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South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Ilha Grande August 16th 2014

ja, vielleicht ist rio dann doch nicht immer ganz so sicher. markus schwört nämlich, nächtens zwei schüsse gehört zu haben. wahrscheinlich aus den favelas… ich habe das natürlich, dank meines ausgezeichneten schlafes, nicht gehört, aber ich glaube es und das heißt wohl, das doch etwas dran sein könnte an den gerüchten des “gefährlichen” rios. nur rein theoretisch, freilich! ach, das wetter ist uns nicht mehr wohlgesinnt. so schön ist rio und seine umgebung. noch viel schöner wäre es allerdings mit blauem himmel und erfreulicheren temperaturen… wirklich beschweren dürfen wir uns natürlich nicht. immerhin regnet es nicht mehr und die letzten wochen hatten wir auch wirklich glück mit sonne und wärme. unter einer dicken, gnadenlosen, wolkendecke verlassen wir heute rio um auf die ilha grande zu fahren. mit bus und schließlich mit schifflein erfolgt die reise. da ... read more
evening beach
bummel straße
bbq place

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Ilha Grande February 28th 2014

I spent the last week at Ilha Grande, one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen (North Queensland coast line aside). Ilha Grande (meaning 'big island' in Portuguese) is actually a littleisland off the coast of Brazil, south of Rio. It has stunning white sandy beaches, crystal clear water and is filled with dense jungle vegetation. It is home to monkeys (which we heard but did not see) and lots of birds and fish I have never seen before. It's largely undeveloped and consists of villages full of knock-up restaurants, small trinket shops and hostels. I did not see any buildings over three stories or cars and most people just get around by foot, bike, boat or paddle board. We stayed in a beautiful little pousada (a little BnB guest house) right on the ... read more
View from our hike to Lopes Mendes beach
Village life, Ilha Grande
The girls on Lopes Mendes beach

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Ilha Grande January 10th 2014

After 8 days and nights of beaches, favelas, multicoloured stairs and mountains, we packed our bags and waved goodbye to Mr Redeemer and headed off to Ilha Grande. Two hours after leaving Rio we arrived at the coastal town of Mangaritiba where we caught a short ferry to the Island. Once on the island, a quick stroll along the beach and through the tiny town and we reached our new home for next 3 three nights; The Biergarten Hostel. As it was our first night in a new destination we thought we would treat ourselves to a slap up meal in town. So we showered, got dressed, tossed aside the super noodles and headed off for a cheeky Brazilian treat, it was needed and very much enjoyed. The next day we were up early for a ... read more

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Ilha Grande November 14th 2013

After a 3 hour drive from Rio De Janeiro we arrived at a small píer and got our boat over to the island of Ilha Grande. The weather was really bad and had been chucking it down all morning, so we took shelter in the middle of the boat. The rain was pouring over the sides of the boat everytime it rocked, resulting in a lovely natural waterfall (basically we all just got soaked). I was still only in my shorts and t-shirt on the boat so i was absolutely freezing and uncomfortable for the whole journey but after about an hour we finally reached the island. Even in the terrible weather it was easy to see why so many people had talked of this place as paradise. We checked into the Che Lagarto hostel and ... read more
Incredible view from our bedroom
Just to prove it was real
Locals playing beach football

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Ilha Grande May 12th 2013

Friday 10th may we arrived in Angra dos Reis. Little town famous for its many islands, Ilha grande is the biggest. It took us 4 hours to get there by bus and taxi (150km). Nature is amazing over here but the people are not really our cup of tea, having a tattoo is almost standard and the smiling, friendly brazilians are rare.... Also the prices are out of proportion, especially when they notice you are a 'gringo' (= foreinger). They try to rip you of every time again. When we bought fruit (3 pieces) on a local market, the guy asked us 30 reales (= 13 euro) haha, no thank you. We slept 2 nights in a 'pousada' (= relaxed hostel) at the seaside, Guillermo (on old little brazilian diver) was there to guide us, he ... read more

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Ilha Grande February 20th 2013

After the craziness of Carnaval and rushing around seeing the sights of Rio, it was time for some relaxation on Ilha Grande, an island off the coast of Rio. Ilha Grande really is a place to get away from it all. As the whole island and the waters around it are protected for conservation, there are no cars allowed on the island and you can only reach the island by boat. As a result it is perhaps unsurprising that the island is full of hippies, jocks, British gap year students, and Aussie backpackers. A paradise away from the harsh realities of real life - Brazil's version of The Beach. The first thing I notice as we leave the pier and walk through the dirt roads of Vila do Abraao, the main village on ... read more
Green Lagoon
View From Parrot's Peak

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Ilha Grande February 15th 2013

Our journey to Ilha Grande wasn’t the easiest of trips, in part self-inflicted lack of sleep and in part a driver who not only got us lost leaving Rio – at one point we were still 3 blocks from our hostel 1.5 hours after being picked up – but also drove so erratically that he had us reaching for our seatbelts and crossing our fingers that we’d arrive in one piece. But arrive in one piece we did and it only took over 5 hours to do a 2.5hr journey, not bad by South American standards! Thankfully the boat transfer hadn’t left yet so it was a quick hop from the minibus of doom and on to a catamaran for a trip across the sea to Ilha Grande or as it has been rechristened by us, ... read more
02. Pousada Naturalia - Our home on the island
03. View from the room
04. Enjoying the balcony

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Ilha Grande February 14th 2013

So after are very boozy, busy and mental week in Rio we were really looking forward to just chilling out for five days in Ilha Grande and that's exactly what we did. Ilha Grande is Brazils third largest island and is beautiful. As soon as we stepped off the boat onto the pier we knew we were in for a heavenly time. Green palm trees, clear blue water and white sand. There were no cars on the island, no banks/ATM's and not much noise either, apart from the birds. Yes pleassssssse! We went to the tourist office to call our Poussada to let them know we had arrived and they told us to wait and they'd be there shortly to help carry our bags. About 5 minutes later a little Brazillian man arrived, who never spoke ... read more
Crena Beach
Crena Beach
Poção Water Pool

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Ilha Grande February 7th 2013

After a few failed attempts at trying to get my head around Portuguese I decided that rather than try to navigate my way from São Paulo to Rio that I would buy a hop on hop off bus pass to get me from A to B. The bus pass consisted of transport from São Paulo to Paraty, a boat cruise while in Paraty, a van and a boat transfer to Ilha Grande and then a boat and a bus transfer to Rio, finishing up with a favela tour while in Rio. When I arrived at the pier for my boat cruise in Paraty I wasn't really sure what to expect due to such little information being provided about it beforehand. What it turned out to be was a five hour boat ride around the islands that ... read more
Beach hopping
View from my room in Ilha Grande

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Ilha Grande December 18th 2012

Day 93 Yesterday, we arrived at our hostel on Abraao beach at around 5pm and, unfortunately, were greeted with rain. Nevertheless, we headed down to the beach in our rain jackets and managed to have a very pleasent night under an umbrella with a fish dinner and a few caipirinhas whilst listening to some really cool live music. This morning, hoping to catch the best part of the day before the weather turned bad again, we took a speedboat to Pouso beach, then took a 40 minute walk to the beautiful Lopes Mendes beach. Despite the overcast, and showery weather, it was still 25-30 degrees and we had a nice day at the beach. Around 3pm we headed back to Abraao beach, this time by foot. It was a beautiful, but exhasting trek through the rainforest, ... read more
Music on the beach
Beautiful beach, but no sun!
Lopes Mendes beach

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