 2003

Ilha Grande is an island 2 hours far from Angra dos Reis, in Rio de Janeiro state. The 2 hours journey onboard of a “scuna” or catamaran is not the most pleasant ride, but the beauty of the landscape makes it an enjoyable experience. This was my 2nd trip to Ilha Grande, and this time I decided to stay in the lively Abraao village instead of the quiet Aracatiba. Ilha Grande is generally a quiet island with loads of pousadas (guest houses) in remote locations, and Abraao village concentrates the largest numbers of bars, and local shops on the island. For being a secluded place, only accessible by boat or helicopter, Ilha Grande is very well preserved and a quiet place to be. The best way to get around the island is to go on a ... read more
The view from our room (sunset)

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