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May 1st 2012
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Wasnt gonna write about Salvador because only here for one day as a way to get to Morro de Sao Paulo but has been an experience so can be a side blog. Dont have any photos of it either, as we were warned by soooo many people not to take cameras out, so we didnt!

Got up early and got ready in 7 mins for the taxi to get to the airport, was tiny airport and us having an hour there was way more than we needed! So got another poo escapade; went to the loo towards the end of the flight and the air steward came into the toilet and told me to go back to my seat, i was like errrrrr........ So yeh it was locked, he unlocked it and hurried me up!

Got off the plane and honesty had tried to leave her book (shed finished it) but another steward ran after her and gave it back. Then we got the bus and in the final 20 minutes the ticket woman started talking to me and em in portuguese, we didnt understand a word but she kept at it, then rang someone on her phone and passed it to sophie and it turned out to be the hostel we had booked as they were expectin us! So that was confusing.

After getting to our hostel we wandered a bit, almost got mugged by a 2 year when honesty didnt give him her coke he threw a cup at her, had lunch (honesty thought a clear bottle of clear liquid was antibac gel, but it was artificial sweetener and she has thought that all week, so cleaning her hands with artificial sweetener!), took a lift down to crafts markets, got an ice cream (i got a milkshake as well) then looked at the churches. Then having felt like we had done Salvador we came back and went out for dinner, where we had the most ridiculous service! Ordering one at a time because the waiter kept walking off, trying to order coke and getting coconut biscuits and being told a dish was enough for two (it was 12 mini dough balls) were just a few examples. Also we had a german girl and a american guy tag along, turned out the guy is a (weird) writer. He wrote "the straight razor cure" which is on amazon, look it up!

So back in bed now after some more eventful hearts (cards), i didnt do too well and honesty fell apart!

So Morro de sao paulo for some beaches tomorrow 😊

Love hetoribus xxxxxx


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