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April 30th 2012
Published: April 30th 2012
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We have gone north to avoid the storms and catch some rays! Has a 20 bus ride but wasnt too bad, just read and slept really, so nothing interesting to report there.....

Staying in an apartment with honesty, sophie and hungdaddy which is nice, taxi driver had to get directions from a creepy american man (he was actually very nice we were just being cynical!), and we have my speakers from thailand blasting (yes they still work - heroic) and eating homemade ratatouile. Probs dip in the sea or pool tonight as its warm and they are pretty nearby!

Holy mongoose had the worst reaction to the pool! Have never been so itchy in my life, was not relaxing at all, haha so probs will avoid the pool from now on. Taught the girls how to play hearts then they totally mullered me so that backfired!

So sofa bed was mega uncomfy! Has a bar at shoulder and waist height, so left shoulder and buttcheek kill! But managed to make another mattress ontop out of two big cushions so is all hunky dorey now.

Got up had mango and yoghurt on our balcony then head out for a bit of beach time. It turns out we are here in brazilian spring break time, so there are parties for 3 days from 10am till 6pm, they are mega expensive so reckon we will just catch the afterparties in town and get on it then. So is pretty lucky

Beach was pretty close to paradise, no clouds, 30 degrees, reading and playing vee ball. Having lime and ketchup matinated chicken then heading to town after regaining my pride in cards

Last night was hilarious, played ring of fire and other drinking games with cacazza a local spirit then got the bus to the centre and literally asked everyone "don de esta la fiesta?" and got told axe moi where the spring break happens so headed back towards that and coz we were so hammered we got off the bus way too early and i thought a little gazebo with about 5 people was the party! Also dropped my wallet on the floor and lent down to get it and the bus braked hard so rammed my head on the bar, much to the girls amusement. Had to walk for about two hours down the beach (would have been an hour but em was smashed). We then got a taxi, which em left her shoes in, and kept shouting aqui-here to the driver at the complete wrong places! Managed to get home in the end, we all pigged out and made a mess of the apartment.

Got up relatively early and had an asortment of eggs and onions and tomatoes then set off (minus em due to hangover) for the water park, had to get a cool little ferry across then found out it was shut as its a sunday. Ended up wandering around arraial d'juda which is a beautiful little town with cube bungalows all different colours, was how i imagined south america before coming out. Was so nice and had a little church with a fence behind it that had thousands of little prayer ribbons that people tie there and their wish comes true when the ribbon breaks. Also bought some new travellery shades (or established as honesty puts it)

Flying to salvador tomorrow then heading to morro de sao paulo

Muchos love
Heccy poos xxxxxx


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