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South America » Brazil » Bahia » Morro de São Paulo February 11th 2007

We spent our last two days on the (much) more secluded "4th beach". We walked about 40 minutes each day to find this same tree-shaded spot, with almost no other people in sight most of the time. ... read more
View of an empty 4th beach
Irene readin under our shade tree

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Morro de São Paulo January 18th 2007

Morro do Sao Paulo - known as Bahia´s best beach town! Perched on top of rocky island, Morro´s charm stems from its unique geography with jungle-topped hills and mangrove lined canals, in the perfectly clear Atlantic. The Lonely Planet informed us that a colonial history aswell as steep hills has led to the wheelbarrow being the primary mode of transport on the island. The few roads, were sandy - literally just an extension of the beachs and locals walked barefoot. We were warned by 3 people that the 2 hour catamaran journey over to this lovely little island was rocky to say the least - they said it was the 1st time they´d ever been sea sick - so in preparation we had empty bellies - but much to our delight it was a smooth crossing ... read more
looking out at the little port of Morro de Sao Paulo
Cliff edge view on our trek round the island
Crawling out to get a better view

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Morro de São Paulo September 22nd 2006

From Salvador we took a Catamaran to Morro de Sao Paulo. We read articles that the journey was rough but seriously - ITS ROUGH! Penny tried to hold out but lost the battle right at the end. A good tip is to sit at the back of the boat and look straight ahead of you breathing in deeply. Penny did spot a whale though and managed to find the strength to shout and point at it so that everyone got to see it too! BUT the journey is worth it. This place is beautiful. Its also a travellers hub and we met up with people that we were in Arrial with which was really nice. There are no cars. Luggage (and sometimes people) are transported by men in wheelborrows with taxi written on them. The first ... read more

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Morro de São Paulo August 4th 2006

Apologies for delay since my last blog, but I couldn't find the willpower to sit behind a computer - I've had a tough week relaxing on an island, soaking up the sun and drinking too many capirinhas. The 36 hour bus ride to Salvador turned into 42 hours. The lack of movement caused my feet and ankles to swell, so much so that I struggled to fit into my Crocs. For the next day or so I held a new world record. I spent a few days in Salvador where I met up with Janie. Salvador has good and bad aspects. On the good side, it is the centre of African culture in Brazil. The food is great, you can watch capoeira schools all day long, and there is always some form of live music going ... read more
Smoky Waterfall
More Waterfalls in Chapada
Campsite No 2

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Morro de São Paulo June 17th 2006

Sodeli, dschuel isch verbi und mir chend ues jetzt wieder am reise widme. het guet tue chli portugiesisch lerne. chaemmer ues doch jetzt guet mit dene luet verstaendige. also noch dem mir denn dschuel am fritig fertig gmacht hend hemmer ues am samstig scho uf de weg noch morro de são paolo gmacht. e insle wo e mega beliebts ferie ziel isch. noed nur fuer touris sondern au fuer brasileiros. vo salvador chammer entweder mitem katamaran oder mit de faehre/bus/schiff. mir hend ues natuerlich fuer die zweiti variante entschiede wo halb so tuer gsi isch wie die ander und zuedem vil interessanter. sind also zerscht mitere riise faehre uf d'insle itaparica, wo salvador vorglageret isch gfahre und nochig vo doete witer mitem bus bis uf valenca chli witer im suede. und denn zum schluss numol e ... read more
fabienne und ich

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Morro de São Paulo May 15th 2006

Since a long time ago I was planning to go to Morro de São Paulo. The opportunity came and me and my brother Bruno enjoyed 2 days of good weather, nice beaches, food and people. We stayed on the second beach at Villa das Pedras pousada. I experienced one of the most beautiful sunsets of my life from The Toca Louca. The vibe was amazing. Morro is a very special place. A bit expensive though, as it is now full of "gringos". ... read more
Natural swimming pool
Fantastic beaches

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Morro de São Paulo February 21st 2006

I took a boat to Morro de Sao Paulo - An island which is located in a 2 hours distance from Salvador. From the boat Salvador looked like a really beautiful city (not at all like San Antonio), and it felt to me as if I was leaving all my troubles behind in Salvador. When I arrived, I realized that every image I had about tropical islands, was true in Morro - Magnificent beaches, a little bit of jungle, palm and coconut trees on the beach, beautiful women. Here for the first time I truly understood the meaning of the Spanish word 'tranquello' (there is no good translation, but you can try relax / calm / no problems). I met here allot of interesting people - From Switzerland, Germany, France, Argentina, Spain and even tourists from ... read more
Beach in Morro
Beach in Morro

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Morro de São Paulo February 14th 2006

Hey everyone! it looks like the internet is too slow to check my travel blog on the ship, so when i have time in port i will check it. A quick update on Brazil: I didn't go to the Capoeira school because at the last minute, 2:00 in the morning, I decided to take a 6 hour bus ride to a place called Lencois for a couple of days with some people i barely knew.- turned out to be amazing! Lencois was beautiful! After the 6 hour hot and sweaty bus ride and several frustrations later, we arrived in Lencois. It's a small town, cobblestown streets. a river running through the town, though not very fast. A local took 5 of us to the local swimming hole and the next day we hiked for about 4 ... read more

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Morro de São Paulo May 1st 2005

- FOOD: BBQ with lots of delicious meat bought to you, the best pina coldadas in the world made from scratch by the sweetest cocktail seller, fantastic breakfasts with toastie maker, crab served in it's shell with VERY hot sauce, good steaks. - AREA: Small island with no roads or cars, 4 tropical beaches, nice boutique shops, no ATMs, hardly any people due to low season, lighthouse parties, choppy boat trip to an even quieter beach. First experience of showers that give you electric shocks. - PEOPLE: VERY friendly with non aggressive selling skills, strong 'taxi' men who push wheelbarrows, jewellery sellers galore, 'charming' locals. - WEATHER: Rainy and grey for a few days, sunny and hot eventually (as we were leaving). Sun 1st May: I woke up to be made to feel even more hospitable ... read more

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