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South America » Brazil » Bahia » Porto Seguro September 23rd 2019

So I will get to the Brazil vacation a bit after, as I think the first thing we all need to address here is the cat bacchanal that was occurring in my backyard during the month of August…I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned this before, but there are quite a few feral cats that live in and around our property here in Santiago. Usually, they are nothing more than the occasional nuisance, maybe get into a garbage bag now and then, until August arrived…which is apparently when all the horny kitty’s come out to play! This included possible erotic meowing which kept us up at night, a number of loud cat fights, and oh… a dead cat that we found on our patio one Saturday morning (maybe forgot the safe word?)….poor Zoe was traumatized. After asking ... read more
Good times with Grammy & Grampy
Celebrity Sighting
The Quadrado

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Porto Seguro June 1st 2014

We followed a small unpaved road to Caraiva, a remote rustic village in southern Bahia. We had to get the ponchos out many times but we also got to see a rainbow in the cloudy sky. In order to reach the village, we first had to get a boat across Rio Caraiva. And then? No roads, no cars, just 2 sandy alleys with a couple of shops held by hippies (and they only got electricity in 2007!) and a long-deserted beach… We rode our bikes to the indigenous Pataxo village and camped on the way (although we shouldn’t have…). This was the last leg of our biking trip in Bahia. In the end my Dad and I made a list of things we liked about our cycling adventure in Brazil. Obviously we loved it! We only ... read more
not easy to cycle in Bahia!
And we did find the sun!!!
I asked the kids if they had any crafts to sell...

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Porto Seguro April 30th 2012

We have gone north to avoid the storms and catch some rays! Has a 20 bus ride but wasnt too bad, just read and slept really, so nothing interesting to report there..... Staying in an apartment with honesty, sophie and hungdaddy which is nice, taxi driver had to get directions from a creepy american man (he was actually very nice we were just being cynical!), and we have my speakers from thailand blasting (yes they still work - heroic) and eating homemade ratatouile. Probs dip in the sea or pool tonight as its warm and they are pretty nearby! Holy mongoose had the worst reaction to the pool! Have never been so itchy in my life, was not relaxing at all, haha so probs will avoid the pool from now on. Taught the girls how to ... read more

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Porto Seguro October 22nd 2011

Hello again!!! Another update from Porto Seguro, Bahia! I haven´t posted in a while because, to be honest, I haven´t gotten up to all that much in the last two weeks. After Lençois I took a bus back to Salvador, where I changed hostel location to the Rio Vermelho (Red River) area. My Brazilian buddy Fabio was there and I decided to chill with him there. That night I also met up with Anna, my Australian friend, and her couchsurf host Lorena. We had a good party and the next day we went to the beach for a swim. The next day Anna and I were going to go to Itacare, a few hours down from Salvador, but it was getting a bit late and Anna and Lorena convinced me to crash there for the night ... read more

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Porto Seguro » Trancoso March 1st 2011

How I dicided to go to Trancoso? A place I’ve never even heard of? After a bad break up a needed sometime away and alone so I decided to travel somewhere. My friend Tonie told me about this wonderful place named Trancoso so I packed and was on my way to a place I did not know existed before. But I needed to get away from everyone who knows me. Trancoso has some of the best beaches and It is the perfect place to disconnect from the world and just relax. People are very welcoming, nice and friendly. It is a perfect paradise! ... read more
Streets of Trancoso

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Porto Seguro January 6th 2011

After spending two nights in the most boring hostel I've ever been to, I realised that this wasn't the place for me. The city itself is dead during the night, and all hostels, hotels and pousadas are located outside the city. I can understand why, because the beaches of Porto Seguro itself are horrible. But stil, a 45 minute and R$ 3,50 bus ride to get to the hostel seemed a bit too much. There are a few little villages, and the hostel I was in, HI Maracaia, was located in Coroa Vermelha. Nothing bad about the beaches, you can't complain about something like this. There was a supermarket closeby, the beach just 5 minutes away, but for me it lacked something important. Life. Especially during the night there was nothing happening. And I'm talking about ... read more

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Porto Seguro » Trancoso February 26th 2010

Hello all it is Tal, We left unforgettable - endless events - carnival city of Rio, heading north to the golden beaches of Trancoso. Trancoso is a small charming fishermen village, a 19 hours bus ride to the big city of Porto Seguro there from another 15 min. ferry + a 1.5 hour bus ride to Trancoso... We got the name from a fellow backpacker from Brazil, whom we met 4 months ago in Bolivia. He made a list of “MUST” places in Brazil - and Trancoso was one of them. It is definitely out of the beaten track spot, no “Israeli colonies”, and we were anxious to arrive to the “promised land”. Do not forget, we are still traveling with Lilach's parents and they have never done before a 19-hour trip in a bus, so ... read more
View from Trancoso over the beach
Trancoso beach
Shrimp Skewers on Trancoso beach

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Porto Seguro » Trancoso February 18th 2009

The following day we left Jacuma, armed with half a cake that we couldn´t resist buying from a little cake store before we left. We caught the bus to Joao Pessoa where we ended up waiting in the bus station for the rest of the day, while armed guards seemed to be running around the place, until it was time to board our night bus to the city of Salvador. Salvador was a city that from the early planning stages we both wanted to see, but having been to many cities we were worried about it due to the constant fear of muggings etc. Luckily on arrival we were able to get a bus to the Pelourinho (the old colonial city) which instantly felt much safer due to a large tourist presence and the police to ... read more

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Porto Seguro December 9th 2008

Feeling energised from our rest in Barra Grande, we head off down the cost in search of the perfect place to spend Christmas and New Years Eve. First stop is Porto Seguro, a town renowned as a party mecca and the birthplace of the lambada. Sounds hot! It's not. The party scene is more Benidorm than Ibiza and we know within hours that this is not the place. Still it's fun and the weather is sweet, so it's no hardship spending some time exploring the (not Top 10 but still nice) beaches. Ritch continues with his inability to say no to any of the beach hustlers and hilariously ends up being painted with a celtic band henna tattoo. I cannot stop laughing as he sulks for as long as the ghost of it remains on his ... read more
hmmm, it seems that Ritchie does play that hippy shit
my friend Rex
the Quadrado, Trancoso

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Porto Seguro » Trancoso March 18th 2008

We had a bit of a torrid time leaving Itacare for Trancoso. The easiest way was going to be on a touristy minibus but there were never enough people wanting to make the journey. Instead we ended up on public transport which involved one bus to Ilheus then another to Porto Seguro. We had to stay in Porto Seguro overnight which wasn’t too bad. At the bus station we had been told that nothing around the port area was open but we found a nice pousada and the promenade area was very lively, especially on “Pasarela Alcool”, the street with all the bars on it! The next morning we took a ferry from Porto Seguro to Arraial D’Ajuda. It was only a 10 minute crossing and we were met by a bus to take us to ... read more
Chill Out Man!
Whitewashed Church

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