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South America » Brazil » Bahia » Salvador June 12th 2011

We THROUGHLY enjoyed Salvador! The weather is more like Brisbane's in October and the beaches are nearly as good as in Australia. Having flown in from Rio, arriving at about 2.00pm we caught a bus and travelled for 1 ½ hours to Barra which is a southern suburb of Salvador. It cost 3 Riels ($2.00 Aust) and we later learned it didn’t matter if you travelled 1 stop or for 2 hours, a bus trip always cost $R3. We had picked up a couple of maps from the tourist office at the airport so knew where we were going. We started talking to a Korean girl who was staying at the same hotel so we kept each other company and shared a taxi from where we got off the bus. The Barra Guesthouse which is ... read more
Burra from light house
Chololate cake, Dulce de Leche and strawberries at Belle's Cafe - best chocolate cake I have ever tasted
Barra Lighthouse

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Salvador June 6th 2011

So shock horror, within the first first month I am pathetically behind in writing this blog. Finding time to summarise what you've been doing, whilst you've not been doing anything hugely significant is difficult. It has taken a bout of deadly man-flu to make time, and I shall endeavor to not completely bore the arse off my few readers... Ines was working for the most part during my week in Salvador, which gave me plenty of opportunity to be flat out lazy. My second full day in Brazil, she was working in the morning, so I weighed up my options and decided instead to eat breakfast and lounge on the balcony, watching the sea. Very energetic that sea, made me tired. When Ines arrived, we took a bus to Pelourinho (Pelo). Some Salvador background..... Salvador is ... read more
Sao Francisco Church
Getting Mauled About

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Salvador May 29th 2011

3 months after booking my Condor flight to Salvador I reached Birmingham airport with my parents. As seems to be tradition of me going anywhere, I was nicely hungover when I check in my backpack and sat down for a farewell snack. There were no tears on departure this time round, just a farewell for 5 months until I am due to meet my parents in Florida. Getting to Florida in 5 months is the mission this time round. I am due to fly from Bogota, Columbia and have five months to get there from north-east Brazil with whatever entertainment I can find on the way. Of course, I have another tradition to follow, which is once again to do it alll on a pitiful budget. I began the always dull preflight time circled the airport, ... read more

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Salvador May 25th 2011

Our night bus from Recife was comfortable, but 14 hours on a bus is not quite the same as 14 hours in a bed, so we arrived in Salvador on May 20th feeling quite tired. Tourist information were very helpful though, so we managed to find a bus to the historical centre easily enough. Once we had reached the old centre (Pelourinho) we compared a few pousadas before settling for the most friendly. We dumped our bags and set off to explore Pelourinho and the hidden squares (largos) that can be found in amongst the colourful buildings, soaking up the atmosphere that strikes you as soon as you arrive. We took some great pictures of the Sao Franacisco church and convent, the Cathedral and the Palacio Rio Branco, all of which were very grand and added ... read more
An art shop in Pelourinho
A normal clothes shop in Pelourinho
The Cathedral

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Salvador May 24th 2011

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu “Do you know how to wake people up? Because I don’t.” Not the most obvious question to hear at the gym, nor any other scenario come to think of it. However the two blokes conversing were not referring to the other’s competence as a human alarm clock, plus the gym in question was a mixed martial arts school. The obscure question had surfaced because we were in the middle of a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class and one of the boys had failed to recognise his partner’s desperate tap-outs’. Consequently he held a chokehold on too long, leaving his mate, Vinicius, clutching his neck and gasping for breath like a suicidal salmon. Vinicius is lightly tanned but at this point he looked more like Smurfette and the genie’s lovechild. Or as if he had spent ... read more
Cheesy kimono shot

