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There's nothing more fulfilling and rewarding than traveling to distant and foreign places and learning something new about the world and its beautiful people. You've never seen it all!

La felicidad es darse cuenta que nada es demasiado importante. - Antonio Gala

South America » Argentina » Salta » Salta April 19th 2012

We were surprised as we arrived into Salta. We expected a bigger version of Cafayate. What we saw couldn't have been more different; green hills surrounding a low rise smoggy dirty city. We had held a vision of a super charming province capital and were sadly disappointed. Regardless we had planned on being here a few days and proceeded to walk to our hostel from the bus terminal. Much farther than we expected, 15 blocks later through the heat we arrived sweating. The hostel had a good set up and our ensuite room was clean so we were content. We dropped our stuff off and set out to explore the unappealing city. In the historic center Salta gained some charm with its well maintained colonial buildings and churches. The Cathedral was pretty impressive inside with the ... read more
Interior San Francisco
Range of vegetation

South America » Argentina » Salta » Cafayate April 16th 2012

The second leg of our trip to Cafayate was pretty interesting. It was super early when we left Tucuman, so throughout the trip we both were in and out of sleep. At one point, the driver stopped the bus and asked a question I didn't hear but immediately several men exited the bus. 5 minutes later down the road, they got back on. Maybe a wight issue or something as it was rainy out and it looked like there was some construction on the road. I'll never know since we continued without explanation. At another point Chloe woke up and saw her shoes were missing. In the dark bus she started looking for them with her flashlight. She inquired the help of the only other gringo on the bus who's mate goard had gone rolling down ... read more
El Transito
Wine Art
Train Formation!

South America » Argentina » Córdoba » Córdoba April 13th 2012

Our overnight bus from Mendoza arrived in Cordoba at dawn, giving us little time to wake up and get our stuff together before we were walking half asleep through the terminal trying to find a bus or taxi to take us to our hostel. As it turns out, there are no local buses from the terminal and we had to wait in a 20 person cue for a taxi. Fortunately the taxi was chearp and we arrived promptly to the hostel. Our beds weren't ready at that hour of the morning, and as we were not going to waste any time, we set out to wakl the city soon after our arrival. Our first stop was at an underground Jesuit mission. It was only recently rediscovered in 1989, when a paving crew uncovered it while renovating ... read more
Explanation of the Site
Detention Center of "Suspects"
Murder Site

South America » Argentina » Mendoza » Mendoza April 10th 2012

On our 8 hour bus ride from Valpo to Mendoza, we left the coast and climbed up through the Andes. The weaving drive was slow and safe along a well maintained road between Chile and Argentina, which helped my preocupied Chloe keep her cool as we steadily climbed up a long series of switchbacks and through a 2 mile tunnel at the top to reach the pass at 4000 meters. It was a beautiful drive, and immigration at the border soon after the pass was much quicker and less of a hastle than last time. As we decended the Argentina side, I caught a quick glimpse out the window of Mount Aconcagua, the tallest mountain outside the Himalayas at 6960 meters! We arrived to Mendoza in the early afternoon and although we had pesos, we had ... read more

The bus from Santiago only took 2 hours to arrive to the city of Valparaíso. Along the way, we passed a number of coastal wineries, reminding me of some of the CA southern coast wineries near Santa Barbara. Valparaíso was a sight to see. A city built on hills, destroyed and rebuilt after earthquakes and tsunamis. Similar to Pucon, we passed tsunami escape route signs. Chile, land of natural disasters! We took a short local bus ride then walked up a steep hill to our hostel. A beautiful remodeled Victorian house, our private room had 15 foot vaulted ceilings, crown moulding throughout, and lots of natural light. Once we put our stuff down, the receptionist (who reminded me a lot of my Spanish friend Pascual, with his laid back attitude, goofy demeanor, and love of climbing), ... read more
Old and New
Sube Jace

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Santiago March 23rd 2012

Santiago de Chile has a big bus terminal. Actually, they have two. One long distance and one short distance. We awoke early in the morning to a giant complex that the bus began circling upwards to its designated parking spot. After getting off and collecting our backpacks, we walked down a few flights of stairs and through a mall, eventually reaching the metro station. 12 stops later, we got off and walked a few blocks to our hostel. The receptionist was nice enough to let us have the breakfast of bread, jam and Nescafe once we put our bags in storage. We knew we had to wait a few hours for the room to be ready but we thought maybe we could take a shower and change. Unfortunately, somehow the lock to the storage was broken, ... read more
Pecho de Vodka
Gogol Bordello
Gogol Bordello

South America » Chile » Araucanía » Pucón March 20th 2012

Coming from Bariloche, we had to change buses in San Martin de los Andes, Argentina, in order to cross the border and arrive to Pucon. We got fortunate not to get stuck there and were able to snag a pair of the few remaining seats. The 6 hour ride was smooth enough, except for the border crossing which was located at the base of the imposing Lanin Volcano. The process was more strict than we expected. They take their agriculture very seriously; all of our bags were unloaded and scanned, and we had to declare any raw foods. Fortunately they didn´t toss the pizza or stirfry we had made the night prior but they did take a couple delicious Fuji apples. Fruitless, we got back on the bus and continued down a dirt/volcanic ash road for ... read more
Villarica always in view
Mirador to Volcan Villarica
Jurassic Lagoon

After finishing the second leg of our 42 hour bus journey from Iguassu, we were happy to have our feet on solid ground again. We had a hell of a time understanding how to ride the local bus. You had to buy tickets or charge a card since they were privately owned rather than the state-run buses we´d been used to. Over the course of a half hour I ran around the small terminal trying to comprehend how and where to buy a ticket. My proficiency in Spanish did not help this time, either because people were not specific or helpful, or perhaps because I was still very tired. In any case, we made it to the center of Bariloche and searched for a hostel recommended by a friend, Steve Mcgill, by the name of Penthouse ... read more
Chillin at the Penthouse
Midpoint bar/cafe
View from midpoint bar

South America » Argentina » Misiones » Puerto Iguazú March 10th 2012

Our bus from Floripa left us on the Brazilian side of Iguazu Falls. The hostel we booked was on the Argentinian side, and we soon found out the process of crossing from one side to the other was not a quick one. Somehow we struggled to find the bus stop where the transfer would pick us up. After wandering around for a half hour with our front and back packs on we found it, directly across the street from the bus terminal. Once we arrived to the Brazilian border, we had to get off the bus to receive our exit stamps. After waiting through the line, we had to wait for another transfer bus to pass in order to continue. During this moment I found that I´d lost the ticket stubs and we had to pay ... read more
J&C Brazil IF
Brazil view to the Devil´s Throat

From the airport we arrived to our hostel, after transferring buses 3 times. Since Chloe hated the feeling of wasting a day traveling, she was adamant about having to get to the beach. So as soon as we checked in, we tossed our bags down and ran to the ocean, 5 minutes away. After an hour on the beach, Chloe´s travel anxiety was washed away and she was back to the smiling mermaid I knew. With the essential beach time out of the way, we headed to the market to pick up food for dinner. But as it was Sunday in a small beach community, there was only 1 market open with questionable meat and veggies. We picked out what we could and went back to the hostel, only to learn that we had to wait ... read more
Coastal Chloe
Matedeiro beach
Sunset biker

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