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South America » Brazil » Bahia » Morro de São Paulo May 9th 2017

Suzanne here... It took much longer to get to Salvador than anticipated. Brazil is vast, so even a domestic flight took two and a half hours. Then once at Salvador airport we chose our usual money-saving bus instead of taxi option. It was easy enough to get the bus (straight through the multistory carpark in front of arrivals then turn right - no signs but easy to find). The bus was cheap, but it did go the long way round so took over an hour to reach the Centro Historico. But on a budget it is probably the right choice. Originally we were going to head north of Salavador for a couple of days. But then we read about Morro de Sao Paulo, on the island of Tinhare. It sounded lovely, so we revised our plans. ... read more
Leaving Salvador for Morro de Sao Paulo
View from our balcony at Pousada Bahia Bella
Morro de Sao Paulo main plaza

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Morro de São Paulo May 4th 2016

My sour mood instantly changed the moment I stepped onto the catamaran destined for Morro de Sao Paulo off of the coastal mainland from Brazil. It's not that Salvador was bad or anything, I just needed a change and to move on and getting onto that boat knowing I was bound for an island was just what the doctor ordered. The trip into the Atlantic was very soothing to me, and very sickening to others. I really enjoy everything about boats and especially being on them. I took a somewhat dark satisfaction watching people turn green with seasickness and lose it in the little bags provided or over the edge of the ship. I just soaked up the sun on the deck, laughed, and enjoyed the two hour ride knowing soon I'd be beachside. Once I ... read more
my spot
morro lh

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Morro de São Paulo September 17th 2015

Morro de São Paulo aka fantasy island. The only challenge is getting there. A two hour catamaran journey which some call "Hell Ride". For an in-depth description of this Hellish Boat Trip check out this blog entry by The best investment we made was sea sick tablets. We watched as laughter and excitement amongst the passengers turned to pale faces and puke bags being opened. We tried as best we could to tell these unfortunate souls to keep their eyes on the horizon in order to feel better. The hellish journey is quickly forgotten though when you get to the island- it is absolutely exquisite - aquamarine seas, palm trees and stunning beaches. We have adored Brazil - now off to Argentina and our next adventure!!... read more
Coconut Plantation
4th Beach
Amazing Palm Trees

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Morro de São Paulo May 21st 2014

My Dad and I woke up early and had breakfast on the beach: not a bad way to start the day! The best thing about getting up early (inBrazil!!!) is that it gives you plenty of time to do nothing for the rest of the day! You’d think that when you’re on a gorgeous Brazilian island, days go by slowly and leisurely. Well, almost… but not entirely for the Chirons on their bikes! We waved a fisherman’s boat over, lifted our bikes on board and crossed the river that separates theislandofTinhare(Morro de Sao Paulo) to that of Boipeba. Good things don’t come easy: this could well be the motto for our entire bike adventure inBahia! We should have known as we disembarked in Boipeba that we would have to earn our time alone on a pristine ... read more
Cycling Boipeba

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Morro de São Paulo May 18th 2014

My dad and I left Salvador with a pinch of sadness. It had been the perfect introduction to Brazil for us with the beach culture around the colorful historical center (Portuguese heritage), lively music on cobblestone, Afro-Brazilian rhythm mixed with capoiera, modern buildings laid out next to intriguing favelas, and a great combination of local smiles and happy tourists. The city had treated us well and we both agreed we would be back in Salvador de Bahia in the near future. But today we were leaving the city for the true beginning of our cycling adventure in Bahia! We rode from our guesthouse in Barra to the Terminal Maritimo 5 km away at the foot of the old quarter. It was about 10 o’clock when we reached the harbor and we got to witness the crowds ... read more
On Ilha Itaparica
May 2014, in Bahia
not a single stretch of flat road in Bahia!

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Morro de São Paulo February 14th 2012

Our bus ride to Valença went smoothly enough, much better than the one we took down to Itacare, as it was the morning instead of the crazy hot afternoon. At the boat dock, we decided to take the faster boat rather than the ferry, which would take twice as long. Once we bought tickets, we had no time to see what we were to ride on, let alone judge the state condition it was in. We were rushed onto a 25x10 foot boat, alongside 15 other passengers and took off, through mangroves and river channels. We hadn´t even gone 15 minutes when we noticed the motor starting to smoke from the water. The driver slowed and checked it out, then continued on to the open water, whereupon he opened it up to full speed. As we ... read more
Fishing Boat

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Morro de São Paulo July 16th 2011

Continuando el viaje, con nuevas lecciones de vida, enriqueciéndonos día a día. Mucha agua!!!,dulce ,salada,fría ,templada,caliente,roja,turquesa,transparente. Descansando,acariciando,rompiendo en las rocas,abuelitas piedras,con certeza ustedes habran visto pasar muchas vidas . Sintiendo , sientiendo mucho y muy intenso, la belleza explosiva de la naturaleza,de las personas lindas que nos acompañan y forman parte de nuestra familia en este momento. Cayo, Sui, y Vito, tres brasileiros maravillosos que conocimos de viaje , se han convertido en nuestros profes de portugués, amigos, compañeros de viaje, de risas, de brincadeiras, como dicen aquí(bromas, juegos...), de emociones, de experiencia, completándonos entre todos en cada momento. Maravillados al llegar a la isla de Boipeba, no hay palabras , solo sensación de LIBERTAD, necesidad de danzar, tocar , cantar, sal... read more
Macaco...este más majo
Pajarin Naranjivirus
i believe i can fly

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Morro de São Paulo February 28th 2011

We visited Morro de Sao Paulo for only two days. Enjoyed the Island hoping. We spent most of our time in the first day at Gamboa Beach which is the best for us. The other four beaches we wisited the second day were not as attractive as Gamboa. On the first, second , third and fourth beaches one could hardly swim, only may get wet. But on all four beaches there is a vivid social life . We had lunch on the first beach cheap fried fish. And the last night we had dinner at a place with live music. When we were back at Salvador for our flight to Iguazu Falls we had a attended a very beautiful pre-carnival party at our hostel, Che Lagarto. We are flying to Iguazu/ Brazil via Sao Paulo tonight ... read more
On the ferry, Salvador
On the boat from Valenca to Morro De Sao Paulo

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Morro de São Paulo January 5th 2011

19/12 (i know I am very far behind on my blog but I will make an effort now I promise to catch up!) Our Morro de Sao Paolo trip ended on a slightly sour note as the Brazilians, for the first time, became incredibly unhelpful. We booked a catamaran for 9am this morning and managed to sort out a 'taxi' to take our luggage to the port - we were there in plenty of time (in true british fashion) and we paid the ridiculous 62 cent tax to use the port. We were then sat waiting to get on the catamaran when a man came and asked to look at our tickets - and noted that he only had 2 of us (me and Amy) onhis list - even though my ticket clearly showed that we ... read more

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Morro de São Paulo December 19th 2010

18/12 I've been pretty slack at keeping up with the blog over the last few days - we reached Morro de Sao Paolo on Wednesday and have been pretty chilled out ever since - but this is no excuse and I apologise profusely. Our last day in Lençois was pretty uneventful - we booked onto our bus, and spent our day killing time - Rodrigo said we had to check out at 12 but that we were welcome to hang about the hostel - which indeed we did. I wasn't feeling great - so although the plan was to go see the waterslide with the local Dodo - who is a dwarf who is incredibly ripped from Capoeira times. Dodo taught me my first Capoeira move - anbd then went on to tell me he likes ... read more

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