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Salvador April 29th 2011

Carnaval de Salvador The biggest street party in the world. Close to 3 million people in the road, seven days straight, drinking twenty out of twenty-four, sleeping every two days, sex on the beach/street/bus, the leading musicians in the country playing the same circuit, unrivaled levels of euphoria… Well, this is what the Brazilian tourist board and enthused residents tell you. However, from a neutral observer, can I really look my Mac in the screen and say it was as crazy as they claim it to be? Well actually yes. A mammoth event in the Bahian calendar, Carnaval is essentially a huge send-off to summer and ends on Ash Wednesday which signifies the beginning of Lent. Being in the Southern Hemisphere, the Brazilian summer ends at the beginning of the English spring and the major ... read more

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Salvador April 14th 2011

(April 5, 2011) So, when I tell you all that I find blogging to be difficult these days, I receive somewhat vague but still helpful suggestions about what kind of things would be interesting for you to hear about. One of the things I hear often and have starting thinking about more in the past couple weeks has a lot to do with the vast cultural, consumptive, and culinary differences that exist here and what is like to live as a young, white, American man within the context of Bahia, Brazil. It is important to note that Brazil is unlike the U.S. in a lot of ways, and yet similar in many others. Also, Salvador specifically is SO different from the States; and from my own limited experience and what I have been told, different ... read more
Big melons here.
Police. Lesson, don't do drugs.

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Salvador March 24th 2011

I know... I KNOW. I am disappointed in me too. I can't remember the last time I wrote a blog, but at least I am here now. A lot has been going on... so let's get started. Classes have finally gotten going for real now... After a few weeks of 'well I'll go check out this one today, that one tomorrow.. oh wait, it is at what campus now? what room? what professor? it's canceled? I see.' Still can't find my soccer class, but evidently it is taking place at a public school close to my house..yeah, we shall see about that. It appears as though as I am complaining, I know.. but really I like school here, when I can find the classes. People WANT to be there, and I typically find in-class discussions to ... read more

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Salvador March 7th 2011

hello my friends ! As you know, I had the chance to attend the "carnaval brazileiro" in Salvador de Bahia. Well, this lasts for 5 days or so, but we went only 1 evening. The carnival in Salvador is pretty wild, so we booked tickets for a camarote. I explain: The carnival takes place in one of the main avenue of Salvador, about 3-4km long. On each sside there are big stages, called the camarote, with food, drinks, concerts, .... with private access (you have to wear a colored shirt to enter). having tickets for the camarote allows to rest because being in the crowd is super wild and tiring ! Especially when carts are coming, everybody is packing to make space. The carnival in Bahia is very reputed, said to be the best. Actually I ... read more
doc 034
doc 041
doc 046

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Salvador March 3rd 2011

Wow, to bylo cos!!! Dojechalismy do Salvador rankiem (po kolejnej przejadzce nocnym autobusem,yyy), wladowalismy sie w lokalny autobus po tym gdy zadecydowalismy gdzie chcemy poszukac noclegu. Wybralismy dzielnice Pelo - serce Salvadoru gdzie ´wszystko´sie dzieje. Juz po kilku minutach w lokalnym autobusie puls nabral tempa i zaczal pojawiac sie usmiech z podekscytowania! Tak to jest to!!! Czyste ulice, urocze parki, rusztowania wzdluz glownych drog w dzielnicach przy plazy - przygotowania do Carnavalu!!!! Wow, bedzie sie dziac!!! Dojechalismy do centrum - Pelo, postanowilismy cos zjesc i wypic i wtedy szukac zakwaterowania. Podczas czekania na posilek udalo nam sie wyszperac niezle miejsce - tuz przy glownej uliczce w centrum AKCJI! Yes,yes,yes!! Muzyka, kolorowe budynki, urocze straganiki, capoiera i muzyczka na zywo tu i tam! Bylo to wtorek i okazalo sie, ze to jest TA noc, gdzie... read more
Dekoracje karnawalowe
Fotka z autobusu w drodze na lotnisko do Rio
Fotka z autobusu w drodze na lotnisko do Rio.1

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