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South America » Brazil » Bahia » Salvador April 14th 2011

(April 5, 2011) So, when I tell you all that I find blogging to be difficult these days, I receive somewhat vague but still helpful suggestions about what kind of things would be interesting for you to hear about. One of the things I hear often and have starting thinking about more in the past couple weeks has a lot to do with the vast cultural, consumptive, and culinary differences that exist here and what is like to live as a young, white, American man within the context of Bahia, Brazil. It is important to note that Brazil is unlike the U.S. in a lot of ways, and yet similar in many others. Also, Salvador specifically is SO different from the States; and from my own limited experience and what I have been told, different ... read more
Big melons here.
Police. Lesson, don't do drugs.

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Salvador March 24th 2011

I know... I KNOW. I am disappointed in me too. I can't remember the last time I wrote a blog, but at least I am here now. A lot has been going on... so let's get started. Classes have finally gotten going for real now... After a few weeks of 'well I'll go check out this one today, that one tomorrow.. oh wait, it is at what campus now? what room? what professor? it's canceled? I see.' Still can't find my soccer class, but evidently it is taking place at a public school close to my house..yeah, we shall see about that. It appears as though as I am complaining, I know.. but really I like school here, when I can find the classes. People WANT to be there, and I typically find in-class discussions to ... read more

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Salvador March 7th 2011

hello my friends ! As you know, I had the chance to attend the "carnaval brazileiro" in Salvador de Bahia. Well, this lasts for 5 days or so, but we went only 1 evening. The carnival in Salvador is pretty wild, so we booked tickets for a camarote. I explain: The carnival takes place in one of the main avenue of Salvador, about 3-4km long. On each sside there are big stages, called the camarote, with food, drinks, concerts, .... with private access (you have to wear a colored shirt to enter). having tickets for the camarote allows to rest because being in the crowd is super wild and tiring ! Especially when carts are coming, everybody is packing to make space. The carnival in Bahia is very reputed, said to be the best. Actually I ... read more
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South America » Brazil » Bahia » Salvador March 3rd 2011

Wow, to bylo cos!!! Dojechalismy do Salvador rankiem (po kolejnej przejadzce nocnym autobusem,yyy), wladowalismy sie w lokalny autobus po tym gdy zadecydowalismy gdzie chcemy poszukac noclegu. Wybralismy dzielnice Pelo - serce Salvadoru gdzie ´wszystko´sie dzieje. Juz po kilku minutach w lokalnym autobusie puls nabral tempa i zaczal pojawiac sie usmiech z podekscytowania! Tak to jest to!!! Czyste ulice, urocze parki, rusztowania wzdluz glownych drog w dzielnicach przy plazy - przygotowania do Carnavalu!!!! Wow, bedzie sie dziac!!! Dojechalismy do centrum - Pelo, postanowilismy cos zjesc i wypic i wtedy szukac zakwaterowania. Podczas czekania na posilek udalo nam sie wyszperac niezle miejsce - tuz przy glownej uliczce w centrum AKCJI! Yes,yes,yes!! Muzyka, kolorowe budynki, urocze straganiki, capoiera i muzyczka na zywo tu i tam! Bylo to wtorek i okazalo sie, ze to jest TA noc, gdzie... read more
Dekoracje karnawalowe
Fotka z autobusu w drodze na lotnisko do Rio
Fotka z autobusu w drodze na lotnisko do Rio.1

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Salvador March 3rd 2011

Carnaval in Salvador, where do I start? It was a week full of drinking, dancing, and that's about it. The first day we arrived we found our hostel and quickly made friends with everyone in our hostel. We figured we are going to need a strong group of friends to survive the week. That day we went to pick up our "shirts" or tickets for a bloco. The blocos are moving stages packed with enough amplification equipment for a large rock concert. On top of the blocos are the most popular bands in Brazil. Behind the bloco's there is a gated off area or I should say roped off area where if you have a shirt you can have the protection from the people. On every side of the blocos for as far as the street ... read more

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Salvador February 27th 2011

For the last week we have been doing it pretty tough in small town called Itacare. After a bus, ferry and bus total of maybe 8 hours we arrived in Itacare last Monday with the intention of staying only a couple of nights, but that length of stay was very quickly revisited and we ended up staying for the week. It's a beautiful little town surrounded by pristine beaches, and lush green jungle. We spent most of our time on the main close beaches, but on Friday we took a bus with a few people from the hostel to more secluded beaches, which we had to walk through jungle for about half an hour to reach each beach... Half an hour doesnt seem that long when there are breath taking views at every clearing. So we ... read more

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Salvador February 26th 2011

I promise I am still here Really I am here, there and everywhere. The last two weeks have been full of fun adventures.. and now everything is really starting to pick up speed. On Class: Classes started for real this week. My guitar class is still fun and only slightly stressful. Portuguese Literature is going to be a real challenge, but hopefully good for me too. Portuguese Language seems fun enough. Two hours twice a week in hot room at UFBA is bareable enough, and the monkeys in the trees outside the third floor window should entertain when concentration is hard to maintain. Race and Class doesn't start until after Carnaval, but looks promising. On Carnaval: It is going to be CRAZY. 7 straight days of parties from about 8 in the morning until 4 or ... read more

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Salvador February 25th 2011

The city was the capital of Brazil for centuries. In 16th century it was the port disembarging African slaves. When Rio developed all the rich immigrate to Rio de Janeiro making the city the second capital. Actually today the capital is Brazil. When people migrate Salvador was left with rich buildings and churches to their destiny. The city is a world herritage. Because of the slaves African culture is dominating. We stayed at Che Lagarto Hostel on Barra Beach . Which is 10 minutes drive to the historic center- Pelourinho. One of the best place in Salvador to stay. The hostel makes necessary activities, parties and group tours. The city is one of the most unsafe, dangerous one. When the sun goes down, we are recommended not to go out. We are lucky that we ... read more
Sunset at Barra Beach where we stayed

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Salvador February 25th 2011

Hello dear ! That's about 2 days now I am in Salvador de Bahia at my friend's place, Antoine aka Tonio. And yesterday evening I have learnt how to make a pizza ! So let me explain. Tonio has opened his pizzeria about 2 years ago. Pretty successful business I have to say, it is well run. In normal time he is not working in anymore, only on weekends when it rushes. But yesterday one of the employee let him down and the other pizzaiolo couldn't come, so he had to go there and to get back in the old business ! Let's roll some discs and make pizza ! I decided to join him to help and I won't lie because I was super curious about making the pizzas. The discs are already prepared from ... read more
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South America » Brazil » Bahia » Salvador February 24th 2011

he he ! Not much to say here, I just want to share some pictures of the Pelo. This is the old town of Salvador with the colorful houses and the numerous churches. Very stylish, and very touristic. This is where is located the house of the famous brazilian writer Jorge Amado. ... read more
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