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South America » Brazil » Bahia » Salvador September 21st 2011

21.09.2011 Our first day in Brazil..arrived in Salvador, bags here, we are here, happy days..until no banc machine would work with our card..we tried about 8 different ones and with no cash to change we were a bit stuck.. fortunately we found another atm outside the airport which finally gave us our first 50 Brazilien Rais.. We decided to couchsurf for the first few days in Salvador, so we had to jump onto a local bus that took us to Cabca D'Agua, some suburb in salvador (pretty ghetto we found out later.. lol) the bus journey was an adventure of its own, 2.5 hours on a rampacked bus..and with rampacked I mean it was so full that people who couldnt fit in the bus anymore would hang on to the bus from the outside at full ... read more
ludemar, our host
ghetto life
Ludemar dresssing up Matt

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Salvador September 12th 2011

Salvador is an amazing city! An interesting culture (99% black people) - big African influence- with rythmic music,good food and beautiful beaches! Unfortunately I got robbed, so not many fotos anymore...... read more

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Salvador July 20th 2011

Oppression of the Masses There has been torrential rain and the roads of ´Bairro da Paz´ are inaccessible. 70,000 inhabitants live in this ´district´, one of Salvador´s biggest. All are thrown into disarray. Children cannot get to school, their parents are forced to miss a day of work, jeopardising their child’s education and their employers´ trust. Everything is a struggle; the roads within the area are just formed of mud and thus prone to becoming little more than swamps flanked by houses during the rainy season. Little more than a kilometre away a bridge has fallen on the road ´Paulo Jackson´. This makes the journey for patrons of both the AABB sports club and the Spiritualist centre roughly ten minutes longer by car. The two receive approximately 500 members of the public per week who now ... read more

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Salvador June 26th 2011

Después de miles de kilómetros recorridos desde Bolivia, hemos llegado al destino final, Salvador da Bahía (Brasil). Salvador es la capital del estado de Bahía y se encuentra en la parte noreste del país. Su centro histórico es patrimonio de la humanidad por la UNESCO y la cultura afrobrasileira se respira en cada esquina. After travelling thousands of miles we have finally reached our last destiny, Salvador da Bahía (Brasil). Salvador is the capital of Bahía State and it is located in the northeast of the country. Its historic center is an UNESCO world heritage site and the afrobrasilian culture floats in the air. La suerte nos persigue y nos deja cumplir nuestros objetivos, de momento necesitábamos encontrar una casa y trabajo para poder realizar nuestros cursos de danza y percusión y también aprender portugués. En ... read more

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Salvador June 25th 2011

Can´t read won´t cook I don´t think there is any excuse for living on your own for four years and not being able to cook at least five meals. If there is, please enlighten me. I like to think I can cook reasonably well and am even prone to enjoying it. However if given the choice between cooking and eating well and doing nothing and eating well...well there is just no contest, I don´t enjoy it that much. Fortunately, my host Brazilian family has a maid, which is the case for most middle class families in countries like Brazil. By that I mean countries where the class divide is so great that the upper classes can afford to hire full-time staff without it being a financial burden. Globally speaking, we in Western Europe are probably ... read more
Marco, a recently literate student
One of my better pupils

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Salvador June 24th 2011

Aquí estamos, en la gloria. Se ve que el Sao Joao dura cuatro días en Brasil... No saben ná. Llegamos el lunes y nos fuimos directamente hacia Terra Mirim, una fundación llena de gente maravillosa que nos acogió con amor y muy buena comida. Pasamos los días entre excursiones, participando en las labores de la comunidad, bailando, cantando y en un estado de meditación continua. Esto es exuberante, las semillas caen a chorro a la tierra fértil. Todo se siente muy vivo. No se nos hace raro estar aquí, y caminamos descalzos!!! Ayer fue la noche de Sao Joao y estuvimos cantando y bailando muito. La gente aquí es una gran familia y nos han hecho sentir parte de ella. Hoy hemos jugado un partido de futbol mixto, muy divertido. Hemos dejado alto el pabellón. (Saray ... read more

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Salvador June 19th 2011

Que nos vamos!!!!... read more

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Salvador June 12th 2011

We THROUGHLY enjoyed Salvador! The weather is more like Brisbane's in October and the beaches are nearly as good as in Australia. Having flown in from Rio, arriving at about 2.00pm we caught a bus and travelled for 1 ½ hours to Barra which is a southern suburb of Salvador. It cost 3 Riels ($2.00 Aust) and we later learned it didn’t matter if you travelled 1 stop or for 2 hours, a bus trip always cost $R3. We had picked up a couple of maps from the tourist office at the airport so knew where we were going. We started talking to a Korean girl who was staying at the same hotel so we kept each other company and shared a taxi from where we got off the bus. The Barra Guesthouse which is ... read more
Burra from light house
Chololate cake, Dulce de Leche and strawberries at Belle's Cafe - best chocolate cake I have ever tasted
Barra Lighthouse

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Salvador June 6th 2011

So shock horror, within the first first month I am pathetically behind in writing this blog. Finding time to summarise what you've been doing, whilst you've not been doing anything hugely significant is difficult. It has taken a bout of deadly man-flu to make time, and I shall endeavor to not completely bore the arse off my few readers... Ines was working for the most part during my week in Salvador, which gave me plenty of opportunity to be flat out lazy. My second full day in Brazil, she was working in the morning, so I weighed up my options and decided instead to eat breakfast and lounge on the balcony, watching the sea. Very energetic that sea, made me tired. When Ines arrived, we took a bus to Pelourinho (Pelo). Some Salvador background..... Salvador is ... read more
Sao Francisco Church
Getting Mauled About

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Salvador May 29th 2011

3 months after booking my Condor flight to Salvador I reached Birmingham airport with my parents. As seems to be tradition of me going anywhere, I was nicely hungover when I check in my backpack and sat down for a farewell snack. There were no tears on departure this time round, just a farewell for 5 months until I am due to meet my parents in Florida. Getting to Florida in 5 months is the mission this time round. I am due to fly from Bogota, Columbia and have five months to get there from north-east Brazil with whatever entertainment I can find on the way. Of course, I have another tradition to follow, which is once again to do it alll on a pitiful budget. I began the always dull preflight time circled the airport, ... read more

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