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South America » Bolivia » Santa Cruz Department » Santa Cruz December 6th 2014

There is one word to describe the Bolivian train network - bloody fantastic. Ok that's two words annnnnd that's based purely on our experience which was different judging by various reviews and blogs we read. We have traveled on both lines first from Uyuni to the Argentinian border in May 2014 and then in September 2014 we traveled from Santa Cruz to the Brazilian border. We'd read a number of notices and blogs describing the service as poor, delayed, unrealisable, prone to last minute cancellations and it has the rather unattractive name of The Death Train. We, however, had a very different experience on both lines and really couldn't recommend the services enough. In this blog I will be writing about our trip on the train between Santa Cruz and Corumba, Brazil. We were in Santa ... read more
Expreso Oriental

South America » Bolivia December 5th 2014

The next edition of the blog is here, it has been a jam packed few days for us which has made it difficult to find time to put ink to paper but here goes hope you all enjoy. Safe to say we overcame the strike issues and made it to Cusco on time with no delays. That was a pleasant surprise for us apart from having to wait for 12 hours for our overnight bus to leave. This gave us some time to check the city out and enjoy a lovely lunch overlooking the main square. After the overnight bus journey in a cold bus we arrived in Puno without any signs of the strike that had previously messed our travel plans. While in Puno for only a few hours we had a tour to the ... read more

South America » Bolivia December 5th 2014

Visiting Salar de Uyuni is the second most popular attraction in Bolivia (or maybe the first?? Anyway, this and biking Death Road are the two most popular activities here in Bolivia). The tours can be organized either in Tupiza (for almost double the price) or from Uyuni. The standard 3 days tour can be negotiated to 600 bolivianos + 150 bolivianos park entrance fee + 30 bolivianos entrance fee to fish island (which is actually possible to enter for free from the left side :-) ). Not sure if all the tours are that badly organized, but just do not book it with Sandra tours and jeep driver Oscar. It was the worst tour I ever had during all my trips put together. We were promised so many things, half of which we never received or ... read more

South America » Bolivia » Beni Department December 3rd 2014

Toujours au départ de Rurrenabaque, nous partons pour un autre tour, dans la pampa amazonienne cette fois ci. Pendant 3 jours et 2 nuits, nous allons vadrouiller dans les savanes marécageuses au nord-est de Rurre. Pour s'y déplacer, le seul moyen de transport est la barque. Ce tour, très touristique, permet de rencontrer de nombreux animaux de toutes sortes. Parmi les espèces aquatiques, on peut voir beaucoup de petites tortues marines se dorer la pilule en petits groupes sur les arbres morts. Les piranhas sont présents en grands nombres pour qui connaît les bons coins. Avec un fil de pêche et quelques bouts de viande c'est la pêche miraculeuse ! Surprise : on trouve également dans ses marécages des dauphins roses. Si si je vous jure, ce n'est pas l'effet de la coca ou de l'alcool ... read more
Lucy et Pépé font les présentations
Belle brochette
Belle machoire

South America » Bolivia December 2nd 2014

I love Tupiza! Finally we are in a city with warm nights, hot days, and beautiful and mountainous surroundings. Not too much to do in the city itself, but many hikes around the city with the walking distance from the city or with short bus ride from bus station. We spent 1.5 days there and we felt like we should have needed one day more. On the first day we visited the “La Cruz” – the cross on the high mountain with the view of Tupiza and its surroundings. It should have been only 1 h one way, if someone (us) would not have missed the path… When starting to climb the mountain, we asked the local lady if that is the right way. She confirmed and in addition offered “to rent” her little daughter as ... read more
DSC_0681 Stitch
DSC_0701 Stitch

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » La Paz December 2nd 2014

Friday morning I was picked up from the salt hotel by Alvaro and David and we headed into Uyuni. I had to get some more cash out and they had to organise some stuff with the car. Before long we were on our way to Potosi. The road to Potosi is fairly new and felt amazing after three days off-road. Even besides that, it was still probably one of the best roads I’ve been on in South America. We stopped a couple of times along the way to Potosi. The first was the village of Pulacayo which used to be a very rich city because of the mine. It also had the first movie theatre in Bolivia and the first train. However, the biggest drawcard to the town now is that it houses the train that ... read more
Train robbed by Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
Pulacayo, Bolivia
Potosi, Bolivia

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department November 29th 2014

Potosi is a nothing special city. Or maybe it is only for us that after over a month of travelling, all those cities start to look kind of the same… :-) It was known as the city full of silver. Even if the silver did dry up very quickly, they still extract the ore nowadays, and people come here to visit mines and miners at work. However, as I do not believe that someone should make a tourist attraction and business out of miserable miners’ working conditions, we had a better activity here in Potosi. Just 30 minutes by bus (and 4 bolivianos one side) there are natural hot springs “ Ojo del Inca” at Tarapaya (entrance 10 Bolivianos) with big natural lake surrounded with red and white mountains. And obviously with very warm water. We ... read more
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South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Uyuni November 28th 2014

Monday was the last day in Peru. We were picked up at the hotel by the guy who was going to drive us to the border. For some reason his wife was there too. The drive to the border only took a couple of hours, but of course we had to stop along the way and look at another church or two. I think I have been to more churches on this trip than I have in the total of my life up to this point. You’ll be surprised to know that there was nothing special. At one of the churches there were absolutely no other tourists around so the security guards said we could take photos – normally you can’t. By late morning we reached the border with Bolivia. I was expecting a tightly controlled ... read more
The Green Lagoon
Inside a Church on the way to Bolivia
Inside a Church on the way to Bolivia

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Salar de Uyuni November 28th 2014

26 novembre 2014 - Jour 40 C'est parti pour 3 jours d'excursion au salar d'Uyuni et dans le désert du sud Lipez. Rendez-vous à l'agence à 10h30 où on rencontre les autres membres de notre groupe: 2 irlandaises, 1 irlandais et 1 américain. Tous de langue maternelle anglaise, c'est un peu dur de les suivre quand ils parlent vite, surtout avec leurs accents respectifs. A peine sortis de la ville on fait un premier arrêt au cimetière de trains. Cette voie ferrée était en fonction lorsque la Bolivie avait encore un accès à la mer pour acheminer les denrées pour l'exportation mais depuis qu'elle a perdu cet accès elle a été laissée à l'abandon. Puis on continue en direction du salar, le plus grand désert de sel au monde, résidu d'une ancienne mer évaporée avant même ... read more
Carcasse de train
Flamants roses

South America » Bolivia » Beni Department » Madidi November 28th 2014

Puisque nous sommes à l'orée de la forêt amazonienne, pourquoi ne pas aller faire un petit tour au coeur du sujet, pour y découvrir d'un peu plus près la flore et la faune qui s'y trouve ?! Le parque Nacional Madidi, au coeur de la Bolivie, s'étend sur 1,8 millions d'hectares. Il préserve l'écosystème de la forêt tropicale, qui représente une grande partie des espèces animales présentes sur la planète et une inombrable variété d'espèces végétales. C'est un endroit protégé, surveillé (autant que faire se peut), où la dégradation des espèces est strictement interdites, ce qui sous-entend la chasse, la pêche, l'abattage des végétaux, etc. Des communautés indigènes vivent encore au sein du parc, et de nombreux projets communautaires y voient le jour. La selva, ou forêt amazonienne, représente la grande majorité de la superficie du ... read more
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