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South America » Brazil » Bahia » Salvador November 15th 2014

It has taken me an extra day to get around to writing about my time in Salvador because I’ve been getting all sentimental about only having a few more weeks on the ship; but I’ll leave that until the end of the post. I enjoyed the small part of Salvador I got to experience. I didn’t arrive at the ship from the airport until almost 7 pm because we decided to take the local bus instead of taking a taxi. Two hours after getting on the bus we got off and still ended up taking a taxi from the bus stop to the ship! Needless to say I was tired from traveling and didn’t feel like going out that night. The following morning I decided to go out to a market my roommate had told me ... read more
Old Town

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Salvador May 11th 2014

BRAZIL! I had been dreaming of going for years. After the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, I had decided to make my dream come true in 2014: I would kill 2 birds with a …football! I’d get to visit Brazil and attend the most amazing football competition ever! Could I possibly throw in a bit of bicycle-touring on top of it all? Hell, why not?! Given my father’s love of the beautiful game, I could not go to Brazil without him. And so the 2 of us landed in Salvador, Bahia, at the beginning of May, a month before the start of the World Cup. We would buy 2 bikes in Salvador, cycle down the coast of Bahia for a month, then sell the bikes (if possible) and make it to Sao Paulo just ... read more
Welcome to Bahia!
where we bought the bikes
Thanks guys! Time to roll!

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Salvador January 8th 2014

We are staying in a neighborhood called Ondina on Avenida Oceanico. It’s very close to the town of Barra and between the places we came here to see, Praia do Forte and Pelourinho. Our condo has a view of the ocean from both rooms. The waves are about 50 yards away with a huge pool in between. We can hear the waves crashing all night. There’s a tide pool and some palm trees that make it picture perfect. Salvador feels more like Brazil than Rio because everyone is Brazilian. We have not heard any English being spoken yet. For this city we rented a car. It’s been really nice to have the freedom to control the temperature and stop when we want. Praia do Forte is the small town where the TAMAR project has set up ... read more
Sea turtle at TAMAR
baby hatchlings

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Salvador December 24th 2013

Salavador is a special place to me. I went there for its famed carnaval when I was younger with a good mate of mine. So it was with a lot of good memories that I arrived at around midnight on the eve of Christmas Eve. My scheduled arrival had been for midday but the day long bus trip had morphed out into a day and a half due to leaving late, a few extended breaks a long the way and a collosal traffic jam passing through Feria de Santana. I had met a few cool people on the bus, seen some impressive sights and had had some good conversations by the time we finally arrived. As it was midnight and I was going to a sketchy part of town, I decided I would have to take ... read more
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2013-12-23 09.56.04
2013-12-23 10.04.12

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Salvador March 26th 2013

We arrived via plane from Rio De Janerio in the afternoon, taking a bus from the airport to the Barra district where we were staying. It was hot! Which is what we came for after some disappointing weather in Rio. The buses were very busy, standing room only, not ideal carting around half your possessions in bags but people were helpful and friendly and helped us get to our destination arriving just after sunset. There was a buzz about the place even though this was in the quieter part of town near the beaches. We heard that Tuesday was the night to go out so got some half recent clothes on and got a taxi up to the main square, Praca de Jesus, a stunning old square flanked either side by beautiful old buildings. We lucked ... read more
Street Capoeira
Colour in shopping
The next Ronaldo

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Salvador February 23rd 2013

After escaping Rio unscathed I caught a brief flight up to Salvador in the Bahia province. Salvador also hosts arguably as big a Carnival as Rio and it was fun to see the remnants of theirs still lingering around. Salvador was the first colonial capital of Brazil and one of the oldest cities in the Americas. Here you notice the stronger African influence in the people, food and culture. There aren't so many 'sights' to see - more just wandering the old town streets and immersing yourself in the local culture. I caught some nice sunsets here. It's funny when you travel - you become more in touch with the sun than you do at home. You always know the times of sunrise and sunset and see far more of them because they have greater impact ... read more
The lift from the upper to lower town
Great panoramic of the Chapada Diamantina ranges
Entering the cave

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Salvador February 14th 2013

Salvador, Bahia is the largest city in the Northeast coast of Brazil and overall the 7th largest city in all of Brazil. It was founded in 1549 by the Portuguese and was the country's colonial capital until it was succeeded in 1763 by Rio de Janerio. It is a major port city that exports a lot of agricultural and industrial products grown and manufactured within the state of Bahia. It is a culturally diverse, popular tourist destination that fuses different races & customs into it's city's music, food, architecture and ceremonies. Europeans, Africans, Brazilian Native Americans and Asians all reside here and bring different flavors and delicatcies to this "cultural capital of the country." In order to get to Salvador from Rio, I bought a one-way bus ticket (one of many throughout this trip) from Aguia ... read more
View of Mercado Modelo & Baia de Todos-os-Santos in Salvador
Some of the typical Bahian style souvenirs you can buy in the Mercado Modelo
Igreja Sao Francisco seen in Salvador

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Salvador January 8th 2013

Tempting as it is to spend more days than I should lounging around the palm-fringed beaches of Alagoas, an ice-cold green coconut in one hand and an even colder Antartica in the other, there's too much of Brazil yet to see... On my way south from Maragogi along Brazil's seemingly endless coastline, I pass through more beautifully-preserved Portuguese colonial towns. Penedo, in Alagoas state, is a sweltering, sleepy place on the shores of the São Francisco river, where there is little to do except soak up the atmosphere and marvel at the slow pace of life with a chilled cajá or jenipapo juice - two more of the Nordeste's extraordinary fruity offerings - by the riverbank as the sun sets. Laranjeiras, in the tiny neighbouring state of Sergipe, is another delightfully somnolent place where life seems ... read more
Salvador's Pelourinho
Igreja da Ordem Terceira de São Francisco
 Igreja de Nossa Senhora do Rosário dos Pretos

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Salvador November 22nd 2012

Day 402 Friday 16th November Today is moving day so after breakfast we asked Donald if we could have a late checkout at 4.00pm and he very nicely said yes. It is raining again so we sat on our terrace overlooking the pool and garden and read before getting stuck into the packing. At 4.00pm it was no longer raining so we walked up the road to get a Taxi (Kombi) to the wharf but everyone was full and we waited for about 10 minutes then decided to start walking. As we got a 100 metres down the road it started to drizzle and the taxis were still full, eventually we came across two ladies standing looking up the road and we stopped and joined them hoping they were waiting for a bus. We ... read more

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Salvador September 3rd 2012

Gestern haben Steffi, Sarah und ich zusammen einen Tagesausflug auf die Ilha de Itaparica gemacht. Die Insel soll ein Naturparadies sein und liegt nur 40 Minuten Bootsfahrt vor der Küste. Noch ziemlich euphorisch bei unserer Ankuft im Hafen, wurden wir nach und nach doch immer ernüchterter. Wir sind erst nach Itaparica gefahren, was sozusagen die "Hauptstadt" der Insel ist. Ein wirklich kleines Städtchen, das eigentlich auch nicht wirklich viel zu bieten hat außer einen netten Blick aufs Meer, aber den hat man ja da fast überall :) Danach wollten wir uns gemütlich an die Praia Ponta de Areia legen, die in unserem Reiseführer als DER Tarumstrand der Insel beschrieben wurde. Naja, wer auf groben Sand, Steine, Seeigel und Müll steht fühlt sich da sicher auch wohl. Wir waren erstmal einfach nur enttäuscht. Aber wir lassen uns ... read more
im Hafen von Salvador

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