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South America » Brazil » Bahia » Salvador February 23rd 2011

hola my friends ! Today I arrived in Brazil ! To do so, I had to take a flight a 6.50 this morning from Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro, and then another one from Rio to Salvador, with 2 different airlines. As you may remember, everytime I have a flight to grab, since the beginning of my trip, I almost missed it. There is no exception here. This time I left the hotel way in advance to make sure I will be on time. So the taxi came at 4.00am. After 5 minutes we had to stop because the car was overheating (Thanks Renault..). Another taxi picked me up and we drove 40 minutes to the airport. And at the airport, guess what ? I wasthe wrong one !! There are 2 airports in B.A, ... read more

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Salvador February 12th 2011

Bom dia gente! Well I am here. 5 days, no blog… sorry about that. There is just so much to do!! I can say have zero regrets about choosing Salvador over São Paulo, as much I as I enjoyed my time there. This place is so culturally rich, so happy, so sunny, and so downright beautiful! Nothing really compares. Upon arrival this past Monday, (at 7 a.m.,) I waited around the airport until 10 for the Federal Police office to open, as foreigners are required to register, give their fingerprints, background check, et cetera. I was so anxious to leave and get to the beach, but with 5 months of time for that awaiting me, I decided it was no big deal. Afterwards I took a taxi from the airport to our hotel with a couple ... read more

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Salvador January 30th 2011

Wednesday 19th January Salvador, Brazil An early start today with breakfast in our cabin and we were excited as the better ports to stop at were now beginning. Salvador was Brazil’s former capital and is divided into an upper and lower section. It is full of multicoloured homes, great markets, narrow cobbled stones, old squares and nearly 300 hundred churches. We decided to flavour it by taking a tour bus. Our guide was excellent and a local man, very well educated and enthusiastic about his town and country. The bus took us through winding streets old and new, this showed us how they have wealthy people living alongside the very poor. We were told that there was no middle class, you were either poor or wealthy….we wondered if this was true as we saw otherwise, we ... read more
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South America » Brazil » Bahia » Salvador January 21st 2011

When we returned to our cabin after lunch yesterday, there was an ornate invitation waiting for us, inviting us to cocktails and dinner with the Captain. We can only imagine that we were asked because of our Black Watch romance! So we got all gussied up -- it was formal night -- and even took the lift for the first time this trip so that we would arrive at the Observatory Lounge without breaking a sweat. There were only eight guests: three Norwegians, an English couple, a woman who was born in Edinburgh, and us. The captain and the customer relations manager rounded out the table. Before we sat down, a group photo was taken which was presented to us during dessert. It was all so elegant, I felt like Cinderella at the ball! There were ... read more
The Funicular

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Salvador January 20th 2011

Hi all, well here we are!! Where? I hear you ask…. At time of writing we are in Fortaleza in Brazil. We were supposed to be in Recife in Brazil but the authorities there wanted $500 for every Pilipino crew member on board – according to our captain that would have cost the cruise line thousands of Dollars. So no docking there and a quick change of course to this place ( Fortaleza). It is a seaside resort, much like Torremolenos (not that I have ever been there, but it is what I imagine it would be like) with great sun, long sandy beaches and mobbed – a bit like Girvan beach at the Glasgow fair. The update starts here: We left Glasgow and travelled to the midlands to stop for the night. The journey was ... read more
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South America » Brazil » Bahia » Salvador January 20th 2011

Everglades was fun – queuing for the coach to get on the tour wasn’t! Organised chaos. And once on the coach it was bloody freezing – really don’t like air conditioning. The German tour guide woman was a bit interesting but with the most grating voice but she did try hard. Once we got into the Everglades it was good tho – went on one of those hoveryboats – where the driver sits up high and passengers down below and it skims the water and the vegetation. Saw loads of crocs and alligators and as I learned alligators aren’t that dangerous cos they don’t like human meat whereas crocs do like to munch on us. Scott held a baby alligator ( he claims it wasn’t just a baby one – judge for yourselves from one of ... read more
Arriving in Florida
Florida from the ship

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Salvador January 2nd 2011

I wrote this after the New Year, sorry for the delay in publishing! This time last year I was a quiet little mouse, falling as fast as Alice in Wonderland, down down down into the unknown. I was just existing, waking up after another restless night, going into work, and returning home to clear away the many brochures and information I had collated over the years in a bid to make my dreams come true; clinging onto them as if on the glossy pages were the answers to my questions. I didn’t feel that I had anything to say that anyone would listen to, so I hardly said anything, didn’t even meet with my friends. I pretty much hibernated last January, but it was an active hibernation because I never ever sit still. I knew I ... read more
Aline, Dani's cousin and I
Champagne on the beach

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Salvador December 20th 2010

Since last Wednesday I could feel that a change was happening to me. I could feel it inside and in every cell of my body. I had worked so hard at changing my life for the past 18 months, and now I felt that this part of the process has finished. I have changed. I have made it happen. I am now actually living this life I have been trying to attain, and now I feel like there is no going back, that whatever happens now, my life will not be the same as before. I do not know what lies ahead, I am definitely in unknown territory now! This week, life has yet again fascinated me with the twists and turns it has taken. I have met another great person, Stacey from New York. She ... read more
Some of the Children

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Salvador December 12th 2010

I’m really homesick today and having to listen to ‘...simply having a wonderful Christmas time...’ whilst in the queue at the supermarket did not help very much. I have had a very mixed week, it started on a low point with food poisoning and me really wanting to talk to my Mum then improved on Wednesday when I had almost recovered and managed to catch my parents on skype for 30 minutes before meeting Léo (that is a quick chat for us). I had a very enjoyable evening with him and his friends, but it felt a little surreal. It was a birthday party for an actor that he knows, at a ‘pre-opening’ for a new bar opening at the weekend. It felt like I could have been in London as the three actors he knows ... read more

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Salvador December 9th 2010

07/12 The three of us woke up this morning with the specific intention of making some plans. Until now we'd just kind've bumbled along with the plans we made before leaving the UK but now we really had to decide what to do before heading to Rio. So we booked hostels for Praia do forte, Chapada diamantina, Morro de Sao Paolo and Ihla Grande. We then went to the shopping centre, got Amy's glasses fixed, and booked flights from Salvador back to Rio to avoid another 30 hour bus journey which was more expensive anyway! This was done through a lovely travel agent who managed to understand the new language I appear to have created, henceforth known as Sportuguese. We then wandered down the coast and bought exciting ice cream and headed back to get ready ... read more

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